10 Visually Stunning Films No One Talks About

Some movies are truly visually stunning. From the production design to the cinematography, there are many things that can make a movie visually amazing.

It is not the intent of this list to make complex visual analysis. The intent is to introduce movies that are visually amazing and leave them as a recommendation. The movies are not ranked.

As usual, it is never too late to remember that many things interfere in the choice of the movies that are part of this article, but as always, memory and personal preferences are the main factors. If you think any other film should be on this list, please leave it as a recommendation in the comments section below.

So, here are more 10 visually stunning films you should watch:


10. La Academia de las Musas (2015; dir. José Luis Guerín)

José Luis Guerín is a Spanish filmmaker mostly known for “La Academia de Las Musas” (2015) and “In the City of Silvia” (2007), two very visually stunning films.

With great influence in his work from filmmakers such as Robert Bresson and Yasujiro Ozu, Guerín is without a doubt a director whose work should be checked out.

“La Academia de las Musas” is a film with very intriguing cinematography and great mise en scène. A movie worth checking out for every cinephile.


9. Comeback (2016; dir. Erico Rassi)

Starring Nelson Xavier and directed by Erico Rassi, “Comeback” is a movie that follows the story of a gunfighter that is resentful after his retirement, but he starts to plan a comeback.

Using long shots and with great cinematography by André Carvalheira, this Brazilian film that uses many elements of the western genre is definitely a movie worth checking out.

With a very precise production design and a very strong performance by Xavier, this is one of the best Brazilian movies made in this century and definitely a film every cinephile should watch.


8. A Quiet Passion (2016; dir. Terence Davies)

A Quiet Passion

Terence Davis is a true filmmaker who is able to deliver films with a very singular atmosphere. In his latest film, “A Quiet Passion,” he tells the story of acclaimed poet Emily Dickinson, from the days she was a schoolgirl to her later years.

With an astonishing mise en scène and an amazing cinematography by Florian Hoffmeister, this can be considered one of the most visually stunning films made in this decade and has a marvelous performance by Cynthia Nixon as Emily Dickinson. Definitely worth checking out by every cinephile.


7. Lunacy (2005; dir. Jan Svankmajer)

Lunacy (2005)

Czech director Jan Svankmajer is one of the most interesting directors working today.

Starting his career as a director in the 1960s, he has directed many amazing short films in his career such as “Food” (1993), “Dimensions of Dialogue” (1983) and “The Garden” (1968).

Among his feature films is a great surrealist adaptation of “Alice in Wonderland” that he released in 1988. In 2005 he released the film “Lunacy,” one of the best works of his career.

With a great use of stop-motion elements (something recurrent in his career) and with a very unique atmosphere, this film is based loosely on two stories by Edgar Allan Poe.

Svankmajer is an amazing director whose films always have a very interesting visuals, and “Lunacy” is definitely a movie every cinephile should check out.


6. Voyage to Cythera (1984; dir. Theodoros Angelopoulos)

Theodoros Angelopoulos should definitely be considered among the best directors in cinema history.

With masterpieces in his career such as “The Beekeeper” (1986), “Landscape in the Mist (1988) and “Eternity and a Day” (1998), in 1984 he released the first part of his Trilogy of Silence and one of the best movies of his career, “Voyage to Cythera.”

It follows the story of a communist returning to Greece after more than 30 years in the Soviet Union. When he notices not everything is the same around there, he has some trouble adapting.

With amazing cinematography and the slow-paced atmosphere and long shots normally seen in Angelopoulos’ films, “Voyage to Cythera” is definitely a visually stunning film worth checking out.