10 Great Movies With The Most Perfect Cast

6. The Breakfast Club – 1985

The Breakfast Club (1985)

With a handful of snot-nosed teenage clichés, comes one of the most iconic coming-of-age films from the brilliant man-child, John Hughes. Jackie Burch was the casting director for The Breakfast Club and films like Predator and Die Hard.

Emilio Estevez as the Jock, Molly Ringwald as the Cheerleader, Judd Nelson as the Burnout, Anthony Michael Hall as the Geek, and Ally Sheedy as the Weirdo. These kids were perfectly selected to portray the characteristics of each clique in high school. The underrated Paul Gleason was spot on as Richard Vernon. This film is very nostalgic for people who grew up during this time. Every actor is relatable and does a fantastic job in the film.


7. Predator – 1987


Here we go! Massive muscles, big cigars and wads of chew, with great one-liners. The movie with the best action cast of all-time. It is too good not to put on here. You’ll want to “stick around” to read the logic behind this pick. Lower your nose for a brief minute.

This is Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime as Dutch. In the best shape of his career and still hot in Hollywood after coming off of James Cameron’s The Terminator; he joined forces with the biggest badasses in the business. Carl Weathers was a mountain of a man and in incredible shape after playing Apollo Creed in the Rocky movies. He played professional football and is one of the last true tough guys in Hollywood.

From there, we have Bill Duke as Mac, Jesse “The Body” Ventura as Blain, Sonny Landham as Billy, and Shane Black as Hawkins. Jesse Ventura carrying a fucking minigun, usually mounted on helicopters, through the jungle is amazing. Sonny Landham was such a hot head, he needed 2 bodyguards to protect the other actors from him. Shane Black plays a “big pussy”, but a necessary role in the film.

Shane Black is directing the newest Predator film releasing in 2018. Lastly, we have Kevin Peter Hall as the Predator. KPH was over 7 feet tall and was a perfect choice to play the creature.

With films trying to replicate the best action film cast, such as the Expendables, there will never be a better group of meatheads crawling through the jungle together. Can you imagine if Chuck Norris were in Predator? The green goo against that fiery red hair would’ve been too much. It’s a good thing he was missing in action, because the cast was perfect.


8. Once Upon a Time In The West – 1967


Where have all the tough guys gone? Charles Bronson with beef jerky for skin and fire in his eyes plays Mr. Harmonica. Jason Robards with mysterious charm underneath a thick wind-burned mane plays the loveable Cheyenne. Henry Fonda removes his halo and trades it in for a revolver with sparkling blue eyes behind its sights. Every actor in the film has so much character and believability in their face, everything feels authentic.

Sergio Leone wanted the shock value when a family is massacred by an unknown stranger and the camera comes around to reveal Henry Fonda, the fucking Boy Scout. Claudia Cardinale scorches the screen by using her raccoon eyes and sex appeal in the land of wolves.

All of the side characters are built like cacti, dried out and prickly, but still marvelous to look at. Gabriele Ferzetti as Mr. Choo Choo sells the pain and suffering of a man driven by his dreams to see the ocean, but prevented by a crippling case of tuberculosis. Jack Elam with the chameleon eyes is a great addition to really sell the intro. Once Upon A Time In The West is one of the greatest westerns ever made and much of that has to do with the actors chosen for the roles.


9. 12 Angry Men – 1957

In the time of high-waisted trousers, cigarettes and blazers, each character is clearly identifiable throughout the entire film of 12 Angry Men. With Henry Fonda rocking the valiant white suit and Jack Warden in silly stripes and a stupid hat, it establishes the intention of these characters. Martin Balsam with the tight shirt to show off his nips, and the sleek Lee J. Cobb. The troll without a bridge Ed Begley was perfectly selected as Mr. “Boy-Oh-Boy”.

Every actor was carefully chosen to portray specific characteristics and executed perfectly. From the mousy characters with squeaky voices and no opinions, you just know their wife ran the house and only slept with them to reproduce. Strong opinions and thick skulls slam into each other in this film and reveals the state of America at the time. Henry Fonda was the voice of reason in a time where ignorance was deeply rooted in the culture. With a small cast of 12, it has solid performances across the board.


10. It’s a Wonderful Life – 1946


George Bailey is one of the most beloved characters in all of cinema. From the Christmas classic, It’s A Wonderful Life, James Stewart completely sells us on his boyish charms. There is no other actor that feels so innocent and flouncy in his approach to life. Never the tough guy, but tenacious with his morals and values, James Stewart was the perfect choice to play the selfless character.

Lionel Barrymore as the cantankerous and dishonest Mr. Potter. He controls the town from the comfort of his gaudy wheelchair. This warped and frustrated old man could only be played by Lionel. Being in close to 150 feature films and 100 short films throughout the 1920’s and 1930’s, the role of Mr. Potter stuck. He will always be Mr. Potter. Spending most of his career staring through those thick eyebrows, it was a perfect choice to really contrast the warmth of the protagonist.

Donna Reed with the flawless skin and perfect “girl next door” look, there really wasn’t a better choice for the role of Mary. All of the side characters of like Uncle Billy (Thomas Mitchell), Clarence the Guardian Angel (Henry Travers), Bert and Ernie, Violet, and Mr. Gower all add to the authenticity of the story. Every character is perfect to make this one of the best movies to watch at least once during the holiday season.



o No character is stronger than the other, but perfectly balanced across the entire cast
o Michael J. Fox will always be Marty McFly and Doc will always be Christopher Lloyd. Every character was perfect in their roles.
• JAWS – 1975
o Nobody else could have played Chief Brody, Quint, or Hooper. All other characters were solid, as well.
o The tone is perfect throughout the entire film, largely due to the performances. Ellen Burstyn, Linda Blair, Lee J. Cobb and Max von Sydow? Yes, please.
o Who knew this group would work so well together. Iconic.
o There is only Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka. All of the actors are perfect for the characters they play.
o Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, Eli Wallach, and James Coburn? Fuck yeah.