10 Great Movie Remakes You’ve Probably Never Seen

It’s a complaint now as cliched as the thing it’s meant to criticize: Hollywood has completely lost its appetite for originality. It’s a statement simultaneously true and exaggerated. On one hand, it’s undeniable that the big studio system seems more interested than ever in mining every conceivable piece of known IP available, to the detriment […]

10 Great Horror Films Favored By Guillermo del Toro

Guillermo del Toro’s knowledge and passion for horror cinema is too expansive to be contained by a single list – there’s simply too many recommendations of too many great movies to ignore. So here’s a second list of horror movies recommended by del Toro, for your viewing pleasure (listed chronologically).   1. I Walked with […]

10 Great Political Thriller Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen

Whatever happened to the political thriller? Once one of the most reliable sources of smart, gripping, and socially-engaged entertainment (think of Alan J. Pakula’s work in the ‘70s), the genre has slowly faded away, being left behind by a changing industry that’s no longer invested in making mainstream movies geared toward adults. So for those […]