20 Great Movies From The 1970s That Deserve To Be Seen by Everyone

This is a running series that aims to introduce some of the gems of cinema in each decade. These recommended movies are by no means obscure, and most of them are quite popular among seasoned movie buffs. However, we think it’s not enough – these brilliant films definitely deserve to be on every cinephile’s radar. We begin […]

10 Movies Every Aspiring Filmmaker Should See


On a recent show with Conan O’Brien, legendary German filmmaker Werner Herzog shared some thoughts on filmmaking. “There are too many things you cannot teach in school, and it’s way too long. Young people waste three, four years of their lives on the basics of filmmaking. You can learn in a week,” says Herzog, who founded […]

The 15 Most Moving Film Endings in Cinema History

cinema paradiso

Movie endings are like the last sentence of a novel; it’s responsible for leaving a lasting impression on the viewer, regardless of whether it’s shocking, disturbing, depressing, or happy. However, there is one kind of movie ending that always stays with us long after watching the film, and that’s the ending that moves us into […]