8 Reasons Why “The Grand Budapest Hotel” is Wes Anderson’s Best Movie


Gossamer-like, lovely and wistful, The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) thrums with the dual dispositions of the sublime Golden Age director Ernst Lubitsch and the jam-packed chapter and verse of Stefan Zweig. In this calorie-rich and joyously effete film from writer-director Wes Anderson one will find his most exhaustive and exuberant picture to date. The Grand […]

10 Ways In Which “The Grand Budapest Hotel” Is A Quintessential Wes Anderson Film With A Difference


The March release of The Grand Budapest Hotel, within its limited release, has already reached the highest takings for any independent film in 2014. Wes Anderson has enjoyed mainstream success, most significantly since the Royal Tenenbaums (2001), and Grand Budapest sets a new bar for the ambitions of “independent” films. What Anderson has managed to […]