10 Underrated 2021 Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen

Following a worldwide pandemic, theatrical releases have slowly attempted to make a comeback. For the most part, things have gone relatively smoothly. Although box office numbers haven’t quite reached pre-pandemic heights, movies like Black Widow and Free Guy have proven the viability of movie theaters. In other words, summer blockbusters are back. The Marvel Cinematic […]

10 Great Movie Remakes You’ve Probably Never Seen

It’s a complaint now as cliched as the thing it’s meant to criticize: Hollywood has completely lost its appetite for originality. It’s a statement simultaneously true and exaggerated. On one hand, it’s undeniable that the big studio system seems more interested than ever in mining every conceivable piece of known IP available, to the detriment […]

10 Great Classic Thriller Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen

Tired of looking for never-before-seen thrillers and always end up watching “Seven” or “The Silence of the Lambs”? 

If that’s the case, don’t look further. Here’s a list of lesser known thrillers from all around the world that will keep you on the edge for their entire duration.

 Enjoy the ride!   1. Ms. 45 […]

10 Great Comedy Movies Favored By Woody Allen

Comedy has been around for almost as long as entertainment itself. Equally valuable as a form of escapism in times of hardship as a weapon of activism and social awareness, comedy has continuously retooled and adapted to mirror the sensibilities and concerns of its time. From Chaplin and Keaton, Hawks and Sturges to Wilder and […]