The 10 Most Tragic Movies of All Time

Tragedy for the purposes of this list does not mean films that are very sad. Rather the films selected explore themes associated with Greek and sometime Shakespearian Tragedy. Throughout this list, philosophers and theorists of the tragic have been cited. This use of theory to discern what is properly tragic is controversial. Raymond Williams for […]

The 10 Most Disturbing Movies Without Any Violence

On a philosophical level, violence is rather difficult to define and violence can have connotations reflective of temperament and psychical states. Any sense of disturbance or perturbation may be said to be violent, however artfully rendered. Slavoj Žižek argues that there are distinguishable types of violence, namely subjective and objective violence. Subjective violence which is […]

10 Great Movies With 100% Rotten Tomatoes Score

This list of films is necessarily inadequate. There are a large number of truly great films to have received a hundred percent critically favourable reviews. It would have been desirable to select silent classics of German Expressionism such as The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Hitchcock’s drama Shadow of a Doubt, Kieślowski’s Red and especially the […]

10 Great Thrillers That Are Both Erotic and Philosophical

Philosophy isn’t always considered the most erotic subject. While not exactly equipped with the best pick-up lines, philosophers have a long history of interest in the erotic. According to Plato, philosophy has much in common with the erotic, directing us toward an appreciation of beauty and goodness. In order to heighten an erotic philosophical relationship, […]