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17 Disturbing Horror Movies You Will Never Watch Again

21 December 2013 | Features, Film Lists | by Janiera  Eldridge

9. The Orphanage


This is one of the most depressing films I’ve ever seen, but it is still covered in a Gothic-like beauty. At times though it’s a little too Gothic. It contains extremely haunting images of children with special needs, one in particular who walks around with a sack over his head. There are plenty of jump scares to keep you interested. The ending is so crazily emotional you’ll feel like your heart has been ripped out of your chest, an experience that you only need to try once.


10. Excision


Excision is the outrageous and gag inducing tale of a girl obsessed with blood and surgery. There are so many moments (a few containing menstrual blood) that will make you want to instantly turn off this deranged film, but you’ll be too drawn in to look away. You’ll have to see it until the very end, and when you do, be prepared for a swift, sharp kick to the gut! Between the punches and the yucks, you’ll never want to see this unique take on a psychopath-in-the-making again!


11. Cannibal Holocaust


Why this disgusting horror film with very little substance (and a whole lot of racist subtext) is considered a classic at all is questioned by many. It’s considered to be the first found footage film ever made, but some of its scenes are barely watchable. The movie details the last days of a film crew’s trip to the Amazon and their blood drenched experience with the natives.

This film was banned in many countries and the director faced tons of criticism for killing real animals on film. Completely unnecessary, right? Even the director said he wishes he had never made the movie! If you’ve stayed away from it so far, consider yourself lucky as the grandiose violence means absolutely nothing. If you watched it out of curiosity, then I bet you won’t go there again!


12. Teeth


This dark comedy is a real pleasure for any woman to watch–once. This movie is based on the classic legend about the woman with teeth in her vagina. It’s something every woman has fantasized about at least once and a nightmare every heterosexual man hopes to never come across. If you’re a man, it is 100% obvious why you’ll never want to see this film again (ouch). If you’re a woman, the terror of seeing another woman find out she has this “disorder” only needs to be witnessed once.


13. Funny Games

Funny Games (1997)

If you get through this movie the first time, you’ll start to question your own sanity for watching this mind-screwing film. Both the 1997 original and this shot-for-shot remake were directed by Michael Haneke. The film chronicles two disturbed young men who torture and kill an entire family. The film doesn’t use a lot of shock-and-awe violence, but plays out its murderous sequences as brutally real. If that doesn’t make you never want to watch it again, wait until the main characters speak to you directly and fill you deep down with a big helping of guilt!


14. Hostel 2


While this film is much more enjoyable to watch than the original Hostel, the highly gruesome (and imaginative) kill scenes make this movie only good for one viewing unless you really enjoy watching people be gutted like a fish for no obvious reason.

The second movie in the Hostel franchise combines two intriguing storylines: that of captured women and the men who paid a huge amount of money to kill them. The ending will have you cheering and the misogynistic attitude prevalent in many horror films is finally flipped on its head in this one, but I doubt you’ll ever take this movie for a spin again.


15. The Mist


One of my favorite films based on a Stephen King novel, The Mist is about townsfolk who take refuge in a grocery store after a strange mist befalls their town and brings frightening “plagues” with it. This movie has one of the most brilliant (and controversial) endings of all time. It’s so explosive that many watchers of this film have told me they never want to see the movie again. Although I’d watch it 100 times more.


16. 8mm


8mm is only good for one watch because of its obvious taboo and beyond frightening subject matter: the existence of a snuff film. A detective goes through a brutal investigation trying to find out if he is in possession of an authentic snuff film or just a very convincing forgery. The movie is an excellent thriller, but digs down so deep into the grimy underworld you’ll have to take a shower when you’re done. It will also leave you questioning if the myth of the snuff film is more than just a myth.


17. A Serbian Film


Just hearing about this film turned me and many other horror watchers off from ever watching it once, let alone twice. This movie fits in as much depravity as possible by following the storyline of a man who agrees to make a porn film only to find out they’re the most depraved porn films on earth. There is a simple reason why you’ll never want to watch this movie twice if you ever get through it once: infant rape. Enough said.

Author Bio: Janiera Eldridge is a paranormal and horror author. When she’s not writing she’s reading, getting her movie fix or practicing graphic design. Connect with her on her FBfanpage.



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  • Teeth, Hostel 2, The Mist!! OMG The Mist pi&&3d me off!! After ALL that then BOOM! Hostel 2 had me cheering. If its the one I am thinking of..A doggy gets a snausage? lolz
    Great list! Theres a few I’ve yet to see I added to my list.
    Love this article

    • i love the Mist ending, it was so real and raw. He thought he was the hero but at the end of the day he failed like so many others. Yes, the one with the doggy is Hostel 2. lol

      • Daoofgeek

        I agree that it was very raw but real…I don’t believe that. Yes, people give up in this world all the time but I had real trouble on how there was nothing subtle about the manipulation…

  • whats the horror movie where a kid goes to rob his bosses house but a freaky guy in a black mak with a germane shepard is already there? The robber gets free, but goes back for the little girl. The crazy guy sets ups razor wire and crushed glass traps so ppl cant escape. The end made me scream in anger! The new movie called the conjuring based on the warrens files was creepy too! I watched it on my iphone w/earbuds in and kept jumping and clutching my sleeping hubbys arms in fright!

    • Allen Elswick

      I think you are talking about the collector, it has a follow up called the collection thats available on netflix.

    • kros deathdealer

      believe it is the movie ‘the people under the stairs’

  • Graham Carter

    Some people don’t ‘get’ horror films, and films like Hostel make it hard to argue in their favour; it’s total garbage. Cannibal Holocaust is I think a good film in spite of itself. Which Funny Games version you talking about? I think the director Haneke is one of the more interesting directors around.

    • Both Funny Games was done by the same director and was recreated scene for scene so both pretty much have the same affect.

      • Veronica Dee

        I actually liked the English language version more because I think Michael Pitt is amazing and at one point, you can see a phone number on the phone is a 631 area code which is part of Long Island where I grew up. I had to love it then.

  • Beck Cahill

    Teeth should not be on here… that movie was freaking LAME! Fell asleep a couple of times.

  • Nathan Falldorf

    I laughed at the end of The Mist, it was such a dumb ending that made the entire film one hilarious joke.

    • FrankenPC .

      FYI: You might be a sociopath.

      • Nathan Falldorf

        But I found The Shining to be super horrific, I dunno maybe I just think that it would first be the most ridiculous decision to off your entire family and then suddenly everything was okay. If he would have killed everyone and that was the end it may have had a more powerful effect.

        • FrankenPC .

          Sometimes, I watch a movie…drama, horror, tear jerker, whatever, and if the end is emotionally manipulative i.e. “the directors is yanking my strings”, I get pissed that I wasted my time. Sometimes I say “What a joke!” Maybe that’s what you mean?

          • Nathan Falldorf

            Somewhat, I mean I watched it and said to myself thats a dumb idea for a reason to kill your family in the first place so it drew me out of the film and connection with the characters. And then I said watch the mist clear instantly and everything is okay and predictibly so it happened which made me laugh and in turn ruined everything it built up. If you look at the movie THE ROAD with Viggo Mortensen, there was a real threat and reason to teach the son to shoot himself or possibility of killing his son. But he used a thing called restraint something that a normal person would do in a situation like theirs and did not shoot him.

          • Daoofgeek

            Nathan, great explanation about how the scene “drew [you] out of the film and connection with the characters”. Add the obvious and overt manipulation (pointed out by FrankenPC) and the end nearly tore apart the excellent buildup from the first hour and forty plus minutes.

    • Daoofgeek

      I may have been a bit colored by the novella (that I loved), but The Mist’s ending was very poor to me. The entire premise of the novella was one of hope, while the movie (which I enjoyed, save for the end) was about giving up. The suddenness of it all is jarring to say the least but I’m not a fan of the “all is lost” frame of mind…

      • Lola Guin

        I agree. I read the novella too and the ending of the movie was so ridiculous in comparison to the book ending. It changed the entire theme of the movie. The rest of the film was great and was pretty much exactly how I imagined it when I read the novella.


    Maniac is not FAIRLY NEW, it’s a remake. Get it right.

    • The recent Maniac is fairly new. I was not referencing the old film at all in this article i.e. why it is not mentioned.

      • SalsaShark42

        You should have referenced the old film, like you did with “Last House On the Left”. The way it’s currently written makes you seem oblivious to “Maniac” being a remake.

  • lorettajohnson

    seen them all. your right about The Woman and Human Centipede, they both put me to sleep zzzzzzzzzzzz

  • sdZgvdfbhgnfgj

    Really? I watched all of these twice without screaming. Most of them aren’t even that disturbing. Where’s Jacob’s Ladder? Salo? (Oh God, at least you should have put Salo in there). The Mist, Insidious, and Maniac weren’t even that bad. Jeeze, The Conjuring was worse than Maniac. Please just do your research. No offense, by the way, but I’m just hardcore into movies.

