15 Great Movies by Legendary Directors You May Not Have Seen

No matter how highly regarded a director may be, it is often not possible for all of their films to have such high acclaim (unless they’re Jean Vigo or Charles Laughton). Yet caution must be taken when approaching the “classics” of the celebrated directors, as sometimes their more esteemed films end up disappointing, whereas their […]

15 Great Foreign Films Snubbed by the Oscars in the Past Five Years

When it comes to the yearly awards season, namely the Academy Awards, things get a little claustrophobic. The number of films that end up getting nominated is a small number given the potential, with last year’s Oscars showing the echo chamber the voters are in, as out of a possible 48, only 19 different films […]

The 15 Most Underrated Male Performances of the 1990s

Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross

The last ten years of the previous millennium contained some seriously great acting from the most significant new form of art and entertainment of the 20th century. At a time when the blockbuster was well and truly developing, and the commercial promises of film seemed to be getting even more attention, whilst new technology in […]