The 20 Best Thriller Movies Of The 1970s

There’s a reason why the 1970s continues to be regarded as one of the greatest eras for cinema. This transformative decade witnessed a seismic shift in the Hollywood ecosystem, marked by the rise of auteur-driven independent cinema and the dawn of multi-billion-dollar blockbuster franchises that still permeate our pop-culture 50 years on. In compiling this […]

The 20 Best Thriller Movies Of The 1980s

The 1980s were a transformative decade for Hollywood that shifted away from the gritty, auteur-driven style of the New Hollywood Wave and witnessed the alarming emergence of mega blockbusters, feel-good teen comedies, and multi-billion-dollar franchises that completely took over the box office. However, the thriller genre stayed relevant throughout the Eighties, producing a chock-full of […]

The 10 Best Thriller Movies That Take Place Within 24 Hours

Many films utilise a tight 24-hour time-frame to create a sense of urgency and intensity by depicting events happening (as close as possible) in real-time. Examples of this technique has been used in many genres such as: romance, comedies, drama and westerns. However, some of the most energetic, gripping and exciting stories held within 24-hours […]

The 20 Best Thriller Movies of All Time

It’s easy to understand why every generation of cinemagoers shells out for thriller movies that will get their hearts racing. This catchall term encompasses a great variety of subgenres, from sweeping crime epics to suspenseful psychodramas, which makes it hard to pin down what exactly falls under its vast umbrella, and even harder to round […]