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Daily Archives: September 18, 2016

For every Doph Lundgreen or Arnold Schwarzenegger, there’s an action star that surprisingly kills it when he’s given the chance to do a more “serious” part. And then there’s the ones that actually find the space to be great within the very limited confines of the genre – the great, deep, brilliant action films being made right now rarely star… Read more »

18 September 2016 | Features, People Lists

“Lars von Trier’s Breaking the Waves is a genuinely spiritual movie that asks ‘what is love and what is compassion?’” – Martin Scorsese   In a broken dream Set in remote North-West Scotland’s Outer Hebrides of the 1970s is the ill-at-ease and heart-rending romance of Lars von Trier’s paralyzing (and, alas, polarizing) melodrama, Breaking the Waves. It is here that,… Read more »

18 September 2016 | Features, Reviews