The 10 Best Performances in a Quentin Tarantino Film


Quentin Tarantino exists within his own genre by this point, by blending the amalgamated knowledge of dozens of various films from numerous cultures and styles he has crafted characters of almost every variety imaginable. From scheming villains, redemptive figures, good Samaritans and unscrupulous killers he has written so many varying roles (and subsequently directed them) […]

The 10 Greatest Performances in a Martin Scorsese Film


The movies of Martin Scorsese often reflect themes of violence and redemption and the actors that fill the roles of his characters are given the sometimes gargantuan task of humanising these traits and fleshing out the roles into sympathetic and compelling characters, and if you are familiar with the kinds of characters that usually permeate […]

The 10 Greatest Directors of The New Hollywood Era

The New Hollywood wave may be the most significant film movement in the history of American cinema. The classic era of Hollywood was built on vertical integration, meaning that the film studios controlled the production, distribution and exhibition of every movie they made, until the United States v Paramount Pictures Case forced the studios to […]

The 15 Most Visually Stunning Sci-fi Movies of All Time


When it comes to depicting worlds that lie beyond our own realm of time and space, master filmmakers have sometimes gone the extra step to highlight the beauty of the unknown, the extra-terrestrial or the future. By stretching their techniques as filmmakers, some are able to create visual poetry and achieve something magnificent in the […]