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Movie Lists Roundup on Taste of Cinema

Yes, we love lists a lot. Before you read the review of a film or a director or a actor/actress, you have to know it/him/her first, right? Unlike lists you see on some other sites, lists on Taste of Cinema are often carefully and professionally crafted. You will see the quality once you read one or two among these lists below.

Here is the complete collection of our lists on this site. Don’t miss any of them. if you find them too many, please use the navigation in the menu bar, enjoy reading!


20 Amazing Thrillers Streaming On Netflix

30 Actors And The Real Life Characters They Portrayed In Biopic Movies

The 10 Best & Worst Videogame Movies

The 22 Greatest Movie Opening Lines Of All Time

30 Essential Japanese Films You Need To Watch

The 30 Greatest Cult Movies Of All Time

24 Mind-Bending Movies That Will Melt Your Brain

30 Essential Movie Books Every Cinephile Should Read

11 Crazy Ways Daniel Day-Lewis Prepared For Roles

12 Great Movies You Might Have Missed In 2013

30 Essential Movie Books Every Cinephile Should Read

The 30 Greatest American Indie Movies Of All Time

17 Disturbing Horror Movies You Will Never Watch Again

16 Superb Movies That Are Longer Than 4 Hours

20 Alternative Movies To Watch With Your Family This Christmas

23 Disney Movie Cameos You Might Have Not Noticed

30 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘The Big Lebowski’

