10 Great Actors Who Need to Make a Comeback

5. James Caan


What made him great: Just like Pacino, De Niro, and Hoffman, Caan also sprung onto the scene in the 70’s with great performances in The Godfather, The Godfather Part II, The Gambler, A Bridge too Farm, and Misery. Caan seemed like he was destined for a great career as well. However following a divorce in the 90’s, Caan’s career seems to have tanked with appearances in New York, I Love You, That’s My Boy.

Is there any chance for a comeback: Caan has mostly B-movies listed for the coming years. Hopefully Coppola will call him up again someday for a role in a great ensemble movie.


4. Sam Neill

Sam Neill

What made him great: An actor capable of playing both heroes and villains perfectly, Neill emerged into the spotlight with roles in movies like Jurassic Park, The Hunt for the Red October, and The Piano. Lately Neill seems to have dropped off the map and into the indie film category.

Is there any chance for a comeback: While Neill is still getting decent material in terms of indie films it’d still be nice to see him return to a more mainstream movie. We can only hope that at some point better work will come his way.


3. Mike Myers


What made him great: A formerly beloved comedic actor, Mike Myers was everywhere in the 90’s. Wayne’s World helped to put him on the map, but the Austin Powers movies are what he’s most memorable for. However, following some awful film choices like The Cat in the Hat and The Love Guru it seems like Myers isn’t doing much other than voicing Shrek for some less than stellar Shrek shorts Dreamworks releases now and again.

Is there any chance for a comeback: At this point there’s not much hope. Aside from a possible fourth Austin Powers movie that’s in development Myers doesn’t have anything else planned for the coming years.


2. Jim Caviezel

Jim Caviezel

What made him great: Back in the early 2000’s it seemed like Caviezel was bound to make a great name for himself with his stunning performances in films like The Thin Red Line, Pay it Forward, Frequency, The Count of Monte Cristo, I Am David, and Déjà vu. Lately, aside from his television work with Person of Interest. Caviezel seems to be trapped in less than stellar indie Dramas like Savannah and When the Game Stands Tall.

Is there any chance for a comeback: Caviezel is capable of pulling off something great, but so far he has no other movies in development.


1. Eric Roberts

Runaway Train

What made him great: The older brother of Julia Roberts, Eric Roberts popped on the scene in the 80’s and commanded a screen presence similar to Marlon Brando in Runaway Train, which earned him an Oscar nomination for best supporting actor. However following bad behavior, drug addiction, and bad movie picks Roberts has become a punch line and a joke appearing mostly in B-movies and Sci-Fi Channel originals as of late.

Is there any chance for a comeback: Despite appearances in big budget blockbusters like The Dark Knight, The Expendables, and more recently, the indie hit Inherent Vice Roberts still seems to be trapped in lame B-movies and small appearances in music videos. With 65 upcoming projects and counting listed on IMDb, there’s little hope.

Author Bio: Justin is a movie nut, a gamer, a writer, and an actor all rolled up in one. He likes to analyze movies a lot and critique them as well. He also likes to watch bad movies and laugh at them.