10 Slow-Burn Horror Movies You May Have Never Seen

Kill List

Slow-burn horror is categorised by a gradual feeling of escalation. These films reveal their most horrific content and impressions slowly, and offer a maintained sense of dread without having to frequently offer genre conventions to make the audience fearful. Instead, they unravel at a chilling pace, just in time to satisfy audiences with something that […]

10 Great 2010s Movies That Are Likely To Become Classics

Since 2010 there has been an overwhelming abundance of superb cinema released around the globe. Everyone has their favourites, and for some of you, these aren’t always the most popular predictions. When it comes to producing top ten of the year lists the majority of people’s choices tend to highlight more obscure releases, encouraging their […]

10 Lesser Discussed Movies That Everyone Should See


There are so many great films that are widely agreed upon as essential; pieces of work that should be seen. However, every single cinema lover has their own list – films that they often recommend to people because they feel they are important. Although many can often justify their recommendations, it essentially comes down to […]