Classic Film MatchUps Results Revealed and a New Edition is Coming

Last week I did a matchup of classic films,15 pairs of gems gave some of my commentators a pretty hard time.I loved the diversity of the votes,it differentiates us from each other as individual film-goers with unique tastes.I got 15 sets of answers from here and Facebook,some of them are incomplete due to the difference of each individual’s cinema experience,but anyway,each vote counts,and each vote is appreciated here on Taste of Cinema,let’s reveal the winners of this fierce competition(my votes also included):

1.A Brighter Summer Day(7) vs Yiyi(2)

2.Hard Boiled(6) vs The Killer(6)

3.Chungking Express(4) vs In the Mood for Love(9)

4.Yojimbo(12) vs Sanjuro(2)

5.Harakiri(3) vs Seven Samurai(11)

6.Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance(1) vs Oldboy(8) vs Sympathy for Lady Vengeance(5)

7.Blood of a Poet(2) vs Orpheus(9) vs Testament of Orpheus(1)

8.Bleu(8) vs Blanc(1) vs Rouge(5)

9.The Wages of Fear(12) vs Diabolique(2)

10.My Uncle(5) vs Playtime(8)

11.The Bakery Girl Of Monceau vs Suzanne’s Career vs My Night at Maud’s(8) vs La Collectionneuse(1) vs Claire’s Knee(1) vs Love in the Afternoon(1)

12.Nights of Cabiria(9) vs La Strada(4)

13.The Holy Mountain(5) vs El Topo(6)

14.The Red Shoes(10) vs Black Narcissus(6)

15.Kind Hearts and Coronets(9) vs The Ladykillers(3)

I’m so sad that Yang’s two films  only got 9 votes in total,and it is partly because the lack of proper dvd version of ABSD(Criterion,come on!).The results of NO.2,8,10,13 are really satisfying for the split vote quality they have.I’m also glad to see films like Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance,Testament of Orpheus,Blanc,La Collectionneuse,Love in the Afternoon winning votes,they are the weaker ones in its series in traditional senses but still win some fans here.

If you missed the post due to some reason,you can still vote for your favorites,also,here is an additional competition which is a great supplement from Dave,if you are interested,cast your votes in the comments!!

The Lady Vanishes vs. 39 Steps
Seventh Seal vs. Wild Strawberries
Great Expectations vs. Oliver Twist
Henry V vs. Richard III
Late Spring vs. Tokyo Story
King of Kings (1927) vs. Last Temptation of Christ
Most Dangerous Game vs. Island of Lost Souls
Monterey Pop vs. Gimme Shelter
Grand Illusion vs. Rules of the Game
12 Angry Men vs Anatomy of a Murder
400 Blows vs. Breathless
The Rock vs. Armageddon!

Finally,I’m officially announcing another matchup competition is coming up tomorrow on this blog,this time is 15 pairs of directors,I bet it’s gonna be much much fiercer,get ready to be tortured,guys!!