    • Janiera Eldridge

      What’s “scary” varies from opinion to opinion so no offense taken.

    • bringerofchill

      If you’ve watched A Serbian Film more than once, you should probably be put down.

  • Duh

    My god, was this written by a third grader?

  • Rebekah Herzberg

    This is the worst list I ever read. Some of these are classics that several people watch over and over. So many actual disturbing films are left off this list and you admitted to never even watching A Serbian Film. How can you list films without even seeing them?

    • Jake Bertz

      If someone can read the Wikipedia page of A Serbian Film and still consider watching it, they need to be institutionalized. If someone would even consider watching A Serbian Film a second time, they need to be removed from all human contact and disposed of properly. The makers of the film should be executed for crimes against humanity.

      • Rebekah Herzberg

        You cannot count on Wikipedia. It doesn’t explain the message and deeper meaning behind the films. There is a message the directors of A Serbian Film delivered. Not everyone felt the need to dig a little deeper. That’s apparent. I will never watch the film again but this list was suppose to be about films the public will not watch again. So many left behind.

        • B. B.

          The message they delivered was “We are a bunch sycophantic, perverted, horrible people that shouldn’t be allowed to make movies or live in polite society. sincerely, The makers of A Serbian Film.”

          • Heather Bronwyn Munster

            hear hear i completely agree with that statement – i have no problem with smut – but rape, child rape, any sort of sexual violence lorded on screen and then called ART is repulsive. Saying there is a deeper message behind it is inane excuse for watching this piece of shit. It should not be encouraged and by watching this film you are basically saying its fine for that shit to continue.

          • Carl

            Can we just take a second to stop and think why the directors made A Serbian film? I get that you all believe it’s immoral or whatever, and I agree child rape is pretty bad, but they are allowed to make what they want. Art is art. No matter what form it comes in. this movie does have many wonderful elements. outstanding allegory and cinematography. Also by watching the movie no one is supporting “child rape” if you go out and do that, that is your problem, not the directors. This movie conveys a message and sometimes it takes something extreme to convey that message. Maybe you should all do your research before you listen and act on the things others say.

          • Jonny

            i read several people saying there is a message, but none of them can actually explain.
            Guys, it’s a propaganda movie, so when you say serbs, your subconscient will bring it up. It would be interesting to know who actually is behind the movie, I mean who will spend money in a movie like that if it’s not for a greater purpos…. by the way, the most disturbing think for me, is the title. … What would be the reaction in the society if the title of the movie was “american movie”.

          • Stephan Fenrir Duplan

            the reason they did the child rape scene was alluding that “being born in Serbia, your literally fucked from birth”. it apparently is all about the inherent issues in Serbia in some metaphorical way. still, that was nasty shit.

          • Ilija Filep

            Actually has nothing to do with Serbia or the state of it. A disturbing, heavy-duty movie, that’s all it is. Fucks you up good, doesn’t it? Although face it people, not every film has a deeper philosophical message.

          • Gail Miller

            “I get that you all believe it’s immoral or whatever, and I agree child rape is pretty bad”

            Umm… Ok, that sounds like you almost don’t believe that statement… Kind of scary how you worded that.. I have never seen it, do not need to after reading what it is about, just thinking about that makes me sick! And Pretty Bad does NOT begin to cover what it is..

          • Jane

            I was about to say that. The same exact thing. “Pretty bad” is how I feel when I have a headache. “Pretty bad” is when I’m as hungover as I can get. “Pretty bad” is NOT how I feel about rape of any kind, let alone child rape.

      • LevelingTheDebate

        I watched A Serbian Film multiple times and am fine. It’s disturbing, but not as intense as critics put it.

        • Clara Neisess

          I’ve seen it multiple times and I’m a very non-violent, well functioning member of society.

          • Sam

            You mean haven’t broken…yet.

      • Gabriel Gallardo Alarcón

        You’re the one who should be institutionalized for asking the execution of people who only did a fictional film without actually harming anybody. You’re the one who’s asking for violence. You’re the one who should be removed from society.

    • bringerofchill

      I agree the list is pretty tame at parts. Martyr easily made the list.

      • i very happy to see this list.totally i am love in the movies you have given here.finally i found all the movies in full hd,4k quality on .really its too hard to gather list of top movies,shortfilms hatsoff

    • RockyJohan

      Yeah, the writer of this list is extremely prudish.
      Sure “A Serbian Film” is not for everyone but not everyone is that squeamish. At least watch the film before judging it and if you dont dare to….then dont write about it. Simple.

      Btw, its a movie. Its all fake. There is a script and actors. I would have had problems if it was a Snuff-film. But that goes for pretty much every horror movie ever.

  • Steven Hurd

    A very nice, but simple minded acquaintance made us watch the movie “Grown Ups” once at a party. He laughed uproariously, at every simple, second grader tailored, slapstick scene.
    Retaliating, I showed “A Serbian Film.”
    Three years later, and he yet to talk to me again…

    • Josh Danby

      Haha, I think you won there. I once had a woman in HMV ask me to recommend a “really gory” horror movie as her 15yr old daughter was having a sleepover. I recommended Antichrist. Before my girlfriend realised what I’d just done, she’d bought it and left the shop.

      • Steven Hurd

        You sir, have sent several teenage girls into therapy.
        Well done.

      • Veronica Dee

        Yeah, I once told a housemate of mine who hated anything remotely scary that Jacob’s Ladder wasn’t a horror movie. I meant that it was not a typical horror movie but by the end of it, she was furious with me.

      • Barlow99

        That film even screwed me up. Would have loved to have been a fly on the wall just watching the faces of the teens watching it! The looks must have been horrifying! Wow, that’s definitely a take-no-prisoners aproach. Kudos.

      • F S

        They probably didn’t even watch the first scene completely.

    • Veronica Dee

      I have used “A Serbian Film” to shut people up. Whenever people talk about how nothing grosses them out or frightens them, I tell them to watch that movie and they usually admit they had to turn it off. I don’t watch it with them because I saw it once and I never ever want to see it again.

      • bringerofchill

        I’ve seen it once and it still haunts me today. But yeah, I will throw it out to anyone who thinks they can’t be disturbed by a film.

        • Anon Ymous

          YES! I understand that with the age of the internet, people are a lot less phased by things than they used to be, but when I come across someone who says they are no longer phased by crazy things, I too, offer up A Serbian Film. I don’t think anything can top or out-gross it.

          • bringerofchill

            I like your style. For like 6 months after seeing it, I had horrible visions of scenes from the movie just popping up in my head.

          • Lola Guin

            Yeah, I’m a big horror enthusiast, but I refuse to watch that movie. I don’t need to see stuff like that. That crosses a line that I don’t believe in crossing. I love disturbing, scary movies, but I have my limits.

          • Jonathan Schaper

            A Serbian film places me in a strange position because as a fan of horror films, yes, I like films with an exploitative element to them and, yes, I can live with violence and disturbing imagery and events in film, even when the violence is sometimes coupled with sex, and sometimes kids die and get abused (that happens in mainstream films too). And A Serbian Film was an actual attempt to tell a story, vs the fake snuff films I cannot be bothered watching. So it is difficult to define why A Serbian Film revolts me when so many other horror films are entertainment to me. It wasn’t just the baby rape, which was indeed nauseating. I found Human Centipede 2 difficult to watch, and a baby gets killed in it, but as much as I disliked the film it didn’t offend me in the same manner so I find it difficult myself to explain why A Serbian Film crossed that line for me. Perhaps it is because A Serbian Film is a poorly written, silly film with no real artistic or entertainment value, and yet takes itself so seriously as some sort of political message which the filmmaker totally loses through multiple scenes of super aphrodisiacs and kiddie rape – usually when a film is so incompetently blunt it still manages to get across more of a message than “they fucked us and exploited us”. It was like a child’s tantrum. A hypocritical one. Now here’s where I have to back off from criticising the film too much lest some idiot take my offense at the film as evidence that it is a work of genius. It wasn’t. No more than an undercooked dinner or a McDonalds burger is a work of genius because it gets a negative response from me. It doesn’t take talent to turn off people with a scene of a fat greasy guy raping a baby. In other words, yep, good decision not to bother watching it.

          • Jonathan EGerard

            Actually, the opposite it true. Every degrading thing that happens in the movie has happened to the Serbian people at the hands of the government. The director of Serbian film simply created a narrative exploiting these events. If anything, it is the most politicized horror film since Salo.

          • disqus_kOiQcyN7dK

            Try Life and Death of a Porno Gang, from Serbia too. It is so much better in the way you describe, and personally so much better (and more disturbing and realistic) that A Serbian Film, which I can’t take seriously. It’s so artifical and forced…Life And Death is much more degrading and sad…

          • Jonathan EGerard

            I’ve seen it. I like the gloss of ASF.

          • Elif Saglam

            I totally agree! Thanks for summing it up this well!

          • Keko Burazin

            well described Jonathan!!

