6 Cult Films I Saw This Month

Cult films are hard to define,I made a slideshow in one of my previous posts to discuss it,but still,there is no certain answer.Anyway,these 6 films I’m gonna discuss today are categorize by me as cult films,some are very well established classics and some still need to find its fanbase.Let’s have a look at these incredible films.

Suspiria  7.5/10

suspiria pic

I’m a Dario Argento fan,but this one disappointed me.It looks like that the director is selling the ideas of the witch stuff,and the visuals and score are a little bit over the top for me.The suspense is there but the story telling is weak.I was not impressed this time like I did when I was watching his Deep Red,which is a great Giallo in every single way.I did enjoy some creepy scenes though,like the girls-sleep-together scene and the dog-bites-its-master scene.


Oldboy 9/10

oldboy pic

This is a darn great cult,and maybe the best Korean film I’ve ever seen.There are some scenes you can really enjoy if you are a cult fan but hard to watch if you are “normal”,like the eat-octopus-alive scene and the pull-out-tooth scene.What makes this film really mesmerizing is its brilliant story-telling,a man comes from nowhere is captured in nowhere for no reason for 15 years,then he meets a woman with no idea who she is and receiving messages from a no-name man.Until the shocking twist at the end,everything revealed in such a cruel yet beautiful way,as an audience,you really can’t tell which side you are on. In short words,this is a must-see cult which will stick in your head for a long long time.


True Romance  8/10

true romance pic

Quentin Tarantino is cult,period.This guy really knows how to write good script and impress the audience with his unique characters and dialogues.To tell you the truth,I did not enjoy the gun fight scenes in this film a bit,though they take a large part of the film and appear as the final highlight.What I really enjoy are those dialogues,they made me laugh like a drain.Like the opening sequence in the bar,the Elvis joke and the joke Hopper tells in the famous Walken/Hopper scene,there are so many funny scenes in it that I need to check it out again soon.Oh,did I mention that Gary Oldman and Brad Pitt are also in it,and they are playing a shit role?


Four Rooms 7/10

four rooms pic

I KNEW only the last two short stories will make sense,but I still watch the first two,which are quite sloppy.The thing I did not expect though,is that Robert Rodriguez outwrites and outdirects his fellow friend Tarantino in this film.I laughed out loud in the 3rd story(directed and written by  Rodriguez) The Misbehavers,anything weird and bad can happen in a hotel room happens in this short,but the penthouse story (directed and written by  Tarantino) really let me down.Tarantino was trying to direct a big thing out of  an over-simple script,which he failed.Tim Roth is a good actor,but I think he over-performed in the entire film.


Heavenly Creatures  8/10

Heavenly Creatures pic

I’m not a big fan of The Load of the Rings Trilogy,but I appreciate it as a piece of amazing modern filmmaking,and I did not quite know Peter Jackson’s other work before I saw two of his early classics in a row. This fantasy film is more known as the debut of the great British actress Kate Winslate than a Peter Jackson film,and she indeed shines through the whole film at a such young age.Jackson did really well at creating this kind of fantasy world of teen girls and the special effects employed in it is imperceptible.This one is highly recommended for those TLOTR fans.


Dead Alive  7.5/10

dead alive pic

This film is really gross for “normal” people,but once you can endure it,you can enjoy the humor in it,and I had a great time watching it.This is the first foreign zombie film I’ve ever seen since I’m not a fan of B-movies like this,and I thank Jackson for giving me a good impression of this genre.These sick imaginations and images are definitely more wild and outrageous than most horror films I’ve seen,and million times darker than those Tim Button stuff.Jackson must hate his mother to death,since the two mothers in these two films either ends up dead or turns into a huge fuckin’ ugly monster.


Below are some bloody awesome footage I chose from youtube,hope you enjoy them.

Well,have you seen any of these sick films? what’s your thoughts on them?