10 Famous Movies With Disappointing Climax Scenes

5. Max Payne (John Moore – 2008)

max payne

If we were to include all the video game movies that have awful endings, this list would most certainly be endless. However, “Max Payne” is an especially good example of a video game movie just entirely disregarding and disrespecting the source material.

First of all, the compelling and gritty noir story of the game is replaced by a strange and ridiculous plot involving Norse mythology. The original game included Norse names, but it never went further than that.

It seems the screenwriters were so lost on how to adapt the game that they decided that the Valkyr drug makes you see Valkyries. They also eliminated all the bullet-time dives during shootouts that made the game so iconic. Furthermore, the often interesting characters of the game are replaced with your typical Hollywood cliché characters with no personalities.

If ruining the story wasn’t bad enough, they had the audacity to end the film in the same way as the game, with Max being arrested on the roof. They also added a cheesy scene of Max seeing his dead family again with emotional music.

This ending is so frustrating, as it feels like the director was trying to fool the audience into believing the film is a faithful rendition of the game. However, whilst you watch the ending, you can’t help but reflect on how this movie butchered the game’s story and tried to rub salt in the wounds with its poor attempt at convincing us that it is faithful to the original with the ending.


4. AVP: Alien vs. Predator (Paul W. S. Anderson – 2004)


Crossover movies in general are renowned for being terrible. However, “AVP” is a new level of terrible. Like many of the films on this list, this one is poorly written with a predictable archeology plot setting the scene for the alien and predator battleground.

It is then revealed that the predators would let the aliens infect a planet so they could then enter the planet and hunt them. This plot seems a bit ridiculous as in the first “Alien” (1979) it is stated that the xenomorph is a perfect life form that is virtually invincible; however, in “AVP” the xenomorphs are presented as little more than oversized bugs that can be dispatched with ease.

Other than the underwhelming fight scenes between the aliens and predators, there isn’t really anything of worth. The human cast is completely forgettable and the plot is so poorly put together. The ending is such an obvious attempt at getting audiences to get hyped for a sequel that it’s laughable. The movie ends with one of the aliens bursting out the chest of a predator, creating anticipation for a sequel featuring a alien-predator crossover creature.

This ending is bad for two reasons; first, the ending acts as nothing more than a cliffhanger for a sequel, which is always disappointing, especially when the movie itself is mediocre. Second, the actual sequel “AVPR: Aliens vs Predator – Requiem” (2007) is even more of a disappointment, making the cliffhanger ending all the more of a letdown.


3. My Friend from the Park (Ana Katz – 2015)

“My Friend from the Park” is a film made in the same vein as an English social realist film, with a focus of realism along with the drama. Unfortunately, the film fails to grasp the magic that Leigh and Loach manage to capture with their social realist films.

Instead, “My Friend from the Park” slowly becomes a borefest lacking any real interesting characters or plot development. The whole film revolves around the friendship between Liz, a new parent who is struggling to look after her newborn baby as she feels inadequate, and the rather eccentric Rosa, whose behaviour is spontaneous and strange. On paper this relationship sounds interesting, and at first it seems quite interesting.

As the film progresses, it slowly becomes stagnant and dull. Nothing interesting or captivating happens and by the end, you’re left not caring about the characters or what happens to them. The main problem with the ending is just how forgetful it is.

You spend the whole film waiting for some sort of outburst or something interesting to happen; however, nothing ever does and before you know it, the film simply ends without any interesting climax or event. This is so disappointing as the film has so much potential to be interesting, yet it unfortunately fails to be captivating at every turn.


2. Captain America: Civil War (Anthony & Joe Russo – 2016)

The “Civil War” comic book was a revolutionary event in comics. Its legacy can be felt in comic books to this day. So when Marvel announced that they were going to make a film adaptation for this comic event, many people were excited to see where the Russo brothers would take it. Unfortunately, their rendition of the story is disappointing and ends up being the same boring conveyer belt tripe the Marvel Cinematic Universe is renowned for.

First of all, the reason for Iron Man supporting the government and Captain America supporting the heroes who don’t wish to be unmasked isn’t explained very well. They both seem to pick a side without any real justification, unlike in the comic, where their motivation makes sense. Not only that, but there weren’t enough heroes fighting each other for it to be considered a ‘Civil War’; it was more a ‘Civil Skirmish’.

It’s understandable that they couldn’t have every hero in the film due to licensing issues and such, but they could have put more effort into making the final roster of heroes. The ending was the worst part, adding in a poor plot that includes an extremely underwhelming Baron Zemo, who lacked any character.

Also, it just turns into an extremely underwhelming fight between Iron Man and Captain America, which was incredibly forgettable. The fight between the two should have been an epic confrontation, but instead it just ended up being over the top and bland.


1. Grease (Randal Kleiser – 1978)


“Grease” is an indisputably great musical, with many classic tracks and memorable scenes. However, the ending itself and the message it sends is a terrible message to send to the film’s young, teenage audience. The whole film shows Sandy as an individual who rejects all the trends that the other girls in the school follow.

As the film progresses, we see her constantly insulted and tormented by the other students for being what they describe as prudish, to the extent where we even hear a song insulting Sandy for being a virgin. You would have thought that the film would end with a positive message for its young audience, that you shouldn’t have to change for anyone, and maybe have Danny accept Sandy for who she is.

However, that’s not what happens at all. Instead Sandy succumbs to peer pressure, changing every aspect of her personality so she can be Danny’s model girlfriend. Not only that, but they suddenly get a flying car out of nowhere and fly off for no reason in the closing scene.

This ending gives such a negative message as is insinuates that individuality should be frowned upon and you should follow the crowd for people to like you. Because the film misses the mark completely, it deserves its spot at number one.