10 Horror Movies That Revolutionized The Genre

6. Black Swan

Black Swan

Plot: Nina (Natalie Portman) is set for the role of the innocently fragile white swan and Lily (Mila Kunis) is set for the portrayal of the white swan’s twin sister of the dark sensual black swan. As Nina is being crushed by the immense pressure, she finds herself in a role of a living nightmare instead of a lifetime and the center of a world of horror.

How it changed horror: Darren Aronofsky shocks and astounds us once again but in such a wild yet original turn as no other psychotic horror thriller can full-fill it’s dark sensual and sexual spirit. Natalie and Mila prove such critically acclaimed and exquisite performances. As both the characters and plot mindfully shock and scare the bare viewer’s experience to the nub. In today’s freshly spirited decade, this is considered one of the most finest horror films of today’s time.


5. Alien


Plot: A commercial towing spaceship crew are awakened on their way home by the ship’s computer of a nearby unknown planetoid. As they venture out to see what it is, they’re in for the trip of their lives.

How it changed horror: Ridley Scott introduces one of the most scariest films in history and one of the most kickass female characters today. Sigourney Weaver enters her first time movie role with one of the most finest horror performances today that blasted her career. This film makes every viewer jump, shake and shiver with all the shocking horror this monumental cinematic feature displays.