20 Miscast Movie Roles That Ruined Movies

The 20 Best Movie Posters Of 2013

22 Great Movie Trilogies You Might Have Not Seen Yet

The 20 Most Controversial Movie Characters Of All Time

20 Excellent Foreign Films You Can Watch On Netflix

The 20 Most Likable Movie Characters Of The 1980s

15 Cult Documentary Movies You Can Watch On Youtube

21 BTS Photos Of Martin Scorsese’s Movies

20 Movie Tearjerkers That Will Make Grown Men Cry

The 20 Most Satisfying Happy Movie Endings Ever

15 Terrible Movie Scenes That Should Have Been Deleted

30 Identically Themed Movies That Came Out Around The Same Time

35 More Amazing Behind The Scenes Photos From Famous Movies

15 Underrated Movie Performances You May Have Missed

20 Weird Cult Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen

35 Amazing Behind The Scenes Photos From Famous Movies

The 25 Most Visually Stunning Movies In Cinema History

8 Horror Movies Set In Insane Asylums

20 Big Movie Plot Holes You Might Have Not Noticed

The 10 Worst Movies On Netflix Instant

30 Movies That Would Be Hilarious Backwards

25 Grown-Up Movies Reworked As Children’s Books

Top 10 Hammer Horror Films

20 Great Movies With Wildly Misleading Titles

The 10 Best Movies Adapted From A Shakespeare Play

10 Movie Couples Who Are Both Villains

10 Horror Movies That Are Almost Scary

10 Great Indie Movies You May Have Missed

20 Movies That Were Extremely Difficult To Make

10 Movies Where Comedians Play Dramatic Roles

The 20 Most Boring Movies You Should Avoid

10 Reasons Why Troll 2 Is The Best Worst Movie Ever Made

30 Crazy Movie Star Yearbook Photos

10 Awesome Performances By Famous Movie Directors

Tom Hanks’ 15 Most Memorable Movies Roles

20 Disturbing Movies That Will Shake You For Days

20 Underrated Sci-fi Movies You May Have Not Seen Yet

20 Terrible Actors Who Can’t Actually Act

The 10 Best Zombie Movies Ever

20 Movie Remakes That Actually Got It Right

20 Famous Horror Directors’ Top 10 Horror Films

20 Severely Underrated Movies From The 1980s

The 10 Weirdest Dream Scenes In Movies

20 Useful Movie Quotes To Live Your Life By

15 Big Movies That Bombed At The Box Office

The 20 Coolest High School Kids In Movies

20 Underappreciated Horror Movies Everyone Should See

10 Awesome Italian Horror Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen

20 Must See Horror Movies Of The Last Decade

Top 20 Horror Movies To Watch This Halloween

10 Scary Horror Movies You Will Regret Not Seeing

15 Underrated Horror Movies From The 1980s

The 20 Most Influential Characters In Movie History

20 Awesome Movies That Need A TV Spin-Off

20 Awesome Foreign Movies That Should Be Seen Before Their US Remakes

The 10 Creepiest Ghosts In Horror Movies

12 Best British Comedy Movies You Need To See

20 Star Wars Characters Who Made Big Mistakes

15 Real Locations Made Famous In Horror Movies

15 Movies You Did’t Know Were Remakes

8 Horror Movies That Deserved Oscars

20 Awesome Moments In Awful Movies

20 Horror Movies You Won’t Believe Are True Stories

20 Movie Characters That Just Won’t Be Killed

20 Depressing Movies You Don’t Want To Watch Again

The 20 Goriest Moments In Horror Movie History

20 Unproduced Scripts That Could Be Made Into Great Movies

The 10 Creepiest Kids In Horror Movie History

20 Awesome Horror Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen

10 Shocking Movie Mistakes You Probably Didn’t Notice

20 Classic Horror Movies That Should Never Be Remade

10 Stupid Horror Movie Characters Who Deserved To Die

20 Terrible Movies Nicolas Cage Has Starred In

15 Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies That Need Sequels

The 15 Most Underrated Horror Movie Directors Of All Time

20 Criminally Underrated Movies From The 1990s

20 Great Slasher Movies To Get You Ready For Halloween

20 Awesome Actors Who Deserve Their Own Biopics

20 Modern Black And White Movies You May Not Have Seen

20 Massively Underrated Movies From The 2000s

20 Great Obscure Movies You Probably Have Never Seen

20 Movie Star Hobbies You Didn’t Know

20 Great Revenge Movies You Need To See

15 Underappreciated Movies Made By Famous Living Directors

20 Movie Villains Who Should Have Won In The End

20 Manliest Movies Every Guy Should See

