20 Movies You Might Not Know Were Directed By Famous Actors

14. Bobby


Directed by: Emilio Esteves

The movie: This ensemble drama depicts the hours leading up to Robert Kennedy’s assassination. Telling the story from multiple perspectives we can try to piece together all the elements that led to the politician’s death.

Where you’ve seen him: Famous actor son of Martin Sheen (who’s real last name is Esteves) has been a long-standing staple of Hollywood. Who cemented himself in minds of youth in his family comedy series “The Mighty Ducks”.


13. Practical Magic

Practical Magic

Directed by: Griffen Dunne

The movie: The star powered vehicle for Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman as legacy witch sisters turned to be a little darker than people expected. Filled with prophecy death and a somewhat disturbing element of abuse and necromancy ultimately concluded in a resolution of true love found.

Where you’ve seen him: If you haven’t seen “An American Werewolf in London”, do yourself the favor. Griffen Dunne famously played the slowly rotting deceased best friend of David Naughton . And most recently can be seen as the naturalist Dr. Vass in this years awards hopeful “Dallas Buyer’s Club”.


12. Staying Alive


Directed by: Sylvester Stallone

The movie: The much maligned sequel to “Saturday Night Fever. Has Travolta’s character going to Broadway to become a stage dancer

Where you’ve seen them: Stallone, The Stallone. Directed this dud in between “Rocky” 3 & 4. The box office action star recently has started his third franchise the aging action star series “The Expendables”.


11. Star Trek: First Contact


Directed by: Jonathan Frakes

The movie: The “Next Generation” crew tries to stop the Borg from changing the course of history and destroying the world, as they know it. This much loved return to form for the “Star Trek” movie franchise was full of everything we loved from the show.

Where you’ve seen them: RIKER! That’s right. Lt. Riker himself was responsible for the direction of this winner. He in turn went on to direct the next and probably least seen installment “Insurrection”.


10. Hancock

Hancock movie image Will Smith

Directed by: Peter Berg

The movie: The Will Smith “anti-superhero” film failed to meet blockbuster expectations but found a little cult following for its bizarre mystical element and a Will Smith eating up the bad-good guy roll. Also was found the “sexual” issues from having super powers.

Where you’ve seen them: Peter has been a staple and highly regarded character actor for years. Most famously in the 90’s hit noir femme fatal story of “The Last Seduction” playing the duped lover of Linda Fiorentino. And has since been a part of greats casts in the likes of “Copland”, “Collateral”, and “Smokin’ Aces”.


9. Three Men and A Baby

Three Men and A Baby movie

Directed by: Leonard Nimoy

The movie: The 80’s comedy classic remake of a French film starred Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg and Ted Danson as three bachelors taking care of a girlfriend’s baby.

Where you’ve seen them: SPOCK. Not the only “Star Trek” alum to build a directing career. Nimoy also holds “Funny About Love” with Gene Wilder, and “The Good Mother” with Liam Neeson and Diane Keaton under his directing belt, not to mention “Star Trek 3 & 4”.


8. Waiting to Exhale


Directed by: Forest Whitaker

The movie: The hit drama about three African American women and their relationships with the male gender took off at the box office and solidified Whitney Houston as a movie star.

Where you’ve seen them: Forest is just about a household name. Recently winning Best Actor for his terrifying yet deep performance in “The Last King of Scotland”. Most recently he played a powerful reserved supporting role in “Out of The Furnace”.