Taste of Cinema One Year Anniversary

Today marks the 1st anniversary of  Taste of Cinema,here I want to thank you guys,my loyal readers.To be honest,I had no idea how far I could go when I first started this site exactly a year ago,without all your support,this site could be like any of those sites that dies in a couple of months after foundation.With your passion and my passion,this site lives on,and I hope it will grow to a big film community.

I would also thank my regular commentators,my lovely friends Steven F.,Michael,Steve,Chris,BT,Alex,Chris,Stephanie,Catherine,Steven B.,you guys’ wisdom words enriched the substance of this site and it’s so nice discussing films with you,really,and I do hope there will be more readers join in our discussions.

Taste of Cinema is not only about this site,you know,you can also find it on Facebook,and that’s another view there,another heaven for classic film fans.It is updated daily with brilliant director quotes,rare film photos,and interesting guessing games,fans there are pretty active,if you want to be one of them, come to our page to have a look,if you are interested in the stuff there,join us!

I know many of you are new followers of this site,and even the loyalest reader of this site couldn’t have read every single post on Taste of Cinema,and it is quite possible for many misses,I planned to list some “best of the best” posts in the past year here,but there are still too many,I just couldn’t make decisions which is in and which is out,if you like to dig deep to find amazing stuff on this site,which I strongly recommend and I promise you there are plenty of them,below is the link of the whole collection of lists on Taste of Cinema:

All Film Lists on Taste of Cinema

Thanks again for the supports you guys showed to Taste of Cinema,I promise you there will be more cool stuff coming up on this blog,so,as I always said,just stay tuned,OK?