Top 10 Worst Alien Invasion Movies

20 Bad Movies That Were Ruined By Weird High Concept

20 Beautifully Shot Slow Motion Movie Scenes

10 Underrated First Films You Still Haven’t Seen Yet

20 Big Lies Movies Told Us About Life

20 Hilarious Movie Star Mugshots You Haven’t Seen Before

20 Bleak Movie Endings That Have Dark Messages

20 Scariest Ghost Haunted Horror Movies

20 Weird Romance Movies That Made Your Skin Crawl

20 Modern Black And White Movies You Should See

20 Mind-Blowing Movie Superpowers You Wish You Had

15 Famous Movies You Didn’t Know Changed Its Title

20 Actors Who Are Crazy In Real Life

20 Weird Movie Haircuts That Are Impossible To Forget

15 Awesome Movie Proms

20 Beautiful Movies That Are Criminally Underseen

15 Most Insane Death-Defying Movie Stunts Ever Performed

20 Amazing Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen Yet

20 Best Kung Fu Movies You Need To Watch

20 Awesome Movie Jobs That Don’t Exist In Real Life

20 Coolest Indiana Jones Movie Moments

Top 8 Frightening Killer Bug Horror Movies

30 Incredibly Awful Hand-Painted Bootleg Movie Posters

The 20 Greatest Comic Book Movies Of All Time

20 Great Movie Documentaries You Probably Haven’t Seen

The 20 Most Terribly Designed Superhero Costumes

20 Movies That Will Probably Never Be Remade

20 Slow Movies That Deserve Your Patience

20 Terrible Movie Sequels That Should Never Have Been Made

The 20 Scariest Monster Movies Of Recent Memory

The 20 Best Time Travel Movies Of All Time

20 Great Movie Twist Endings That Left Us Totally Shocked

The 20 Most Jaw-Dropping Movie Special Effects Ever

The 20 Best Batman Movie Moments

20 Horror Movie Posters That Will Give You The Creeps

30 Reasons We Love The Empire Strikes Back

20 Great Disney Movie Moments

The 10 Most Controversial Directors Of All Time

20 Actors Who Nearly Played Iconic Roles

The 10 Best British Movies Since 2000

10 Hilarious Spoof Movies You Should Watch

20 Amazing Surrealist Movies You Need To Watch

10 Great Movie Musicals You Should See

8 TV Shows That Would Make Great Movies

10 Sci-Fi Movies So Bad They Are Hilarious

The 20 Greatest Superhero Movie Moments

8 ‘Bad’ Actors That Are Better Than You Think

The 20 Worst Movie Remakes Of Recent Memory

The 10 Best Movies Of 2013 So Far

10 Great Horror Movies That Revolutionized The Genre

10 Exciting Upcoming Movies For The Rest Of 2013

30 Great Animated Movies You Need To Watch

The 20 Greatest Character Actors Of Our Time

Top 20 Ass-Kicking Movie

The 10 Best Sci-Fi Movies Of The Last Decade

The 10 Best Generation X Directors

30 Funny Movie One-Liners You Can Use In Real Life

The 20 Coolest Cult Movie Moments

10 Great Thrillers You Probably Haven’t Seen

The 20 Greatest Woody Allen Movie Characters

The 20 Worst Movie Product Placements

20 Heartbreaking Movie Moments To Make You Weep

The 10 Most Divisive Movies Of The Century

The 20 Riskiest Movie Projects In History

The 20 Worst Movie Cameos

The 10 Best Documentaries In Recent Memory

The 20 Funniest Woody Allen Movie Quotes

10 Movie Villains That Are Hard To Hate

The 20 Worst Horror Movies Ever Made

The 20 Weirdest Movies Of The 21st Century

The 30 Scariest Movie Moments Of All Time

The 20 Best Book To Movie Adaptations Of All Time

The 10 Worst Superhero Movie Sequels Of All Time

10 Hilarious Movies You Can Watch With Your Family

The 20 Worst Kids Movies Of All Time

The 20 Best Christopher Nolan Movie Moments

The 20 Best Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Moments

20 Awesome Indie Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen

The 10 Scariest Serial Killer Movies Of All Time

The 10 Worst Hollywood Remakes Of Foreign Movies

The 20 Worst Romantic Comedies Ever Made

The 30 Best Movie Drinking Games

20 Terrible Movies That Should Have Been Awesome

The 20 Greatest Movie Antiheroes Of All Time

10 Supporting Actors Who Stole The Entire Show

20 Worst Trailers That Secretly Ruined The Movie

The 20 Best Movie Insults Of All Time

30 Best Movies You Loved As A Kid

The 30 Most Jaw-Dropping Movie Moments Of All Time

The 20 Most Hated Movies Ever Made

The 20 Most Controversial Movies Of All Time

10 Of The Best Latin American Movies

20 Movie Characters That Are Impossible To Hate