          • aaron rumph

            You don’t have to worry about that since it is not a true horror movie, it is a long at the underground world that most don’t realize is a thing a shocking commentary on how messed up this world can be much like the wonderful antiwar movie that is Men Behind the Sun.

          • steve

            woah woah woah – you didn’t get the artistic or political message? I know the political one is hard to get without reading reviews/interviews, but the artistic message is very clearly laid out right before the “newborn porn” reveal. In many ways very reminiscent of Pink Flamingos (not too disturbing, but very artsy and a similar message).

            Another artistic theme for me was the existentially nihilistic theme of “we’re fucked from the moment we’re born until after we die”. I mean, nobody chooses to be born (and with it, the entirety of life and the eventuality of death), so in a way our existence is one full of rape because we didn’t choose it. And even our memories will be raped/misused/forgotten by others. That theme alone is one not too many filmmakers try to to touch upon and I’m glad they did in this one.

            And as far as horror writing goes, I think this one is right up there with Hostel. Unique story, something gruesome (although very relatable and believable), and I thought the cinematography and acting was top! I know it’s only in subtitles, but I personally don’t like dubbed film – you lose 1/3 when you re-dub the audio track. Some parts are recorded with a boom mike on-set (which you can’t duplicate in a studio for the dubbers), and the nuance of the words in Serbian can’t be easily reproduced without many experts, and of course it’s bothersome to see the lips move/not move in accordance with the text.

            Please try watching again and keep a more open mind. Or maybe watch a few art films over the next months and try viewing “A Serbian Film” as such. If I viewed it as a snuff film or “cheap thrills”, then I wouldn’t be pleased, either. But it is very far from cheap thrills. Very far indeed. At least for me.

          • Irina Opris

            You have basically said what I’ve been telling everybody when A Serbian Film comes into discussion. I love horror, disturbing, thought-provoking movies, it’s what I watch 95% of the time. But I refuse to watch this because if a line like that is crossed just for the sake of being shocking, god help us all if they’ll try to exceed infant rape with something with bigger shock value. It’s uncalled for and a cheap ploy from the filmmakers.

          • missannthrope

            If it makes you feel any better, the infant rape is not on screen, but insinuated.

          • purplinko .

            It happens in real life all the time but people seems not too much bothered with it…

          • Circus clown

            Because they are not watching it happen “irl”, you fucking moron.

          • purplinko .

            So if some clown calls me a fucking moron I should be disturbed because it happened in real life??

          • Circus clown

            lol what

          • steve

            well, you don’t see penetration, but you see a man fucking a baby, so…

          • Irina Opris

            Also, speaking of disturbing and thought-provoking without crossing a line, I recommend Martyrs.

          • steve

            that’s another theme in the film: true art does not have lines that can’t be crossed. I really recommend it, but view it as an art film instead of horror, and maybe you’ll enjoy it more.

      • Josh Danby

        I watched it with my girlfriend and she said “yeah that was quite good”. Literally the only thing I’ve ever seen shake her is spiders (she’s arachnophobic) and the rape scene in Irreversible.
        Or if a dog dies at any point, obviously.

        • Clara Neisess

          *sigh* I get worried to admit it, but I actually really liked the Serbian Film and always try to get other people to watch it. Perhaps I’m hoping someone will eventually like it like I do and I won’t feel like such a weirdo! lol
          Honestly, I was a bit…disappointed? I watched it after hearing so much stuff about how awful it was, and I didn’t find it as twisted as I had expected.

          • bringerofchill

            LMAO, why do you torture yourself, lol. I tell everyone about it, but never recommend it.

          • Jackie Jormpjomp

            Good luck finding someone that is really into baby rape.

          • And who isn’t in prison.

          • Johannes Runge

            Because when you look at the movie, you are of course into baby rape. Yeaah, sure.

          • Jagi

            You’re just so edgy and cool aren’t you.

          • Yuki Ylivehere

            i liked it too,so not alone.

          • aaron rumph

            A Serbian Film is really well made for a exploitation film, this move and nekromantic are two movie that go beyond the exploitation to another beautiful whelm

          • I just thought it was over the top for the sake of being over the top. Didn’t find it compelling, intriguing or very interesting. As far as extreme films, Martyrs is one of my favourites. Intriguing, well-paced, full of surprises, beauty and the unexpected.

          • Josh James

            I liked the film and felt the same. I agree that other films probably have a better format and storyline. No-one seems to get the message of the film, which is kind of the whole point of it. It’s a reflection of how bad society is and how much worse it COULD become. It’s like a nightmare vision of a dystopian future. People making childish “Omg you must b into baby rape den” comments don’t seem old enough to watch it in the first place, but yeah… I prefer films like Eden Lake, The Girl Next Door (based on a true story), Martyrs, Inside etc. I definitely don’t feel the need to watch Human Centipede 2 again, that was worse in my opinion, probably THE WORST.

          • bluesborn

            Eden Lake and Martyrs both REALLY freaked me out but for different reasons.I also found the films Wolf Creek and Snowtown quite intense.

          • steve

            same here. I found the theme of the film absolutely brilliant: “we’re fucked from the moment we’re born and even after we die”. Highly existential, of course political (the filmmaker was really aiming for showing how the Serbs basically got fucked over from wealthy war-criminal families), and in some strange way really pushes the viewer to re-evaluate his own morality. I’m just kinda ashamed I masturbated to some of the early “normal porn” scenes (I hadn’t heard about the newborn-porn before I watched it – I just saw the title on a “banned film” list and gave it a go)

      • LevelingTheDebate

        A Serbian Film personally wasn’t too daunting. Just a little disturbing lol. “Found” is the sickest movie I’ve ever seen though!

        • Mala_Madre

          I checked that one out based on your comment, and i have to agree with you on some level, and I’m not finished watching it yet either.. Thanks for the tip. A Serbian Film is not so bad, quite good movie and apart from some nasty rape scenes it’s not horror at all… And it’s not especially hard to watch either.. Not harder than reading papers and watching the daily news about all the real horror in the world..

        • Clara Neisess

          I quite liked a Serbian Film and have seen it more than twice already. haha, should I be ashamed?
          I’m going to check out FOUND based on your rec!!

      • Keko Burazin

        Just a sick movie..

      • Daniele Concina

        I honestly dont find it so repulsive. What really shocked me were all of Jorg Buttgereit movies, Schramm, Nekromantiak and Der Todesking.. Aldo the cult movie “angst” with the master klaus schulze composer of the soundtrack, great stuff completely repulsive and sickening

    • CatWhisperer

      That movie messed me up. Holy shit.

      • Danilo Bojic

        I’m Serbian, and that movie is just garbage, not even gross or scary, it’s just garbage. American paid movie to make us look like monsters.

        • CatWhisperer

          I don’t think people (myself included) associated Serbian people with this movie. I didn’t walk away from this movie thinking “Wow, those Serbians are SO fucked up!” It could have been portrayed in America and it would still have the same effect–that there are monsters and demons out there and some really nasty shit, too.

          • Ilija Filep

            Bravo brate, jedini domaci film bez poente, i napravi se ovakva poenta.

        • Jarek Draven

          There are terrible people in EVERY country. (Not saying that all people are terrible, but that each country has some real bad apples living there.)

          I don’t think that most viewers would assume all Serbians are like that.

          Any more than someone watching a horror film like “The Hills Have Eyes” or “Wrong Turn” would assume that the USA is full of murderous mutant hillbillies.

          Know what I mean?

    • cindy

      misogynistics scum

    • David Jager

      Why not just show them the piano wire scene from ‘Audition’ by Takeshi Miike and be done with it?

      • Tony Emond


        • Jizzzanthepuss

          Stop it.


          : D

  • Bmorgan

    How did you not have Antichrist on this list?!

    • Dylan Rose

      Cause it wasn’t at all a horror film. It was just boring, mindless redundant garbage with silly violent scenes thrown in.

  • MysTee LaLa

    The only one I have not watched more than once was Excision…the whole licking of the menstral flow kind of was a bit much…I admire the edge the movie gave and has but once was enough for me….

  • Mordenkainen

    What’s the irony of misusing the word “misogynistic” in describing a movie, only to espouse a misandryist opinion like how “Teeth” is a “real pleasure” for any woman to watch because of the toothed vagina?

    Stop using the word misogyny wrong. It’s not your go-to “I’m right because” argument.

  • Laura TuffLuck

    .. How is I Spit On Your Grave not on this ?
    some of these I have seen multiple times ..

    • bringerofchill

      Another good one, I had forgotten about it until you mentioned it.

  • Jani
  • B. B.

    I have watched several of these movies more than once. Some of them are just way to bad to watch again. I mean “bad” in the sense that they were horribly made films with boring themes and story lines or they touched on subjects that were less than desirable to watch. .

  • mph23

    Insidious would have been better if the demon didn’t look like Darth Maul’s little cousin.

    • Veronica Dee

      Holy shit, that’s exactly who it looked like!

    • Barlow99

      wow – you nailed it!

