10 Great 2020 Movies You May Have Missed

Earlier this summer, Taste of Cinema released a list of 2020 movies that the average reader may have missed. Given the decline of theatrical releases, this kind of list seemed like a necessity. Passionate film-lovers couldn’t just give up their hobby because the world was crumbling. On the contrary, the rise of social distancing meant […]

10 Movies From 2019 That Deserve Higher Rotten Tomatoes Score

Film critics are often accused of being pretentious and snobby. They have a reputation for being too negative. Countless websites and magazines have been accused of overemphasizing negativity when they should be promoting positivity, but that’s not exactly the job description. See, film critics are required to cover a wide assortment of different films, so […]

10 Directors Who Made Terrible Movies After Winning Oscars

Unfortunately, an Academy Award win for Best Director doesn’t mean that that directors are impervious to failure. Honestly, it just puts more pressure on them to succeed. Filmmakers are human. They can’t make the next Citizen Kane year after year. That brings us to this list. Below, you’ll find a list of cinematic flops that […]