The 20 Most Romantic Movie Scenes of All Time

11. We’ll Always Have Paris from “Casablanca”


It is ironic how one of the most romantic scenes in film history is one in which the lovers accept that they time has passed, and at the same, recognize the great value of their past. Delivering outstanding performances, Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart say goodbye to each other after the character of Humphrey has finally let go the resentment he had toward Bergman’s character.

This scene has one of the most iconic and romantic dialogues in film history: when Ilsa Lund asks Rick Blaine, “What about us?” referring to the love they have for each other, he answers, “We’ll always have Paris,” referring to the love they shared in their past.


12. First Kiss from “Call Me by Your Name”

“Call Me by Your Name” is a film that creates an extremely romantic atmosphere in a warm Northern Italy town, where two young men fall in love.

For the first half of the movie; they do not touch each other, they just get closer and closer; it is in this scene when they finally do. They are completely alone, in the beautiful sun of summer, surrounded by green grass. They kiss, finally fulfilling the desire they have had for each other for almost a month, all of this built in one of the most romantic scenes of contemporary cinema.


13. Waiting from “Cinema Paradiso”

The young and idealistic Toto is in love with girl, but he is not loved back. Through the first act of the film we see Toto fall in love with the girl and with cinema, and these two things become the objects of his infinite passion. One of the main obstacles of these relationships is the difference between their economic circumstances, but again, gestures can go beyond all barriers.

In this scene, we see Toto wait for his love outside her window every night, without regarding for the weather or for her not opening the window. He promised to wait until she opened the window and in this chivalrous gesture, the passion and idealism of Toto are displayed.


14. The Planetarium from “La La Land”

“Someone who can lift you off the ground” – through this 2016 musical film, the meaning of this phrase is constantly changing. It is in the planetarium scene that it acquires its most romantic meaning, and it is reflected on the physical gesture of being lifted off the ground. The reality is suspended to create an unreal scene where the love of Mia and Sebastian is finally consummated as the film pays homage to great romantic classics of the 20th century.

The scene displays wonderful choreography with outstanding cinematography, and is the most idyllic moment of the film, which is a celebration of love and romanticism.


15. Moon River from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”


The film based on the Truman Capote book displays two very romantic characters: a lonely writer, and a lonely woman who refuses to “belong” to anyone or anything. The film itself is romantic, but the scene in which the writer looks at Holly while she sings in her balcony.

The romanticism of the film is rooted in the song of Holly; the song is a reference to her and the way she lives her life. Paul the writer looks at her without her noticing, unable to speak to or touch her, but understanding her condition, and there is a deeply beautiful and romantic scene.


16. Married Life from “Up”

This scene from Pixar’s film “Up” is often thought of as one of the saddest in the animation world of film. It consist of Carl and Ellie’s married Life. We witness their transformation from young adults to an old couple who have spent their life together building a home and being the most important part of each other’s lives.

The merit of the scene is that of giving romanticism to the everyday aspects of life, and the way this couple fills them with love. It is not an epic or fleeting love; it is one built through a whole life and that is why it is so painful to see Carl alone, because we know the joy he experiences in Ellie’s company, a romanticism rarely depicted in film.


17. Beach from “Summer with Monika”

Summer with Monika film

Here is another scene where the beach takes a main part. In this film, we witness two lovers who run away to the beach, wonderfully portrayed by Gunnar Fischer. In many cases, the love of the young is a transgression to the society in which they live, and here is a wonderful example of this transgression.

These two lovers have run away from their families to be together, and in this scene they are finally alone and away.  A great virtue of this scene is the way in which it portrays the body, free of the taboos and institutions that keep it hidden.


18. You Have Bewitched Me from “Pride and Prejudice”

Pride and Prejudice (2005)

The last scene from this extremely romantic film demands to be the most romantic film. Through it, Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth struggle with their pride to be sincere with each other; it is only in this last scene that they are completely honest with each other.  Mr. Darcy is honest through a passionate declaration of love, and Elizabeth through a kind glance of love.

This scene is the culmination a relationship for which we have been rooting for since the first moment that we saw them encounter; this is the perfect finale for a film that celebrates love and seduction, based on the wonderful novel by Jane Austen.


19. Love at First Sight from “West Side Story”


The encounter between the two lovers based on Romeo and Juliet of this musical film is wonderfully staged. Representing the experience of falling in love at first sight, the film isolates the two lovers from the rest of the world and immerse them a dance number just for them.

The scene is perfect from the way they look at each other, the choreography, how they touch, and the very few things they say. If there is a film in this the list that shows more mature moments of love, here is one that shows its very beginning.


20. True Love from “Amelie”

The conclusion of a love story between two outsiders is wonderfully portrayed by this French film. They are both scared of getting close to each other, but in this moment both get the courage to do it. They are two very rare people and the way they approach is as strange as romantic.

Again, we have universal gestures of love that they do in their very own way, in silence and with delicacy, creating a moving and romantic scene.