All 19 Zhang Yimou Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

Raise the Red Lantern (1991)

Probably the most prominent member of the Fifth Generation of filmmakers that also included Chen Kaige, Tian Zhuangzhuang and Zhang Junzhao, Zhang Yimou has been shooting films that combine artistry with deep sociopolitical meanings since the 80s. His movies have netted awards from almost all the major international festivals, including Silver Lion and Golden Lion […]

All 22 Kim Ki-duk Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

3-Iron (2004)

With 22 films currently in his career, and having won awards in Cannes, Berlin, Venice and many others, Kim Ki-duk is one of the most distinguishable South Korean filmmakers in the world, despite the extremity of his films, which have regularly caused him trouble. Since his first complete work in 1995, titled “Crocodile”, he has […]

All 13 Ang Lee Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

The most renowned Taiwanese director is considered among the greatest filmmakers of all time, in a rare occasion where an Asian director manages to be so successful in the West and particularly in Hollywood, having won two Oscars for his direction, and countless others from festivals all over the world. Ang Lee started his studies […]

All 11 Hayao Miyazaki Movies Ranked From Good To Best

Hayao Miyazaki is one of the most renowned figures in the world of anime, and animation in general. In his capacities as director, producer, scriptwriter, animator, author, manga artist, and Studio Ghibli’s co-owner, he has shaped the field, and brought anime to the attention of the world audience as something more than a genre simply […]