      • pedalninja

        terrible movie, it was laugh out loud bad, i’m stunned it made it onto this list, not a single scary moment, imo anyway

        • Dylan Rose

          The storyline was in-depth and that’s what made it creepy. If you are some skeptic goof, who doesn’t believe in the paranormal, then I don’t expect you to find it scary. The hag backstory was absolutely terrifying.

          • PedalNinja

            oh please this is all very subjective, I’m entitled to my opinion, as you are yours, just because you found it scary and i didn’t shouldn’t yield a childish response like yours. People are allowed to think differently than you and should be allowed to without persecution. So grow up… One also doesn’t necessarily have to believe in the paranormal to find this scary, any good story can scare you if you know how to enjoy one by suspending your beliefs, i just found it corny, i was hoping it would be scary, it appeared to be, but the director just seemed very lazy in his story telling killing what may have been a good story, the director in my opinion had no clue what scary was, his disinterest in the subject showed, I found it tedious and predictable, if you liked it then good for you. I didn’t… and i wanted to… In my opinion there have been episodes of Ghost hunters that have been creepier than this. lol

          • disqus_wKUBCAi2a4

            Yeah I find horror and comedy to be the most subjective. Interesting how they both invoke such base emotional reactions in us that we can’t really explain. How do you explain why something is scary or funny to you? I find that at the most basic level you really can’t. Anyway, I generally dislike horror flicks because I always find them laughable and predictable, but interesting insidious is one of maybe half a dozen I have ever found scary, particularly the way they illustrated the creepy concept of evil spirits living among us under the guise of ordinary people (at the end of the film).

    • Jimi LaMort

      Darth Maul on roller skates. Inshitious is the worst Poltergeist knock off ever made.

      • Dylan Rose

        It was one of the better “ghost” films of the past 15 years, but okay.

        • PedalNinja

          dude, why so sensitive? you’re acting like people are insulting you directly, lighten up! lol. We get it, you liked it and we thought it was crap, get over it…

          • blah

            He wasn’t acting like anything, he was just making an slightly pissy comment just as the one made before him.

      • disqus_wKUBCAi2a4

        I generally dislike horror movies because they are never scary or creepy to me, but insidious is one of maybe 5 I have ever watched that I thought was well done. hhhmmmmm, shows how subjective something like scariness is.

      • blah


    • Kenji Makoto

      African folk says the nastiest demons who hunt and feed on the human soul look like that. It´s only culturally mild to you because you were introduced to that image as a poorly developed character in a saga of a different context, but if you show this to an African person attached to that lore, they will probably freak out 😛

      • You’ve just given me a fantastic idea…

      • Jarek Draven

        Thanks for sharing your perspective. Honestly, I had the same reaction when I saw the Demon– that it looked kinda like a stupid Star Wars reject.

        But I think your comment nicely illustrates how our personal and cultural backgrounds influence how we perceive things. Especially in a film genre as subjective as horror.

        A lot of people find supernatural or occult horror to be boring, and not scary. Personally, I was raised by some hardcore Christians, and spent much of my adolescence expecting that the Antichrist would appear and turn the world into a living hell, any day now….

        So to me, many movies that play into the whole religious thing can be VERY effective… while they may seem stupid to others who do not believe, or did not have that kind of belief rooted in their childhood…

      • Sam

        Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit.

    • verclear

      Totally agree.

    • Erwin Sanz

      yes..that is the most cool demon, not scary at all.. i would take a selfie with the demon

  • Alan Smithee

    Half of these aren’t even horror movies. Looks like someone wrote this then forgot halfway through that it was titled “17 disturbing horror movies…”

  • Veronica Dee

    As a general rule, I stay away from anything produced by the Paranormal Activity people because they all seem to follow the same formula and it’s always dull and predictable. For Hostel 2, I don’t see how the misogynistic attitudes got flipped on their heads, considering the women are all bound up like BDSM enthusiasts and either naked or dressed in sexy little outfits. One of them is naked and hung upside down before she gets cut up. How is that reversing any attitudes? Just because one girl at the end gets revenge on another woman? Please, you can just imagine Eli Roth jerking off to the dailies.

  • Barlow99

    I would actually watch many of these again. Not 8mm, not a Serbian Film, not Maniac. But The Mist and several others are really good, albeit challenging to watch at times.

    • Lola Guin

      I like turning “The Mist” off before it gets to the very end. I’ve read the novella and I like the way it ends better. What happens in the movie does NOT happen in the book. The book has a more neutral ending, with the survivors’ futures uncertain. They’re still alive, but whether that will last is unknown. I prefer that ending. I felt like the movie’s ending was just tacked on for shock value. I don’t think that the father would have gone through all that he went through just to end it like that over seeing one more monster. He wanted to protect his son at all costs. To top it off, the military showing up two seconds later was too cheesy for me. I love the movie, but the ending is kind of cheap, in my opinion.

  • Barlow99

    Disturbing films that would easily fit this list? Ken Russell’s “The Devils” is easily the most disturbing movie I think I have ever seen. Yeah, “Hostel,” “Cannibal Holocaust,” “Salo,” and “A Serbian Film” are all tough to get through and disturbing to “see” – but “The Devils” is not only based on a true occurrence, it just is so over the top with madness, it is like real life H.P. Lovecraft going directly into your psyche. Also, while not visually disturbing, “Frailty” is a terrific film, but could really mess you up – if you haven’t seen that GEM, go immediately to Netflix or whereever and watch it. You’ll never forget it. (Also, a nice fit with True Detective if you watched that as well.)

  • Angie

    I’ve watched “8mm” about 5-6 times over the years. I thought it was excellent. Does that make me a weirdo?

    • VMSmithe

      Watching any Nicolas Cage movie more than once makes you a weirdo.

  • Pavel Dumitrescu

    How about Salo, Suspiria or The Shining?

    • Will Lonkausky

      salo? was the list for the most boring movies ever made?

    • Melissa Barbee

      Suspiria and The Shining should both be watched multiple times to truly appreciate just the cinematography.

  • The Mist is a novella, just to point out. And yes, it’s one of the frickin’ best films of King’s works. But then, there’s only few good ones out there, the rest are botched.

    Great list! 🙂

  • emmabearhoran

    insidious was really not that scary, and i watched it when i was somewhere around 11 or 12.

  • Warren Marlow

    You were wrong about Cannibal Holocaust, I am a massive fan and watch it regularly. You should replace it with a French movie called MARTYRS. Disturbingly violent, some amazing twists and a soul destroying ending. Can’t watch that again even though it is an amazing film, thank God the American remake has fallen through! Stupid Americans!

    • bringerofchill

      Such a fantastic film, I agree it should be on this list. I’ve heard to much negative about Cannibal Holocaust to even really care to watch it. I’m happy with really disturbing horror, but killing real animals to make a movie goes beyond that.

    • darklordofgorgoroth

      Martyrs is one of my favorite horror movies. The american remake is a watered down, pg-13 piece of shit

  • Guest

    This is one of the most poorly written articles I’ve ever read.

  • Heather Bronwyn Munster

    i have absolutely no interest in watching “a Serbian Film” the description of it is disturbing enough

    • yeah i regret watching that one.

  • Drkknght777

    Stop putting Cannibal Holocaust on these lists, that movie is absolute garbage!!!!!

  • Tiger Blam

    While 8mm is a decent film, Tesis by Alejandro Amenábar (The Others, Mar Adentro, Abre Los Ojos) is a vastly superior movie about snuff.

  • SarahLouise21

    I know it’s more Thriller than horror but surely you wouldn’t watch I Spit On Your Grave more than once.

  • MrCircle4you .
    • Martyr is awesome.

    • Gail Miller

      Oh good Lord, I spit on your grave.. When I was 11 my grandmother ( God rest her soul ) rented this movie and we all had “movie night” … OMG!! Needless to say I was traumatized and will NEVER watch that one again lol

      • F S

        Your grandmother? lol

      • Mala_Madre

        Seriously? my my, rad grandmother, that’s for sure 🙂

  • Varsha

    loved the list… awesome picks.. espl the woman..

  • Quarty

    Am I the only person out there who considers the Exorcist to be one of the most boring films out there?

    • agreed.

    • pheeze

      What are you talking about? It’s hilarious!

    • Terrymac

      Absolutely! Not scary in the least! Why everyone goes on about that movie like it’s a scare fest or a horror masterpiece is beyond me. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s a decent enough film but it’s NOT scary, and for a claimed horror film that’s kind of a let down.

  • James
  • Kitty Cat

    I will never understand why they call what Reagan did with the crucifix “the masturbation scene”. Masturbation is awesome. What she did, or what the demon made her do, was brutal and horrifying. Not awesome.

    • Scott B

      Yeah, that one is permanently burned on my retinas. :p

    • joeyj1220

      Yeah, I’ve never understood that either. Stabbing your cooch violently isn’t masturbation. I think. I hope not.

