The 10 Best Movies Directed By Famous Screenwriters

Synecdoche, New York (2008)

A certain subset of critics and cinephiles defends the screenplay as the most essential aspect of filmmaking. It is, they argue, the foundation upon which the entire movie is constructed and, if it’s not solid, the whole thing will simply fall down. There’s certainly some merit to the appreciation of the writer’s job and how […]

10 Great Hong Kong Action Movies You May Have Never Seen

Action movies have long been the dominating genre of mainstream, populist filmmaking and the driving force of the box office. In spite of (or perhaps because of) that, they’re often dismissed as lesser cinematic offerings, not worthy of serious thought or consideration. It’s not entirely without reason that so many think this, since a significant […]

10 Late-Career Movie Masterpieces By Legendary Directors

Certified Copy

It’s common wisdom that a director’s best work happens midway through their career, when they’ve left behind youthful insecurities and mistakes, honed in their craft, and matured their style. It’s such a widespread belief that Quentin Tarantino claims his reason for retiring after just one more movie is precisely because he thinks late work, even […]