Not Dazed and Confused Any More

Anyone who has been a regular reader of my blog knows that I haven’t posted consistently for a long while,until I “suddenly” came back and wrote again half a month ago.I owe my readers a late apology that I didn’t write a post for notification about my vacation,I also felt guilty for being too careless about the host status of my blog,which caused a major breakdown for nearly a week.I paid my debt,lots of readers left,there is nothing more terrible than this for a blogger. This experience taught me a lesson that even during the time of my absence,I need to use the “schedule publish” function of wordpress and valuable guest posts to fill the vacuum.

Now I’m back,with more passion than ever.Inspired by Mr. Ozu,I did a lot of “deduction” work to my blog to make it look cleaner,I also adjusted the categorization of all my posts and the navigation bar on all pages.I’m writing this post to let all of you know what is happening and what will happen here on Taste of Cinema,if you are new to my blog,this is the golden time to use this post as a guide to navigate through it,if you are a loyal reader,this post can help you dig deep to find some gems.

The major change of the adjustment is the navigation bar,as you can see on the top of my blog,I’ve changed it into something like this:

navigation bar

It clearly indicates that the content on this blog consists of four parts,the ideal post schedule is 4-5 posts per week and features mainly Chinese cinema posts and all sorts of lists since they are what I’m good at and what my readers are looking for on this blog.

Now let me guide you through all these four categories,tell you what my plans are and what they are about with my previous posts as examples.

Chinese Cinema

I admit I haven’t done well in this one.I have a dream that I can contribute my tiny little power to the Western-Oriental movie cultural exchange,just like what Ang Lee did.In my way,it’s not through movies,but in the form of blogging.I believe this world needs more English blogs introducing all kinds of  movies  that come from areas other than the Western world,I don’t know what’s the popularity of blogging in other Asian,Latin America and African countries,but I do know there aren’t many English Chinese-language-movie-related blogs written by Chinese around.The responsibility is huge,there are too many ignored classics in Chinese cinema history that desperately need discoveries,so as long as I’m running this kind of blog,I should try my best to introduce as many good Chinese films as possible.

In the past I’ve only wrote seven posts in this category and six of them are about Chinese films,both the scale and pace is not enough.So I will try to write two  posts of Chinese films plus one about Chinese directors/actors/actresses each week.I want to make sure that this uniqueness of my blog look great,so please let me know in the comments below what kind of information about Chinese cinema you want to read on this blog.

Defining posts in this category:

Classic Chinese Cinema:The Love Eterne

Auteur Profile: Johnnie To and His Milky Way Image



I’m a natural born list-maker,no matter good or bad,I like making them,almost half of my posts are lists.I categorized them into four parts,as a sucker for Criterion Collection,I singled out all CC lists as a sub-category.

Defining posts in this category:

16 Brilliant Movie Quotes from 16 Great Directors

Top 10 Director-Cinematographer Collaboration in Cinema History

10 Reasons Why Stanley Kubrick Is The Greatest Filmmaker Ever



Anything other than Chinese cinema,I wrote them there.These are mainly in-depth analysis on a certain aspect of a Non-English arthouse film.

Defining posts in this category:

The Conformist – A Visual Master Class

Three Colors Blue: Through the Grief Darkly

Sergio Leone is Spaghetti Western


Guest Posts

I accept guest posts on this blog for two major reasons:first,they serve well when I encounter my writer’s block.second,they are usually more entertaining,more about modern films,perfect balance for my own serious and classic tone.But for readers’ benefit,I will keep the amount of this kind of posts down to somewhere between 5%-10%.

Defining posts in this category:

10 Essential Cinemas Around the World You Need to Visit

10 Great British Films in the Criterion Collection

The Meaning of Blade Runner – A Sci-Fi Classic [Guest Post]


Well,that’s all I have to say about the new changes and my plans,please let me know what else you expect to see and read on this blog,I will constantly improve it.