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Daily Archives: June 25, 2014

It is no secret that P.T. Anderson’s Magnolia borrows heavily from Altman’s Short Cuts. Typically with film there are subtle instances where a director will pay tribute to an idol but Anderson goes well beyond that with his personal favorite film, one he wrote a great deal of inside William H. Macy’s cabin, afraid to go outside because he’d seen… Read more »

25 June 2014 | Features, Reviews

Philip K Dick is one of the most prolific science fiction writers ever. He is probably most famous for his novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, which was the inspiration for Ridley Scott’s future noir masterpiece, Blade Runner. Yet, aside from novels Dick also wrote a huge number of short stories, many of which have made their way to… Read more »

25 June 2014 | Features, Film Lists