10 Movie Directors Who Make The Most Controversial Films

What defines a filmmaker as ‘controversial’? Certainly there are several directors that coast off the slogan that “no press is bad press” and do their best to stir the pot for shallow or promotional reasons (e.g. Tom Six), but to be a true ‘provocateur’ there needs to be substance behind the button pushing. Other elements […]

10 Actors Who Went Through Extreme Body Transformation For a Role

There’s a general perception that many actors show up looking pretty, remember their lines, then collect a paycheck. Whilst that connotation is quite common, they’re are several occasions where just the opposite is true, that a performer goes way beyond the line of duty to fully inhabit and immerse themselves into a role, sometimes at […]

10 Famous Actors No One Wants To Work With

The Incredible Hulk

“You’ll never work in this town again!” is an immortal slogan thrown around Hollywood, a scornful marking that makes working in that elite business just that much more difficult. For whatever reasons, these several actors enjoyed success at the top and then due to bad manners or just general maniac behaviour lost that top spot, […]

The 25 Best Mind-Bending Movies of All Time

Mind-bending movies – stories that deliberately target the audience’s brain as their plaything, either by making us work through their abstract mysteries, or by pulling the rug from underneath the audience in its final moments, or taking us on a spiralling dream-like journey like no other film could. Let’s examine the best of the best […]

All 24 Francis Ford Coppola Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

Francis Ford Coppola’s lengthy filmography is a rich if bumpy road filled with landmark classics, fascinating experiments, overindulgent (yet watchable) experiments, passable money jobs and a couple of unforgivable abominations too. As an ardent member of the ‘movie brats’ circle in the 70s that represented a new wave of exciting filmmakers that changed the industry […]