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Daily Archives: June 29, 2015

The 1990s will always be remembered as the decade where the alternative became the mainstream. The story of Nirvana and The Year Punk Broke is well known to anyone even remotely interested in pop culture. The explosion of Nirvana, grunge and then ‘alternative’ music affected more than just the music scene. That whole explosion practically brought interest in everything alternative,… Read more »

29 June 2015 | Features, Other Lists

Kevin Spacey has established himself as a “chameleon” of the acting world, proving in every role that he has the capability to transform into completely contrasting characters. He began his acting career on Broadway in 1981, although he didn’t make his way into film until Heartburn (1986), where he obtained a minor role as a mugger. However, Spacey didn’t receive… Read more »

29 June 2015 | Features, Film Lists

When it comes to watching great films, duration frankly should not matter. A great movie is great no matter its length. But let’s face it, busy schedules these days can keep us from tackling epics. As our attention spans get ever shorter, an 85-minute runtime might look at a whole lot sweeter than a 145-minute one. This list therefore presents… Read more »

29 June 2015 | Features, Film Lists