10 Great Thriller Movies Favored By Rian Johnson

No director feels better tuned into the wavelengths of modern discourse than Rian Johnson; a cinematic provocateur who’s carved a perfect niche for himself by juggling high art and pulp pleasures almost in equal measure. Make no mistake: “The Last Jedi” and “Looper” might have cemented his reputation as a solid craftsman capable of handling […]

10 Great Thriller Movies Favored By Quentin Tarantino

If stealing is indeed the sign of a great artist, then Quentin Tarantino is by far the best of them all. In the past twenty years throughout a tenfold catalog, the former video store has littered his work with a barrage of nods, thinly-veiled homages, and shameless pastiches of everything from ’40s classic film noir, […]

10 Great Thriller Movies Favored By Spike Lee

Spike Lee is one of the few directors working today whose byline alone generates sky-high expectations. Ever since bursting onto the scene in 1986, the Atlanta native has found a way of continuously reinventing himself as a politically-conscious artist, diving headfirst into relevant and controversial issues that affect the Black community with uncompromising authenticity — […]

10 Great Thriller Movies Favored By David Cronenberg

If there’s something that David Cronenberg truly excels at, it’s freaking out the audience with the kind of creepy, disgusting imagery that sends chills down your spine and etches in your mind for long after the credits roll. Whether it’s the bug typewriters of ‘Naked Lunch’, the head-bursting explosions of ‘Scanners’, the teeth-bulleted guns of […]

10 Great Thriller Movies Favored By Park Chan-wook

When it comes to thrillers deliberately crafted to make your skin crawl and haunt you long after the credits roll, Park Chan-wook is second to none. With iconic masterpieces such as ‘Oldboy’, ‘Thirst’ or ‘Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance’ under his belt, it wouldn’t be too much of an overstatement to claim that he’s pushed the […]