      • Mala_Madre

        It reminds me of a screwing-technique i learned in Japan in the 1960’s… Reccomended for virgins and sluts alike 🙂

  • risha

    how bout salo?

    • Will Lonkausky

      salo is a boring pos, it is not a horror movie nor is it gory, why do people even mention it when it comes to extreme horror movies? there are about 2 minutes of crap worth watching in salo the rest is udder boredom

  • Mike White

    I masturbate to most of these daily so I don’t see why you’d say I’d never watch them again.

    • Michael Joseph Ward

      Sounds like you’ve probably never watched any of them even once all the way through.

      • Mike White

        All of them and repeatedly start to finish… some parts more than others.

        • Michael Joseph Ward

          It was a little attempt at humor on my part…

          • Mike White

            I guess our jokes were cancelling each other out. Don’t cross the streams!

  • Julie Petice

    As I was reading this article. The entire time I was like “Was this written by a woman?” Then at the end OH LORDY it was written by a woman. Seems like an SJW at that.

  • I can’t help but think the exorcist is only scary to religious people. Because if you believe in that stuff then yeah i’m sure it would be scarier. I had never seen it until I read this. Maybe it’s a bit dated. But not the scariest. Anyone have a movie that will make me shit myself in fear? I kinda want to experience that.

  • Heather McFeatherton

    Please stop giving attention to A Serbian Film. It’s garbage. “Look how depraved I can be!” isn’t a film, it’s a child’s dare. It’s a pile of merely shock-value bullshit.

  • wendilee1956

    “Audition” is extremely disturbing and I still have flashes of one of the horrific scenes in which we see a victim of the young female psychopath who has had all of his senses taken away from him and has become sort of like a family pet – only kept in a large canvas bag in an abandoned warehouse. NEVER AGAIN. I want my 2 hours back.

    • Kevin Stewart

      The Japanese film by Takashi Miike? Love that and agree it would fit well here but still loved it,.

    • F S

      This film is among the best Japanese films ever made, imho. It gets under your skin because of its inherent themes which are a real issue not only in Japan but in the whole world.
      The thing that makes it even more disturbing, is that it’s no one’s fault actually; it’s society that makes them think the way they think (about gender roles) without them realizing them; everyone is a victim.
      One of the most important films of the recent years!
      Apart from that, Miike really shines here as a director.

      • wendilee1956

        I didn’t say anything about gender roles. I didn’t mention that I thought it was a horrible movie. I just said I wish I hadn’t watched it because the image has stayed with me and I can’t rid myself of it. It is an extremely disturbing plot and would have been disturbing whether a man, woman or child were the main character. You are correct that it has many inherent themes but I do not agree with the assessment that everyone is a victim in the film. The sexual abuser of the girl was not a victim. Yes, it is very well-directed. It just isn’t a film I would have watched had I known the content. Yes, I watched Reanimator, Dawn of the Dead, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and every Evil Dead movie made, but they didn’t have the realism that this movie portrayed. And that is why Mike is a great director. I think I’ll stick to Miyazaki, thank you.

        • F S

          I didn’t mean to criticisize you. I just wanted to add something.
          I see the abuser more as a symbolic figure (portraying traditionalism) than as a character. What really stands out in his direction is his cinematography which is also exceptional in his other films that I’ve see (e.g. “Ichi – the Killer”).
          But I wouldn’t compare Miyazaki with Miike. I tend to like all of Miyazaki’s films in comparison to Miike whose dictum sometimes seems to be: quantity over quality.

          For me, “Audition” is a rare gem BECAUSE the images stay with the viewer. It is a wake up call and I don’t see how it can be any worse than “Pulp Fiction” where the characters are worrying about how they clean up the rests of a dead guy (this is a general statement, not directed against your taste whatsoever).
          Cinema can be about more than entertainment and I don’t see a problem in showing violence the way it is: hurting other people.

    • VMSmithe

      When talking about Miike films, I’d put ‘Bizita Q’ ahead of ‘Audition’ in the list of “distubing films.” But I love them both.

  • Juanmillionthings

    Salem’s Lot (1979)

    • Susan McCormick

      LOL. Right.

      • Juanmillionthings

        yeah. when that ugly vampire showed up, i remember, i fell off my chair and screamed

  • Chuck Afterburner

    amateur hour

  • Scott B

    I’ve seen The Exorcist about 167 times, AND IT KEEPS GETTING FUNNIER EVERY SINGLE TIME I SEE IT! NOT TO MENTION THE FACT THAT YOU’RE TALKING TO A DEAD GUY! NOW WHAT DO YOU THINK?! You think I’m qualified? (Beetlejuice) 🙂 I can re-watch the Exorcist – I think it’s been about 10 or 15 times now? May be time to pull it out again this weekend and eat some pea soup! lol (but I did think Hostel was horrible and unnecessary… and it has stuck with me… *shudder*)

  • Leigh_Black

    I watched the Orphanage and when it got to the end I cried. Like all out, can’t breathe, hiccuping sobs, cried. Just seeing it on the list made me tear up.

  • John Paul Nielsen

    I’ve watched most of these films and some more than once. I would add “Enter the void” and “Snowtown” as two great disturbing films I’m not sure I will watch again.

    • puzzlingpieces

      Enter the Void was a beautiful piece of art, I don’t think it fits into the “disturbing” catagory though.

  • Dee D. Dove
  • courtney

    i only saw a few mins of ‘the human..(you know what) ‘ and i cant even hear the name or say the name without wanting to throw up,and the thought of it just makes me feel ill and sad inside

  • David Kosmak

    The ONLY reasonable entry on this list is A Serbian Film (which I’ve seen twice anyway — you get a lot more out of it the second time around and it’s far less disturbing). Most of this list I’ve seen more than once …except for, obviously, the ones that suck (like Last House on the Left and Insidious. YAWWWWWWN). And most of this list isn’t even disturbing by any normal standard.

  • Endangered Clones

    really hostel and insidious?i would go for sinister..the music in the videos…but they really make it bad in the end
    most of the movies are really not that horror…try susperia, malefique and blair witch

  • Kyle

    8 mm should not be on this list.

    Also, missing: IRREVERSIBLE & MARTYRS

    • Unkle Amon

      Well said.

  • Jorge Guerrero

    Tetsuo, That is a movie I won’t watch again. Or black sun, the nanking massacre. That one killed a part of my soul.

  • John McM3

    The Woman was shocking, swift and ultimately quite good but the terrible score by someone called Sean Spillane was the most distracting and annoying of any movie in recent memory. It almost but not quite ruined the movie. Please, whoever directed The Woman, re-edit it and take out all of the dreadful music. A background of silence would be more effective. WTF!?

  • Kevin Stewart

    Add Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986) and I’m with you. Its ironic that in reading the comments I picked up on more disturbing movies to watch. The irony is that I tend to collect movies that I watch and feel disguised by despite their horrific content.

    • Melissa Barbee

      I agree that I would never want to watch Henry again, just for the videotape scene alone. Don’t regret watching it, just no need to experience it again.

  • I find The Exorcist cozy and pleasantly rewatchable, like The Shining and The Omen.

    But I’m never watching A Serbian Film. Horror is about more than just brutal depravity: there has to be some sort of humor, or even a spiritual dimension, or some beauty.

    • darklordofgorgoroth

      No, it doesn’t. You’re mistaking horror for (horror)comedy. REAL horror should be devastating to watch.

  • José Rafael Solis Corps

    8mm is a shadow of what the original Spanish film is. Like most Hollywood remakes of foreign films.

  • Mads McCarthy

    The Mist has remained one of my favourite films ever since I first saw it at its release. The whole film channels to its endings and makes it so worth it.

  • David

    How about Deranged? A film that manages to be disturbing without excessive amounts of blood and Gore. You have a certain idea what the film is about when Tom Savini introduces the film and described it as ‘pretty out there’. I was still thinking about that film a good month after watching it.
    I spit on your grave should be there too. Nothing on this planet would make me watch that again.

  • Michael Joseph Ward

    “Digestive track”? Come on. I mean, it’s not necessarily the author’s job to know that’s not right, but it’s the editors’ job to catch it.

    And what’s with the phobia about menstrual blood?

  • Didié Nietzsche

    I saw The Exorcist, Maniac and Cannibal Holocaust several times. They made me laugh each time I saw them (and it’s not escapist laugh, it’s just about watching not-credible stories). The end of The Mist is great, indeed, but the rest of the movie is so conventional…Funny Games is really disturbing, because it’s completely about our reality, confronting us with our own fascination for violence, and the way violence on screen change our real life attitudes.

  • Yolanda Anne Brown


  • PixieDDix

    Nice list, maybe you could add: Inside, Martyrs, Marebito, Thirst, I saw the Devil.

  • Slob Zombie

    “Martyrs”. That movie is next level messed up.

  • Christopher Fernando

    Where’s Conjuring?

  • awkur

    bullshit list

  • No

    I love Insidious, but for somewhat complex reasons. Granted, the first half of the film is pretty well-done, scary, etc, but once the film switches gears it becomes so laughably bad that it’s actually kinda transcendent.

