Filmmaker Retrospective: The Diverse Cinema of George Miller

mad max fury road

George Miller is a madman. There is no way around this. He is certifiably insane and he would most likely be conducting illegal experiments on small rabbits or infant children if he handn’t been given the opportunity to make the few (but overwhelmingly influential) series of films he has written, directed, and/or produced (more times […]

The 30 Most Underappreciated American Movies of The 1980s

After Hours (1985)

There’s really nothing that can be said about the 1980’s that hasn’t already been said. In short, it was a fun, vapid, poppy, shallow, optimistic, and overwhelmingly materialistic decade that was reflected in both popular consumer and popular entertainment products. Yes, the 1980’s, forgoing the leaps and bounds of artistry discovered by the filmmakers of […]

The 30 Most Underappreciated American Movies of The 21st Century So Far

underrated 2000s movies

The twenty first century has seen movies become progressively less important to popular American culture with every passing year. More films have been made in the last fifteen years than even the most thorough film buff would ever have time to see in one lifetime. The ones that did get noticed would often be forgotten […]