15 Great Movies Where Protagonist Gets Used For Evil Reasons

8. Oldboy (Park Chan Wook, 2006)


Does this famous film need any explanation? Its protagonist is kidnapped from the beginning of the film. Then he is put in a single room and is treated like a prisoner for 15 years, without being told why. The kidnapper then sets him free to let him discover who had actually did all these things to him and, more especially, why? He had already spent the hell-like time in that room, lonely, for 15 years and now, he has to face the worst situation he can ever face in his lifetime.

He is actually evilly used for the purpose of revenge. It wouldn’t be hyperbole if one says that “Oldboy” is the ultimate example of a revenge story. It is Park Chan Wook’s masterpiece and one of the most famous films of the 21st century. No need for further explanation.


9. Funny Games (Michael Haneke, 1997)

Funny Games (1997)

You’ll find the dangerous game in “Funny Games”, which is possibly the most disturbing film from Michael Haneke. Its disturbing scene is almost equal to the “slitting-the-throat” scene of Haneke’s masterpiece “Cache”. Haneke is one of the greatest contemporary directors who can be said as the master of disturbing films. But he delves very deeply into the human psychology and gives serious messages from his films.

Two boys enter the house where there is a husband, wife, son and a dog. At first, they behave nicely pretending they are friends. But slowly they intentionally do annoying and humiliating things that makes the wife to tell them to get out of the house. Then you’ll start to know about the “funny game” that they already planned. They forcefully involve that family in the game of death. Spoiling just a little, one of the boys said to bet whether they can remain alive till 9:00 next morning. Then there comes the most dangerous game that you’ve ever seen.


10. A Snake of June (Shinya Tsukamoto, 2002)

A Snake of June

A married woman gets an envelope, by a man, which contains some erotic photos of her past. Then he starts to blackmail her to do some sexual activities as he pleases. Those activities are very weird because she has to wear a miniskirt in public, buy and use a vibrator in public places, and so on. He threatens her that if she doesn’t do what he tells her to do, and then he will ill-use those photos. So he involves her to such weird sexual activities promising that he will give her the negatives of those photos.

Tsukamoto is famous for “Tetsuo the Iron Man” and “Tokyo Fist”. “A Snake of June” can be said as his masterpiece which is generally remembered for its sadomasochistic and voyeuristic themes, stunning monochrome blue cinematography and camera movements.


11. The Terrorist (Santosh Sivan, 1997)

The Terrorist

A young terrorist girl is used by a related terrorist organization for a suicide bombing. It is completely irrelevant which terrorist organization it is and who are they willing to kill, since the director is mainly concerned with this girl’s psychology, nature and will. First, she is taught to kill the “enemies”, police and other people. The organization has already planned to use her in the suicide bombing and she is already told as well.

One higher leader continuously persuades her to do it and she agrees naturally. But, deep inside, she knows she is a coward and the act is immoral. She knows she shouldn’t do it but, outside, she gives a word to her leader. Deep inside, her heart says no, but in front of her leaders, she says yes. She sacrifices herself for a cause. And more importantly, she is used by the terrorist organization.

Don’t miss this great film that is influenced by the assassination of then Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. The hauntingly beautiful cinematography perfectly matches the girl’s psychology, nature and film’s motive. This film tells a lot about the people who give their life for a cause.


12. Blind Beast (Yasuzo Masumura, 1969)

Blind Beast

A blind sculptor kidnaps a girl to make his masterpiece. Why? Because he mainly sculpts the organs of the female body, like eyes, ears, nose, breasts, genitals and thighs. He brings her to his laboratory which is very mysterious, intriguing and sexy. There, you can see such statues and his works and you’ll be surprised. He chooses her because he thinks she is the most beautiful girl he has ever imagined. First, he persuades her to help him but when she denies him, he forcefully uses involves her in his work. Then there comes many intriguing twists.

“Blind Beast” is a pink film directed by one of the best Japanese directors, Yasuzo Masumura, who has made many classics. If you liked this film, you can check out his similar film “Irezumi” as well.


13. Sion Sono’s Hate Trilogy

Sono is one of the best Japanese directors working today. His best films can be said as those of his Hate Trilogy, which are described below.

Love Exposure (2008)

Love Exposure

A psychotic girl intrudes into the life of the film’s two main protagonists (the male lead falls in love with the female lead), and ingratiatingly lures its female lead. Then she brings their family, including the female lead, in “Zero Church”, where members are used for certain evil reasons. What can be imagined of that Church which is managed by such a psychotic girl who had even cut off her father’s penis? She intentionally damages their relationship and brings them to the worst situation.


Cold Fish (2010)

Cold Fish (2010)

An almost psychopath serial killer (and his wife) forcefully involves a quiet, honest, peaceful and unambitious person (and his family) into the evil acts of “vanishing certain people”. Vanishing means killing the people barbarously and cutting their corpses into pieces and burning them without a slight chance of being caught.


Guilty of Romance (2011)

Guilty of Romance (2011)

A married woman who can’t get any chance of romance with her romantic novelist husband decides to be a nude model after getting tired of her loveless and monotonous life. After her successful modeling career, she ends up meeting with those who are involved in prostitution. Then she begins to sell her body but hides the truth in her home. What is interesting and terrifying is that she is being intentionally used for certain reasons and she will be shocked afterwards.


14. A Serbian Film (Srban Spasojevic, 2010)


A financially struggling porn star agrees to play in an art-film reckoning where he has to perform simple sex scenes, but he discovers that he contracted with such people who involve him in dangerous sexual activities. He is obliged to play in snuff film that have child rape, necrophiliac activities, murder and other revolting scenes that are very hard to imagine.

What is more dangerous and revolting is that all those things he does are almost real, not just acting. For example, when he is having sex with a woman, he has to cut her neck. There are many other appalling scenes that are difficult and disturbing to watch. While watching the film, it is difficult to identify the shooting of the film and the real scenes.

Due to such themes and graphic violence, it has been banned in many countries. This highly controversial film is one of the most disturbing films of this century. Don’t miss this especially if you are a horror film fan.


15. Strange Circus (Sion Sono, 2005)

Strange Circus

“Now tell me, which is a dream?” says one of the characters to its protagonist in the most crucial moment of this film. Actually, not only its protagonist, but all audiences find it too difficult to comprehend the dream and reality of this surreal film. “Strange Circus” can be said as the most disturbing film by Sono; the other is “Hair Extension”, even more than “Cold Fish.”

A girl is raped by her adulterous father after she sees him having sex with her mother. Then he rapes them both one after the other making them watch such activities, which went on for a long time. When that girl grows up, she becomes a novelist who writes a novel of the exact story of her own past.

Some of the members of the publication company begin to suspect that the novel isn’t fiction but the writer’s very own reality. Then a boy is hired to uncover the truth. But you’ll see her in an even worse situation after that.