10 Great Sci-fi Films Favored By Denis Villeneuve

Lists are for groceries. At least, that’s what Denis Villeneuve stated during an interview with the New York Times in which he was prompted to name his favorite movies of the century. The French-Canadian director explained that he’s decided not to judge films but to champion them instead, and one can’t fault him for his […]

10 Great Thriller Movies Favored By The Coen Brothers

If there’s something that defines the Coen Brothers, it’s their range. No matter how hard you look, you will find no director working today capable of shifting through different genres, moods and styles quite like this Minnesotan duo. In an industry where almost every other auteur doubles down on their preferred genre to try to […]

10 Great Sci-fi Films Favored By Christopher Nolan

In an industry dominated by risk-averse studios and soulless sequels, where almost every other auteur has been relegated to straight-to-streaming releases, Christopher Nolan is the closest thing to a superstar there is left in the business, a dying breed of auteurs who can still get away with demanding gargantuan budgets and full creative freedom to […]

10 Great Thriller Movies Favored By The Safdie Brothers

From negligent fathers and heroin junkies to bank robbers and self-destructive gamblers. These are the kind of characters that populate the films of the Safdie Brothers. A whole array of crooked individuals who are driven into extremely erratic behavior by their own desperation. If there is a recurrent theme in each of their first four […]