10 Great Recent Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen

6. The Club (2015)

El Club

The first thing that will attract audiences to the film “The Club” is the washed-out color pallette. The Catholic Church has punished four former priests to live in exile in a small uninhabited Chilean coastal town.

It is the manifestation of their damaged souls, as all the inhabitants of the club are transferred here in loneliness to purge their sins by the church community. They almost never talk about their past, and it is commanded to be buried forever by the church community; they are under strict surveillance by a protective nun and spend their quality time with a greyhound.

It is a home of nightmares and surely the inhabitants feel the same. That doesn’t mean that Pablo Larrain completely disdains all the crimes that are continuously happening in the holy church community; rather, he shows a sympathetic view to the grey areas of the human mind.

“The Club” covers up insidious acts committed by these priests and protects the sinners by enclosing them within four yellow walls. It is purgatory and not a purgatory at the same time. Watch with caution: Roberto Farias as Sandokan will break your heart.


7. Professor Marston and the Wonder Women (2017)

This millennium has been dominated by comic book adaptations, and Wonder Woman is one of the iconic superheroes of the normal and extended universe. Marvel and DC are fighting to gain the top spot as the best comic film production house.

While DC is regularly trumped by Marvel’s extended universe, in 2017 DC released “Wonder Women,” which was significantly better than the predecessor and helped DC to gain some momentum in the rat race.

At the same time, a small film was released called “Professor Marston and the Wonder Women,” which quickly gone under the radar. This should not be the case, as this film portrays the history behind the creation of the Wonder Woman character.

In reality, an American psychologist named William Moulton Marston invented the character based on his own DISC theory and lie detection test. He was in a polygamous relationship at that time, which was disdained by the public.

The events of his life gave the birth of voracious sultry Amazonian princess Wonder Woman, while he continued his life with two partners. This is a breathtaking film with three attractive lead characters, a great erotic tone, and a real superhero origin story, which should not be missed now that you are notified.


8. Cameraperson (2017)


Why would we love cinema? Chiefly because of the audiovisual montage of facts represented in an entertaining way. But what entertains a cinematographer? Of course, the images, which present them a truth within the truth of a spatial and time barrier.

Kirsten Johnson sketched a portrait of her artistic achievements using released and unreleased pictures and footage from her own documentaries. The range is great; she shoots the rape corridor of Bosnia to her own house, and in turn comments on the realities of the different worlds.

At the same time, it is a deeply personal diary and a shoutout to the world. She shot on camera interesting people, landscapes, and events throughout her career, witnessed and recorded history, and now created this monumental film with her footage. Watch this only to get a glimpse into Johnson’s world.


9. Shadow (2018)

With “Shadow,” Zhang Yimou comes back into form. A meeting place for the Yin and Yang ideology, Yimou cleverly comments in favor of the closeness of the Yin and Yang, although they look contradictory.

The cinematography is top notch in this film, like with Yimou’s other great films; the color is as usual brilliant, but the images don’t hinder the plot points. Philosophical at first, it quickly becomes a wuxia film with a great umbrella sequence. There is something for everyone in this movie, why have people missed out on that?


10. Better Watch Out (2016)

This film sadly requires the suspension of disbelief. But once you have done that, it entertains you like no other film. A Christmas horror film in the vein of “Krampus,” the talented cast of “Better Watch Out” presents you horror, thrills, and awe.

Also lurking somewhere are comedic elements that are a feature of genuine campy films. The writer knows the strength of awkward campy films featuring psychotic characters, and he uses the tropes with conviction. When you are tired after a long day’s work, watch this film for relaxation – you won’t be disheartened.