15 Movies That Had The Biggest Influences On The Films of The Coen Brothers

Is there a more recognizable voice in contemporary American cinema than this quirky Minnesotan duo? Ever since they burst into scene in 1984, the Coens have established themselves as one of the most prolific and unique auteurs working today. Their films are perfectly accessible and enjoyable at a surface level, but sufficiently layered and clever […]

10 Great Horror Movies Favored By Robert Eggers

Following up our list of horror movies recommended by Ari Aster, it’s time to turn to another prominent figure in the genre, Robert Eggers. The emergence of these two young directors this past decade has revitalized a watered-down industry full of unnecessary sequels, pandering scripts and overdone tropes. Eggers took horror audiences by storm with […]

10 Great Horror Movies Recommended By Ari Aster


Ari Aster burst into scene this past decade, dropping two instant hits in Hereditary and Midsommar and establishing himself as one of the most intriguing and sought-out directors in the business today. Both of his A24-backed arthouse horror films seem to have paved the way to an alternative way of storytelling in the genre, banking […]

10 Foreign Films That Influenced Popular American Movies


Ever since celluloid emerged, filmmakers have borrowed concepts, from narrative structures to visual styles and camera techniques from each other, applying it to their own creations to the point that it’s impossible to understand cinema without its lending nature. In a way, every director has been shaped by the movies he or she has watched […]