    Standout scene: Paranormal investigator places giant gas mask on head, no one snickers.

  • Echo DeVore

    Infant rape? No….not the infant, think a few years up. that was the shocker.

  • Michael Carlsen

    Poorly written… by a “horror writer”…? Why write horror, when you obviously has no idea what true horror is? These are all good examples of a horror story written well, but you just judge them by the gore and shock value…?! Cannibal Holocaust does ask the question in the end, why we see these kind of movies, but I guess you don’t get it, so please for the sake of horror – and the real fans out there – stop calling yourself a writer of horror! Exorcist is one of the best written movies ever as it does not lead us on with horror but with drama and relations. Has you even seen these film…?

  • Perselus

    The exorcist, Insidious and 8mm I have watched several times. I see no reason why they should be on a list of movies you will never want to watch again. Insidious is not even that scary.

  • LevelingTheDebate

    Reading all the comments “A Serbian Film” seems to be untouched and the bad of the bad. Honestly this movie is not that bad, disturbing, but not the hype the comments here give it. I have seen this film multiple times more than just “once”. “Found” is a disturbing movie that I think should be placed next to “The Excorist” as they are IMO the worst.

  • Panagiots Doras

    What about ”Taxidermia”?

  • Corey Semple

    If I’ve seen A Serbian Film twice, does that make me insane?

    • Mala_Madre

      Only if you think “Monkey see, monkey do”…

  • elemental134

    Martyrs (2008) should be on here

  • jhs39

    Watching A Serbian Film without knowing anything at all about it in advance was like being whacked in the head with a baseball bat–I was still dazed the following day and wished that I could unsee the movie–it really is seriously disturbing but on a very bleak level it’s also pretty funny, which ends up making it even more disturbing. The guy who made it also did a standout segment in the anthology film ABC’s of Death about an overweight woman tired of being humiliated and looked down upon who takes drastic measures involving an electric carving knife–the visual punch line at the end is funny, grisly and horrible.

    Eli Roth’s Hostel movies are definitely stomach-churning but they are also both much smarter films than they are generally given credit for being, especially compared with the far more popular Saw series.

    I thought the remake of Last House on the Left was slick and entertaining and didn’t find it particularly disturbing–although the original will likely be a watch it once kind of film for most people.

    I don’t know how Insidious even made this list–it’s a fun scary movie that was rated PG-13, has no explicit content and has already inspired two sequels.

    Movies that I would add to the watch once and never again category would include Wolf Creek (horrifically grim serial killer nastiness from down under); Eden Lake (another effective but stunningly downbeat film, this one starring an unknown Michael Fassbender); Martyrs (sadistic French language horror that might be the most extreme torture porn flick ever made) and Inside (another French offering with an unnecessarily bleak ending that makes it impossible to watch a second time).

  • Davide Caraffi

    What about Salò, Antichrist and Fulci’s Aldilà?

  • thekinkyafro

    Bit late to this party, but what about Red, White and Blue? It’s a toss up between that, A Serbian Film and Irreversible as the only films i don’t think i’ll ever watch again.

  • Leto Hei

    Insidious was just ridiculous ..

  • Troy Adamson

    I’m rather surprised not to see August Underground’s Mordum on this list.

    • Melissa Barbee

      You think someone who is too scared to watch Insidious more that once has seen anything August Underground? 😉

  • Some of the most overrated horror films are on this list – The Exorcist, Cannibal Holocaust. I don’t understand why they’re always listed in don’t-miss-out articles.

  • Jonathan EGerard

    I’ve seen Funny Games at least a dozen times.

  • Vinashak

    Nobody likes Conjuring?

    • shiva the destroyer

      conjuring isn’t scary….except the part where the ghost is on the cupboard and the camera takes a quick closeup on it

      • Vinashak

        found it to be scarier than insidious

        • shiva the destroyer

          idk man….I never find any movie scary enough….either hollywood or bollywood but for some reason I like old bollywood scary movies like purana mandir and bla bla….maybe because my childhood memories are linked with them

          • KING KARAN N FUN


          • shiva the destroyer

            nobody knows u here biyach

          • shiva the destroyer

            focus on ur political party and italian mafia queen mom instead

    • Melissa Barbee

      Conjuring was good until the ending. Way too over the top to be scary or a satisfying conclusion to the creeping dread the beginning sections of the film inspired.

  • cindy

    sick pathological bastard thread, stupid unthinking fuckwads and asshats

  • Lee Hall

    Creep is one that i didn’t want to watch again, the vagina scene ew.

  • iyrie

    Nothing would really put horror into my head other than The Exorcism of Emily Rose and The Conjuring; that the fact both of these film were based on a true story. No extra script, drama, or stage when those horrified incident happened on a real person. It is frightened me in a way how real human beings like us could endure such suffering, mentally and physically tortured by another form of soul. That literally haunted them for the rest of their lives. Imagine what if its on you? I noted a film wouldn’t be as convincing if the real story not been told in a whole or there be glitches in the act, however these is not the case. Both of the director is very careful in every plot, the details and acting were clearly top-notch. The cinematography and narration has made audience like me feel every shit terrifying moment of those people had been through. It kinda saddened me only cult classic, gory-horror made into this list. I might re-watch The Exorcism of Emily Rose again and indeed I did, but definitely not The Conjuring. I would never ever watch this film again.

  • Teo Peaks

    What about “Eden Lake”?

    PS: I really don’t find “Insidious” scary at all, thoug I like it!

  • thecolonel1

    I find any interview with Dick Cheney the most horrific thing to watch.

    • VMSmithe

      I find any speech by Obama, terrifying to watch.

  • Lucy Beth

    I generally really enjoy any articles or lists put out by this page – usually very well put together and quite professional.
    This one just let it down quite badly though I’m afraid. Extremely poorly written, and a barely thought about and lazy compilation.
    Maybe need to be a little harder on filtering and choosing pieces submitting?

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    why do you have to be such an asshole with the spoilers?

  • Gabriella Christina Gabi


  • email_mike

    I was shocked to see in the bio that the writer of this list is a “paranormal and horror author”–why would someone with such a low tolerance for depictions of violence be writing about horror cinema, let alone authoring horror fiction?

    • Melissa Barbee

      Thought exactly this when I saw Insidious on this list. Too scary to watch again? Never seen any of the recent rash of Blumhouse pictures that I would classify as too disturbing to watch again.

  • Carolina Arias Marthe

    may is missing!

    • VMSmithe

      May was great, but, not what I’d call disturbing. May (Angela Bettis character) might well have been disturbed, but, the film was pretty tame.

  • Andy Britton

    the only movie i have watched a lot of times is #1 the exorcist and that one is one of my faves the rest no thank you and i don’t ever want to see them ever no way

  • Nathan Zammit

    How does EVERYONE always forget about Salo (or the 120 days of Sodomy)?!?! It’s gold for this kind of list.

    • darklordofgorgoroth

      Sodom, not sodomy lol

  • ankush singhal

    Eden Lake should be in the list too. It’s hard to forget the feeling I had after watching the film.Very depressing.Don’t want to feel that way again.

  • Jackie Jormpjomp

    Who doesn’t want to see Exorcist twice? I’m sure there are plenty here that have seen multiple times.

  • Jackie Jormpjomp

    8mm is very underrated.

  • Rick Hunter

    Martyrs would be #18

  • DukeDeMondo

    “Why this disgusting horror film with very little substance is considered a classic at all is questioned by many.” Very little substance?! My arse, very little substance! Hell’s bells.

  • pta qpariu


  • David Monroe Ward

    This has to be one of the most ill-conceived and poorly written pieces ever written about movies.

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  • Johnny Royale

    I watch the Exorcist, Insidious, and The Mist as often as I can. The rest of the list I can agree with. Worth nothing that Maniac is a remake of the 1980 film

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  • MickLamarr

    It honestly seems to me that you guys and especially the writer of this very questionable post should all try to avoid Horror movies, and even more so, the more realistic, raw, and over all, most artistically accomplished ones! Why don’t you all just stick to your Marvel’s flicks or Twilight’s sagas and derivatives ? They may just suit you fine. And help your tea to taste delicious with sugar cookies.

  • James Coll

    How the f*** is Martyrs and Inside not there?

  • Luka Matijaš

    Why is Martyrs not listed? Of the films on this list i have watched, theres not one i wouldnt watch again, and have already seen some of them a few times, but id never again watch Martyrs.

  • Jack Napier

    The writer of this article is far too subjective in judgement to be sharing their opinion on films. I haven’t seen Cannibal Holocaust and I probably won’t due to its subject manner of animal cruelty but my rational side still respects it on many technical levels. I mean, for god’s sake, the damn director was put on trial for murdering his cast because the film was so realistic. You cannot let your judgements of an artist affect your judgement of their art, even if that art captures exactly what you hate about them. There are elements that are to be reviewed when deciding what makes a good film and it is not your place to call it a bad one simply because you cannot handle its graphic depictions and sadly its animal cruelty. I hate the director for what he did to those animals but to say it is a bad movie would be a lie.

