14 Famous Horror Movies You Might Not Know Were Based On True Events

the texas chainsaw massacre

Nothing can make your favorite horror movie more unsettling than finding out that it has a basis in reality, even a distant one. While screenwriters are able to come up with their own terrifying tales, sometimes fact is stranger than fiction. Even if you are far removed from the location or time period linked to […]

The 10 Best Michael Fassbender Movies You Need To Watch


In a relatively short amount of time, Michael Fassbender has risen to join the ranks of Hollywood’s most esteemed performers. The German-Irish actor only made his feature film debut in 2007, but he has quickly made his mark on the industry. Through a variety of roles, Fassbender has garnered respect from moviegoers and film critics […]

The 10 Best Oscar Isaac Movies You Need To Watch

Inside Llewyn Davis

With a string of impressive and complex character portrayals, Oscar Isaac is quickly becoming a household name. Isaac has worked his way into the conversations of historical drama lovers and science fiction fanboys alike through his intense emotions and undeniable charisma. Whether he is a folk singer or a gangster, Isaac steals the scene every […]