The 15 Best Film Scores of The 2010s (So Far)

Film scores have defined our moviegoing experiences for decades. They have altered, manipulated, distorted, uplifted, haunted and underlined our perception of a particular work of cinematic art countless times. Would the fantasy of Harry Potter grow and get darker and richer, while preserving the childish whimsy and charm without John Williams’s brilliant score for “Prisoner […]

All 11 Michael Haneke Movies Ranked From Worst To Best


A piano note laced with animalistic perversion. A camera recording of your life being constantly observed by an unknown entity. A pigeon flying into your house through an open window. Parts of Michael Haneke’s subversive, hypnotic filmography feel as if they have no purpose at all. They are filmed as if their tranquility represents a […]

All 8 Wes Anderson Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

Texan filmmaker Wes Anderson has always been a conundrum Hollywood has never been able to solve. On one hand, his precocious curiosity and deft economy has manifested itself in singularly authoritative, humble and mischievous stylistic inclinations that have gifted us with gems of American independent cinema that have not only some of the best uses […]

7 Reasons Why “Eyes Wide Shut” is Stanley Kubrick’s Most Underrated Film

It’s 1996. Stanley Kubrick has been discussing a project with global superstar Tom Cruise for well over a year. This discussion also entails Kubrick demanding tapes of the work of actress Nicole Kidman who was, at the time, Cruise’s wife. This project has been gestating and forming shape in Kubrick’s head for some three decades. […]