  • pablo

    Am I the only one who thought A Serbian Film was so over the top that it was funny?

  • Andy Britton

    the only movie i love on this list and have seen a lot and that is one of my faves is the exorcist the rest of the movies on here ewwww no way i hate them yuck

  • Amy Adams

    There is only 2 films on this list I haven’t seen. And, only 1 I wouldn’t watch again (The Human Centipede) I’ve watched Insidious, Hostel, Hostel 2 and Teeth numerous times, as I love those films.

    • Susan McCormick

      Human Centipede is horrible.

  • Amber Dyatlov

    Consider “The bunny game”
    black and white, little dialogue, mostly visual, about a prostitute who’s kidnapped, psychologicaly and psysicaly tortured by an old crazy man

  • Jacob Kilgannon

    I’m sitting here wondering why Martyrs isn’t on this list. I thought it was a really well-made horror flick, but it’s gonna be a long time before I can handle watching it again.

  • acgogo

    Instead of watching the icky “Centipede” catch the hilarious “South Park” episode that lampoon’s it. In that case, the same basic story is told in really funny gross out humor as only “South Park” can do.

  • acgogo

    I’m here to say you CAN watch watch the “Exorcist” several times and still find it creepy and, surprisingly more entertaining with each viewing.

    My hat is off to Academy Award winner Linda Blair who was paired with the likes of Actor’s Studio grads Ellen Burstyn and Jason Miller, plus veteran acting giants Max Von Sydow and Lee J. Cobb. Linda is stunningly “in the moment” in every one of her scenes and you can’t take your eyes off her.

    • Susan McCormick

      Linda Blair has never won an Oscar. She was nominated for one. Educate yourself stupid twat.

  • it’s highly unlikely that I’ll ever watch Mist again, and just because of that ending! What was Darabont thinking?

  • Dani Rooney

    can’t believe insidious is on here.. I’d replace it with Martyrs, or irreversible. The french don’t fuck around lol.

    • Troy Adamson

      Speaking of fucked up French films, try High Tension if you haven’t yet. The twist is beyond insane.

      • Dani Rooney

        Great film!

  • Yolanda Anne Brown

    I saw both versions of “A Serbian Film,” including the uncut “infant rape” scene. The words “Newborn Porn” just creeped me the hell out. BEYOND DISTURBING. As for “The Human Centipede?” I COULDN’T EVEN FINISH IT.

  • Harris K Telemacher

    Only thing disturbing about The Mist is how everyone thinks it’s a good movie.

  • Jack Napier

    Whenever I see these lists A Serbian Film almost always makes it to number one but honestly no film quite got to me like Anti-Christ the first time I saw it. I suppose for the average moviegoer a Serbian Film would set them off but many people are very adept at separating reality from fiction. Antichrist just snuck in beneath my protective layer. Lars Von Trier intelligently battered us around for the majority of the film and waited until we were too exhausted to separate fact from fiction before raping our eyes with those two scenes.

    I’m sure he’d never admit to structuring it the way he did for the sake of shocking us greater (it didn’t distract from the main story anyway) but if he didn’t then that shit was disturbing a coincidence.

  • Steppenwolf

    The only reason why I never want to see Funny Games again is, because it’s so freaking boring. Really, I have absolutely no clue, why it repeatedly occurs on ToC lists. It is massively overrated and not even directed very well. When he speaks to the audience and even reverses the movie it is slipping to pure incomprehensible trash. Excuse me, but those two f*ckers in the movie can not fill me with any feeling of guilt whatsoever, and if at all, only the guilt that I wasted 1.5h of my life to a point, at which I nearly killed myself out of boredom. Those two milksops should encounter real bad boys like Marsellus Wallace or the bride from Kill Bill. They would cry for their mommies.

  • Abhishek

    what is so disturbing about insidious?

    • darklordofgorgoroth


  • christoofar

    I saw Exorcist 4 times when it first came out, I was so entralled by the special effects & how sounds worked to build the tension & despair. Took a coworker for the first time, he actually threw up into his popcorn container when the Doc first came to see Regan & she arched back & her throat swelled up – he was outta there after 15 minutes!

  • Hieronymous

    A bit sad to see the remake of Maniac listed rather than the Joe Spinell vehicle which blazed the trail for such movies. William Lustig’s intense character study revolted audiences in 1980 and was the high (or low) water mark for a very long time. Deserves your attention before the remake, IMO.

    • Melissa Barbee

      I agree. I enjoyed both films for different reasons, but I think the grittier and completely compassion-less representation of the killer in the original make for a darker film.

  • Bluegrasslass

    Better films (I assume, because they don’t feature Cage) about snuff films are the Australian revenge film ‘The Horseman’ and George C. Scott starrer ‘Hardcore’.

  • darklordofgorgoroth

    No love for Martyrs??
    And again.. The Exorcist at number 1… Seriously, that movie is only disturbing to christians. Why? Because it’s a piece of catholic propaganda.

  • Jacob Kilgannon

    But where is Martyrs???

  • Jacob Kilgannon

    So I finally got around to watching Insidious. I will never watch it again, but only because I thought that it was utter garbage. A lot of people really liked it, and to each their own, but I for the life of me don’t understand why it’s so popular or considered to be so frightening.

  • darklordofgorgoroth

    The Exorcist = most overhyped horror movie ever. I get it, if you’re a christian you’llprobably find it scary..

  • Steve Christensen

    Hey I really respect how brutal and uncomfortable watching A Serbian Film can be, but how about Martyrs? That one messed me up bad, and I swore I wouldn’t watch it again, but of course did. Another one that’s hard for me to watch as well is They. Any takers on those 2?

  • Paulie

    Yeah I will never watch The Exorcist again even though it’s been five times.
    These headlines are fucking stupid lol

  • Jesse Gordon

    I’ve watched THE WOMAN,The EXORCIST and MANIAC at least ten times. That said I’d watch THE WOMAN once a week if I could introduce more people to it. Hostel 2 shouldn’t even be watched once I don’t know why you would say it was better than the first which I’ve probably seen 6 times lol. The Mist The Orphanage Insidious and Excision all had a shock or two but nothing to put it on a list with A Serbian Film or Human Centipede imo.

  • Harzac

    I watched Insidious like 7 times, and everytime I found something I have missed. I’m really surprise of finding The Orphanage here. I’m from Spain and I remember people (including me) liked this movie a lot, but nobody called it “disturbing”…

  • PlainMoore

    Insidious was scarier in the first half BEFORE it showed anything. Who ACTUALLY found that film scary? The first half, everything is implied and is left to the viewers imagination. Like the drawings and the woman describing what she was seeing. It’s a perfect case of ‘less is more.’ BUT…suddenly the film became incompetent. Like, “one of the most frightening demons you will ever see in film,” what are you talking about? The demon is laughably bad looking. I mean, it’s been said to death but HE LOOKS LIKE DARTH MAUL. That isn’t scary, that’s incredibly stupid. All the mystery, all the ambiguity and all subtlety was gone towards the climax and the film became boring and uninteresting.


      the demon, much like horror is subjective. it’s not scary to you because your frame of reference is from a sci-fi saga. if you showed that demon to someone from africa or haiti, they’d shit their pants because they’d have a vastly different cultural reference.

  • frozengoatsheadupanunsarse

    There are only a few of these that I’ve not felt much desire to watch repeatedly, and those only because I don’t think they’re very good. Generally when I see a film that disturbs me (rather than merely spooking or grossing me out) I like to see it a few more times to really dig into it and why it disturbs me.

  • What about the movie John Boorman’s ‘Deliverance’ ? I couldn’t finish it because it was too psychologically disturbing.

  • Ron Gould

    I never, ever want to see Wolf Creek again. Just thinking about the ‘head on a stick’ terrifies me.

  • Pam Jonery

    I can only HOPE that there were no graphic scenes of infant rape in Serbian Film. It must surely be a pedophile’s wet dream of a movie and on principle I’d never watch it.

  • Argalhuas

    Audition (1999) is one of the most disturbing films I have ever seen. And it is not gore, but mostly physiological horror.

  • Allister Cooper

    Tusk. No more Kevin Smith movies for now. Also, Field of Honor.

  • Jen Iris

    I was not scared by the demon in Insidious. Creepy af….YES! But the part that creeps me out the most in this film, is when Elise(mad love for Lin Shaye!) is describing the demon to Specs, and he is drawing it. The scene with the demon behind Josh (when his mother sees it), makes u jump, yes…cuz it’s so unexpected(the 1st time u see it)…….Now, that being said, I jumped and nearly yelped (I dont want to say screamed), when I first saw Insidious 3, and the demon pops up behind Elise. 3 was waaaayyyyyyyyyyy creepier than the 1st one.

