15 Essential Films for an Introduction to Classic South Korean Cinema

The Housemaid

When I usually recommend South Korean cinema to average watcher with a Netflix or Hulu subscription, I usually suggest something recent. While there is nothing wrong with the classics, I find as pure entertainment, there’s a lot variety when considering something from the most recent New Wave. While many consider the South Korean New Wave […]

The 20 Greatest Movie Performances by a South Korean Actor


When I watch South Korean cinema, I’m usually satisfied with the acting. Rarely have I complained about the performances, even when it’s by former models and pop-stars making their big-screen debut. That doesn’t mean I haven’t seen bad acting, but rarely has an actor been so terrible that it’s killed the film for me. Well, […]

10 Great South Korean Horror Movies That Are Worth Your Time

best south korean horror movies

I wish South Korea would make more genre films. It’s not that they don’t — in fact, they’ve made some great thrillers, action films, and have lately hit big with large-scale historical dramas. There are other genres, such as comedy and romance, but recommending a title from either of those is tricky. I’ve found that […]

25 Overlooked South Korean Movies That Are Worth Watching

The Yellow Sea

Just in case you needed more South Korean cinema, here is an additional article featuring 25 more overlooked South Korean films. If you haven’t checked out the first one, please do so — mainly just in case I might’ve missed something (as well as several other similar lists). Once again, I use the term “overlooked” […]

The 10 Greatest South Korean Filmmakers Working Today

Kim Ki-duk

This list is meant to showcase some of today’s finest filmmakers from South Korea. While there are directors responsible for the classics in the history of South Korean cinema, this list is meant to showcase and highlight the filmmakers who are shaping the identity of South Korean cinema. With each filmmaker we’ve included a pair of […]