15 Great Films That Will Leave You Emotionally Drained

Movies always stand to be the fastest and most fun way to get good entertainment, but sometimes you want to delve deep into a film that’s going to leave you with more than just a little bit of hollow satisfaction.

Here are 15 films that will leave you completely drained of all of your emotions because who doesn’t like a taste of emotional devastation every now and then?


15. Talhotblond 

Talhotblond (2009)

This is a documentary that will blow you away after viewing it for only the first 10 minutes, you won’t believe the sordid actions you’re watching.

Talhotblond tells the story of a man who is apparently disappointed with his life and then decides to embark on an affair with a girl online who calls herself Talhotblond. The film becomes highly emotional when a young man gets pulled into the twisted and deranged game between the two and someone, unbelievably, gets murdered. By the end of the film you will have to keep reminding yourself, what you saw was real, that it happened… and there’s a twist ending that will officially rip your heart out and leave it on the floor for you.


14. An American Crime 


This heartbreaking tale of child abuse during a more “innocent” time is hard to watch all the way through, but it’s a story that shouldn’t be ignored.

An American Crime tells the true story of a girl who was sent to live with a stranger she met at church while her parents ran off to join the circus. Seriously, they left her with a complete stranger while they worked at the circus. The woman despises the innocence she sees in the girl and begins to abuse her when a check from her parents comes a little late.

The scenes of abuse are tastefully done, but still no easier to watch. They will manage to make you squirm as you witness the abuse of a completely innocent girl. What will really leave you unable to shake the film once the credits stop rolling, watching other children join in on the abuse.


13. Downfall 


This movie was nominated for an Oscar in the best foreign film category. The movie is based on the memoir written by Traudi Jung, who was a young secretary who served beside Hitler until his final hours. The story describes what it was like being with Hitler trapped in his bunker during the final days of the war.

The movie also displays the chaos going on outside of the bunker on the streets of Germany with unflinching detail. It’s a must see period piece whose emotional power can be felt long after the credits roll.


12. The Bay 

the bay movie

The Bay is an environmental horror story about a small town that is turned inside out (literally) by a mutant parasite determined to make the residents their host. It’s one of the best found footage films ever and it serves as a very smart, adult horror story. Watching the systematic infestation and gory murder of an entire town is extremely emotionally debilitating.


11. American Psycho 


This dark comedy has a strong cult following because of its searing dark satirical look at 1980s culture. Christian Bale gives a star turning performance as Patrick Bateman, a typical 80’s yuppie and escalating Psychopath. Even by today’s standard, the Unrated version is pretty shocking to witness. This film is not for everyone and even if you like it you’re still depressed by the casual violence the main character dishes out and wondering “what the hell did I just sit through?”


10. The Fourth Kind 


A therapist discovers that during her sessions with patients, she has come upon evidence that they all have suffered the fourth level of an alien encounter: Abduction. Different techniques often used in found footage films are used in this movie and executed very well.

The movie continues to grow increasingly disturbing as the patience’s experience with the aliens grow more violent and completely ruin their lives. By the end of the movie you’ll feel just as bewildered as the therapist who doesn’t know whether some incidences are really alien related or big signs of mental illness. The plot line grows darker and darker to the very end and you’re more likely to become sadder and sadder.


9. Dahmer 


This film has been credited with putting actor Jeremy Renner on the acting map and it is not hard to see why. His performance as infamous serial killer Jeffery Dahmer is so chilling that your mood will start to tank in about 15 minutes flat.

It is not unnecessarily gory or shocking for no reason; at times it is very subtle with its horror, although it never tries to sugar coat it. The movie becomes an entirely new emotional experience when you try to wrap your mind around how a seemingly normal person can carry on such despicable violence in a most unassuming way.