My Top 10 Favorite Romance Films

This is the second part of my Love Film Lists Marathon .In China,there is a famous song called “the most romantic thing”,you know what the lyrics are like? One of them is like “The most romantic thing I can think of is growing old with you”,typical traditional Chinese stuff.I agree with the philosophy here,but this does not mean roses or chocolates are not needed in Valentine’s day,and the most beautiful thing about love is its romance,isn’t it?

#10 Once


In 2006,there is a musical that stole our hearts,it is called “Once”.Irish musicians Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova composed and performed all the original songs in the film,many of them are killers,and one won an Oscar.

#9 Lost in Translation


What? You consider this one to be a romantic film? You may ask.YES,though I did not hear what Bill Murray whisper into Scarlet Johansson’s ear,I do think it is a love film and it is very romantic in some scenes.

#8 Out of Africa


I don’t have particular interest in this film,but it has some of the most romantic scenes ever.Imagine you and your beloved one fly a plane in the sky above Africa!!

#7 When Harry Met Sally


Can man and woman being friend without sex in their ways? or should we say Is there any pure relationship between man and woman? I don’t think so.How lovely when Meg Ryan fake organism in the restaurant!!

#6 Any James Bond Film


Ok,this is a tricky one.But don’t you think James Bond is the most romantic male character in cinema history? Any woman,no matter his friend or his enemy,will end up on his bed as story goes along.

#5 Before Sunrise


Yes,I have mentioned this film in my last list,but away from its sequel,this film is much lighter in themes.I still think talking with one’s love in the street of one of European towns is quite romantic.

#4 Wall-E


Most romantic animation ever,it moved me a lot.The scene when the two robots swing in the universe is so cute,how can you have a chance to see such a scene in a real-life film?

#3 Manhattan


New York has never been so lovely in Woody Allen films,especially those scenes at night,with Woody Allen and Diane Keaton sit on the bench,it makes me drunk.

#2 The Notebook


Before Ryan Gosling became so famous in Hollywood these recent 2 years,he is so handsome and shy in this romantic film.When the old woman remembers his old pal and those memories became clear in her mind,it makes this film even more romantic.

#1 Pierrot le Fou


Look! A French film take the 1st spot,and should you be surprised by this? This free-form love-on-the-run crazy love story occupied my heart the second I finished it,Anna Karina can’t be more beautiful in it!! Gordard triumphs at last!!

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