Taylor Trash Productions Presents: Godzilla


What is it? Good question! This web series provides the citizens of the internet with a comical in depth look into the world of cinema. Their mission is to examine ground-breaking films under the intersection of pop culture and nerdism. Taylor Trash Productions brings us along on this wild ride with our host Taylor James Johnson. Taste of Cinema: The Web Series is filled with fun facts, interviews, skits, news, reviews, and the history behind these films. This is a series for the well informed movie fan, the discerning film buff, and all those f#ck!ng nerds as well. Films can make us laugh, cry and dream…(they can do other things too but that would take a long time to type out and it also depends on the movie)… Please sit back and enjoy your stale popcorn as Taylor Trash takes you on a journey through space, time and cinema. Stay tuned for more videos…because the people making this are crazy and will NEVER stop…no matter what… seriously, they need help.

In this premiere episode, Taylor Trash takes a look at the movie Godzilla, or Gojira for the purists. He brings about interesting behind the scenes stories, interviews with viewers of the film, as well as his own personal narrative of experiences with the Godzilla franchise. After watching this webisode, a new appreciation will certainly be had. Watch as Taylor James Johnson interviews random movie guests about their own personal histories with the iconic symbolic character Godzilla. The excitement is contagious as Taylor Trash takes us along for the journey that is… Taste of Cinema: The Web Series… presented by Taylor Trash Productions Inc.