The 20 Worst Movies Of All Time

The 10 Most Unexpected Movie Plot Twists

The 10 Highest Grossing Superhero Movies Of All Time

30 Great Movie In-Jokes You Probably Didn’t Notice

The 5 Most Demanding Directors In History

The 20 Most Extreme Movie Performances Of All Time

20 Famous Movie Scenes You Didn’t Know Were Improvised/a>

The 10 Best & Worst Stephen King Movies

10 Weirdest Movie Sequels You Didn’t Know Existed

The 10 Worst & Best Nicholas Cage Movies

10 Actors Who Almost Played Superman

10 Fun Facts About Hollywood Prequels You Might Not Have Known

The 20 Worst Special Effects That Ruined The Movie

20 Movie Sequels That Were Better Than The Original

The 10 Best Zombie Movie Scenes Of All Time

The 20 Most Controversially Violent Movies Of All Time

20 Scariest Ghost Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen

20 Shocking Movie Deaths That Came Out Of Nowhere

20 Movie Sequels That Were Better Than The Original

10 Horror Movies We Hope Never Get Remade

The 10 Most Overused Action Movie Cliches

30 Geekiest Movie Facts You Never Knew About

The 8 Worst Movie Threequels Of All Time

The 20 Worst Horror Movie Sequels Ever

20 Terrible Posters For Great Movies

The 10 Scariest Haunted House Movies Ever Made

20 Great Movie Foreshadowing Moments You Probably Didn’t Notice

5 Best Movies Based On TV Shows

Top 10 Bollywood Movies of All Time

20 Great Movies With Incredible Casting Ensembles

The 10 Best Comic Book Movies Of All Time

The 30 Best American Independent Movies You Should Watch

20 Great Movies Accused Of Being Rip-Offs

25 Superman Movie Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

20 Great Movies You Can Watch Over And Over Again

6 Directors Who Are Obsessed With Details In Their Movies

8 Terrible Horror Movie Remakes We’re Still Angry About

The 20 Unluckiest Horror Movie Characters

The 20 Worst Movie Taglines Ever Written

20 Awesome Low-Budget Horror Movies You May Not Have Seen

The 20 Most Historically Inaccurate Movies Ever

20 Great Comics That Should Be Made Into Movies

The 20 Best Indie Horror Films You Should See

The 20 Most Pointless Movie Deaths Ever

20 Most Specific Examples Of Movie Typecasting

20 Weirdest Documentaries You Probably Haven’t Seen

11 Of The Best Title Designs In Films

The 20 Scariest Moments In Non-Horror Movies

The 20 Most Pointless Movie Deaths Ever

The 10 Worst Horror Movies Of All Time

20 Great Movie Screen Tests You Probably Have Never Seen Before

20 Movies With Seriously Insane Details You Didn’t Notice

The 20 Best Chase Scenes In Movie History

20 Weirdest Movie Families You Never Want To Visit In Real Life

20 Awesome Celebrities Playing Themseleves In Movies

20 Tarantino Movies Tarantino Didn’t Direct

The 10 Most Underrated Movie Performances In Recent Memory

The 20 Most Terrifying Jump Scares In Horror Movies

The 10 Worst Superhero Movies Of All Time

The 10 Most Insane Movie Characters Of All Time

The 20 Scariest Kids In Horror Movie History

20 Happy Movie Endings That Are Actually Depressing

10 Greatest Extended Cuts You Should Check Out

The 20 Worst Comedies That Aren’t Funny At All

The 10 Worst Book-to-Movie Adaptions Ever

10 Of The Best Courtroom Movies Ever

20 Coolest Director Cameos You Never Noticed

The 10 Weirdest Movie Characters Of All Time

10 Movies That Completely Ignored the Books They Were Based On

20 Weird Movie Scenes You Totally Didn’t See Coming

10 Great Deleted Movie Scenes You Should Never Miss

The 10 Worst Movie Couples Who Have No Chemistry At All

The 20 Best Fantasy Films You Should Watch

10 Worst Deleted Scenes That Would’ve Ruined The Movie

20 Disturbing Movie Scenes You Don’t Want To Watch Again

20 Movie Villains Who Were Probably Right

21 Awesome Portraits of Iconic Movie Characters

20 Out of This World Star Wars-Disney Mashups

The 10 Most Unintentionally Hilarious Movies Of All Time

20 Female Movie Characters That Could’ve Been Completely Different

16 Most Dangerous Stunts Tom Cruise Did Himself

The 10 Most Annoying Movie Couples

The 10 Most Rewatchable Sci-Fi Movies of All Time

20 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Finding Nemo

Top 10 Quintessential Comedy Movies From The 90s

The 10 Biggest Best Picture Snubs

