15 Movies From 2014 and 2015 That Have The Potential To Be Future Cult Favorites

cult favorites

Cult films are known by many as films that are a bit south of the mainstream- and because of that won’t appeal to everyone. Normally it takes a couple of years for a movie to gain a cult following. For example modern films like Donnie Darko have a cult following because it was unconventional and […]

20 Great Canadian Cult Films You May Not Have Seen

Canuxploitation is the primary keyword when talking about Canadian Cult films, and much like any other exploitation genre, Canuxploitation covers all sorts of different genres. Canada has definitely produced some rather strange cult movies, whether they’re films from body horror master David Cronenberg or bizarre kids films, Canada surely has something for every cult movie […]

17 Cult Films from Southeast Asia Too Entertaining To Be Missed

southeast asian cult films

When talking about cult movies, what countries do people normally think of that produce the most unusual cult movie fodder? While most people would probably think of countries like Japan, Hong Kong, and probably Australia; there are a good number of unusual cult movies that exist in other parts of the world. This include countries […]