  • DesertSkyFan

    Hard Candy thou…

  • Lightninbolt

    The Exorcist ? As a young teen maybe. The last time I watched it, it was incredibly boring.

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  • Mattchanning

    Never watch again? Bullshit. I’ve seen most of these more than once.

  • aaron rumph

    This really is a terrible list most of these movies are classics that could be watched over and over, if your going to make a list of movie that you would only see once, then you go with the guinea pig experiment films or the august underground films, not movie like a Serbian Film which is an exploitation film but has a serious message to each

  • I Want Your Body

    -100 Days of Sodom
    -Men Behind the Sun
    -the Guinea Pig series, Mermaid in the Manhole, Flowers of Flesh and Blood, etc.

    Just saying, man…Though I suppose only The Guinea Pig series and Marytr fall under horror strictly, the others are mainly historical and torture porn. Not that there isn’t torture porn in all of them, really.

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  • I think “Irreversible” needs to be on this list. The only movie I ever watched where I had to pause the film, go to the toilet and get on my knees because I was so nauseated. Not by the rape scene. The scene in the club at the end.

  • myname

    okay..i loveee, horror, guts and gore..I don’t like it to cheesy per say..but it is very few films I would consider disturbing or hard for me to watch. as a matter of fact, The Exorcist is about the only film I can’t watch alone…i am going through the list. Let me say The Serbian Movie I won’t even touch. INFANT RAPE! ummm I can barely come up with words..who the fuck would make that movie? who the fuck would want to see some shit like that? That is beyond any genre of any sane individual… sooo I just can’t! Maniac..I love that movie..the kill scenes are off the chain! Hostel it was decent, the kills I enjoyed, 2 was ok. 8mm it was a decent movie I suppose but I don’t know that I would put it in this category of disturbing films. There was nothing special about it. I bought Cannibal Holocaust because it was supposed to be so controversial. I was not impressed. I mean killing real animals for shock value is just morbid, doesn’t make a movie any more shocking than the next. Teeth was just stupid. I mean for me there was a comedic undertone, but I never wanted teeth in my vagina, though I get the message but it was ridiculous. The Exorcist makes just about every list that has anything to do with horror etc. It is scary and awesome! Insidious is creepy but not disturbing to watch, The Ring did and still does scare me more than Insidious but it didnt make the list. The Mist is such a good movie but doesn’t belong on this list. It isn’t creepy, or disturbing. It is just a very good horror film.
    I just watched Funny Games the American version. There was nothing disturbing about it. It wasn’t even a good movie. They didn’t even show the kills. I didn’t like it at all. It was really kind of stupid, I mean what was up with the rewind thing? The blonde was creepy but he always looks creepy in the films I see him in. I will give the others a look and some of the suggestions I see below.
    I see torture porn that what some of these movies are called? I love movies like Maniac, Hostel, even like the first Saw. I don’t consider it torture porn it sounds so dirty. I love Horror. I lump it all in horror. I really want to discuss this film.. (I hope someone comments on this) I consistently see A Clockwork Orange being mentioned by people, or being listed as a disturbing film. I saw it twice. I just don’t get that from that film. What am I missing. I will have to see it again. There is nothing controversial or disturbing about the film to me. It isn’t even that good. I would like someone’s input on why he or she thinks this film is so disturbing, what about it specifically is disturbing. If someone can mention specific scenes maybe so when I watch again I will know what I am looking for. I am not asking to debate..I really want to see what others see in this film.

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  • Carl Edgar Consiglio

    I believe I have watched The Exorcist more than once already

    • Joe

      an unstable person and an abusive sex addict.

    • Louunicorn


    • Louiselle Pace Gouder

      a deviant person who nobody has the guts to expose. still at the dominance and power stage of evolution.

  • Caterpillargirl78

    Loved The Orphanage but yeah, I can only watch it once. Basically, it hit way too close to home b/c the central characters child and one of mine have the same name…without spoilers…the ending just hit me so hard b/c I connected far too deeply (I believe my son was close to the boy’s age as well at the time)

  • David Jager

    Also, why hasn’t anybody mentioned ‘Kill List’? Speaking of super disturbing movies with political and military undertones.

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  • Goon Unit

    Pretty weak list. Most of these films are quite basic.

  • amol

    No martyrs?…

  • K.R.

    Why not the original Maniac film, which upon its release drew tons of criticism from both critics and woman’s groups for its violence against women.

  • Telio Felipe Espinoza

    Maybe not a horror film, but I would never see Irreversible again.

  • David Pollison

    Hostel 1 & 2, The Mist and 8mm are boring and lousy movies. The only thing disturbing

  • Abhishek

    Half of the content has movies which are so stupid that you will never watch even at the first go!

  • Adrian

    Guinea Pig: Flowers Of Flesh And Blood. I’m not sure it’s even horror, but it’s seriously disturbing.

  • Jacob Kilgannon

    What about Inside, Martyrs, Salo, Nekromantik, Pink Flamingos, and the Guinea Pig films?

  • Daniel

    So far, for me, the VERY GOOD but hardest to watch movie has been “Martyrs.”

    Oh, and “Irreversible.”

  • AQueryan

    Wow. This list has some glaring, GLARING omissions. Expand it from 17 to 25 by including the following titles, though, and it’ll be pretty much rock solid. (Of course, I’ve viewed all of these films – along with most of the ones on the list – more than once, myself.)

    Martyrs. Eden Lake. Inside. Requiem for a Dream (it’s a horror movie in my book), The Divide. The Manson Family. Eraserhead. Possession.

  • Gabriel Gallardo Alarcón

    I have to play devil’s advocate here… Many people talk shit about A Serbian Film without even whatching it. The redactor of this list is one shameful example. You can’t judge anything without seeing it first that’s rudiculous. Is it a fucked up, stomach turning movie? Yes, it totally is. Does that makes everyone who decides to watch it, re-watch it or even liking it a fucked up pervert? That’s just plain stupid. I would be agree if we we’re talking of a snuff film, but is just a movie. Nobody was hurt in the making. And if do see it, you can easily see that is not a gloryfication of pedophilia and murder, as everyone seems to wrongly believe. The film shows you that pedophilia and murder actually do exist, that they are horrifying, and that they can totally destroy the lives of anyone. Don’t forget that Milos, the protagonist of the film, is a loving father and husband, who retired from porn to commit himself to his family. He is a good man. And he is deceived to participate in a snuff film without his knowledge. When he realize everything, he tries to escape, and we as espectators simpatize with him, because we can see that he does not want to participate in this madness at all. But the world is a cruel one,
    sometimes evil prevailes and there’s nothing a single individual can do to fought evil. Evil is strong and destructive and good people die because of it. That’s what the film shows us, and only stupid people could think otherwise. There’s no gloryfication at all of all the horrible crimes that are commited on screen. The film shows gruesome stuff, but never indicates that those horrible acts are a good thing. That’s why the protagonist try ti escape from this throughout the whole movie, and why the whole family decides to end their lives at the end of the film, because there’s no possible redemption after what they saw and did. Evil is not a good thing. Evil destroys everything. That’s what the film portrays without sugar coat it at all. Obviously not a film for everybody, but not a film with bad intentions neither. We cannot pretend to be good people if we just decide to ignore the fact that, somewhere in the world, bad things do happen. Snuff films and child porn are a big problem in Eastern Europe. The director and writers of the film know that. They can’t ignore that because they live there. They made a film about some of the most horrifying things that are happening there right now. They didn’t made a horror film about stupid fantasy monsters, but about real monsters. And they showed it crude. A Serbian Film is not a product of a degenerate mind, but a product of a society that was devastated by war and poverty, asking for help.
    But we just ignore it. We’re just too happy in our confort zone to let ourselves get offended by reality.

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  • Terrymac

    Where’s Gaspar Noe’s amazing “Irreversible”, the very DEFINITION of a watch-once-only movie! The Isabelle Adjani rape scene is one of THE most horrifying things ever committed to film. And The Serbian Film is just tacky as hell, and not in a good way. And I would have had “Wolf Creek” or “Audition” in there before “8MM”.

  • Ben Hunter

    Are you kidding me? Insidious doesn’t deserve to be on this list. It’s mediocre at best and isn’t disturbing.

  • CarlosRN

    “Come and see” is the most disturbing horror film ever made. That single film destroy all these 17 movies…

  • Heywood_Jablome

    ‘Maniac’ was a remake of an 80’s slasher film directed by William Lustig and one of Tom Savini’s best efforts. I’m surprised that was never mentioned. Also, this list is incomplete without Man Bites Dog.

  • Allister Cooper

    Does Tusk qualify? After watching that, no more Kevin Smith movies for me.

  • Suyash Shukla

    Thanks for the spoilers. Good selection of movies (I have seen almost all of them) But whoever wrote this article is a Horrible writer

  • Derrick Kisabeth

    The most disturbing film I’ve ever seen didn’t make this list: Gaspar Noe’s “Irreversible”. That film haunts me.

  • Tim0202

    You forgot Martyrs.