13 Essential Alan Parker Films You Need To Watch

Angel Heart (1987)

Starting his working life as a copywriter and director in advertising for over a decade, British auteur Alan Parker (b. 1944), while not the most subtle of directors to work in the industry, has created some of the most indelible, emotionally unsentimental and truthful of films over the past half century. Breaking onto the cinematic […]

10 Essential Nicolas Roeg Films You Need To Watch

Born in 1928, British director Nicolas Roeg first came to prominence as part of the Second Unit Directing Team of the magisterial 1962 David Lean film “Lawrance Of Arabia”. Quickly becoming known for a strong and penetrating visual sense and style, Roeg moved into cinematography, responsible for the lush, striking visual style of such films […]

20 Essential Films For An Introduction To The Cannon Cult Films

best Cannon films

“We’re Cannon Films and we’re dynamite!” – Quote from promotional trailer. Formed in 1967, American film production company Cannon Films specialised in under the radar cult movies and the type of cinema that big league Hollywood wouldn’t touch. One of their most popular and profitable films was “Joe”, directed by John G. Aviledson, who would […]