10 Supporting Actors Who Stole The Show

2. Ben Kingsley in Sexy Beast

Ben Kingsley in Sexy Beast

Frightening wouldn’t be the correct word to describe Ben Kingsley’s menacing turn as Don Logan in Sexy Beast. Coming from the man who won an Oscar for portraying Gandhi, one wouldn’t exactly envision ol’ Ben playing such a scary character; but he did, and boy did he provide.


1. Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight


Many credit this role as one of the attributing reasons for Ledger’s alleged suicide, saying he slipped too deep into the role. Even if the role did have something to do with his death, though, he still pulled off a fantastic job, and definitely deserved the Oscar he was awarded post-mortem. He’s the film’s crown jewel and without him Christopher Nolan’s second Batman film wouldn’t have been nearly as great.

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