15 Great Movies You Should Never Watch With Your Parents

Last Tango in Paris

The term “masterpiece” holds a rather floating definition. True enough, one man’s masterpiece is another man’s garbage; women ditto. However, one term constantly associated with the term masterpiece seems to be “bold.” Critics seem to fall back on this terms time and time again. In retrospect, it does quickly become clear that most cinematic gems […]

20 Great 2000s Indie Movies You May Have Missed

If the 1990s was the modern heydey of the indie film, with many a new voice emerging from an era of renaissance, the 2000s represented the period in which American filmmakers began to churn out indie films in factory-like abundance. They became cheaper to make, a fact which yielded endless independent production companies were sprouting […]

14 Great Indie Movies From The 2010s You May Have Missed


There are many different forms of both success and failure in the film industry. A film may be considered a failure for financial underperformance, critical disapproval, or fan disillusionment. Other films are just so poorly released and distributed that, regardless of merit or lack thereof, the film simply is not seen by many people. Thus, […]

The 20 Best American Independent Films of The 1990s


What is it with cinephiles and independent cinema? A quick look at any respected critics best of the year list or, indeed, participation in conversation with any good film buff will quickly lead one to realise that indie films are generally more favoured and acclaimed than blockbusters. Why? Because, generally, they are made without the […]