14 Fun Facts You Never Knew About Your Favorite Movies

The 20 Greatest Scene Stealing Movie Performances

10 Movies That Aren’t As Bad As You Remember

The 20 Greatest Darth Vader Moments

10 Best Movies About Rock Idols

The 16 Worst Movie Endings Ever

22 Awesome Rare Photos of Movie Celebrities

20 Movie CGI Scenes You Never Noticed

10 Horrible Performances By Great Actors

10 Screen Costumes You’ve Seen Somewhere Before

10 Movie Sequels That Should Have Happened But Didn’t

The 10 Most Disturbing Movie Performances Ever

The 10 Weirdest Movie Costumes

20 Movie Franchises That Were Killed By Their Originals

The 20 Greatest Action Movie Moments

16 Great Movies You’ll Only Watch Once

10 Twist Endings Movie Characters Should’ve Seen Coming

The 10 Dumbest Movie Villains

16 Worst Performances That Ruined Movies

20 Great WTF Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen

30 Celebrities’ Favorite Movies

The 20 Greatest Goosebump Movie Moments

The 20 Greatest Movie Entrances of All Time

The 10 Most Mind-Blowing Movie Fan Theories

25 Movie Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

The 20 Most Illogical Movie Endings

40 Hilariously Mean Roger Ebert Movie Reviews

The 10 Greatest Simpsons Movie References

The 22 Best Movie Closing Lines

The 10 Worst Movie Villains Ever

25 Awesome Behind The Scenes Photos From Famous Horror Movies

The 10 Most Rewatchable Movies of The Last Decade

22 Things You May Not Have Known About The Evil Dead

7 Things You Might Not Want to Do after Watching a Horror Movie

20 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Jurassic Park

The 10 Most Horrible Superhero Costumes Ever

10 Highly Questionable Movie Details That Need Explanation

The 10 Most Terrifying Moments in Famous Kids Movies

Top 5 Horror Movies That Deserve a Remake

The 30 Most Iconic Movie Images in History

The 5 Biggest Differences Between Books And Movies

The 10 Best Boxing Movies in Cinema History

The 10 Most Shocking Career Choices Made By Famous Actors

The 14 Most Astounding Special Effects Makeup Before and Afters

20 Movie Stills Hilariously Replacing Guns With Thumbs-Ups

The 10 Most Anticipated Blockbusters of Summer 2013

40 Rarely Seen Set Photos from The Lord of The Rings

The 10 Creepiest Psychopaths In Movies

19 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Star Wars

10 Awesome Crime Movies Based on True Stories

16 Strangest Movies Every Guy Should See

The 10 Coolest Movie Gadgets We Wish Were Real

10 Horror Movies That Were Inspired by True Events

8 Kick-Ass Martial Arts Films You Must See

7 Great Movies That Explore The Magic Power Of Dreams

The 10 Scariest Alien Movies Ever

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Stanley Kubrick

25 Spectacular Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen

25 Celebrities You Never Knew Were in Famous Movies

The 10 Best Neo-Noirs You Need to Add to Your Watchlist

Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon: 14 Things You Didn’t Know

The 10 Most Annoying and Offensive Sidekicks in Movies

5 Great Horror Movies With An Unseen Menace

Top 10 Greek Mythology Movies You Need to See

The 50 Most Traumatizing Moments From Kids’ Movies

20 Things You Didn’t Know About Jennifer Lawrence

Top 5 Movie Taxi Cliches That Need to Die

21 Facts from Horror Movies That You May Not Have Known

10 Hilarious Movies to Watch When You Are Sad

15 Major Roles That Almost Went to Another Actor

10 Movies You’ve Never Seen Featuring Your Favorite Stars

6 Movies That Teach You How To Channel Your Inner Child

The 15 Most Memorable Moments in Oscar History

8 Awesome Horror Movies That Scare Without Gore

20 Things You Didn’t Know About The Oscars

The 8 Most Anticipated Sci-fi Movies of 2013

25 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Famous Movies

Top 10 Cult Movies You Need to Watch on Netflix

The 10 Saddest Romance Films Ever

8 Authors We Know Because of Movies

10 Fabulous Foreign-language Romance Films You Must See

10 Old School Hollywood Movies You Must See Before You Die

8 Movie Songs That Became Bigger Hits Than Movies

The 10 Best Superhero Movies of the Last Decade

10 Weirdest Movies You May Never Have Heard Of

Top 10 Movie Sequels You Shouldn’t Miss in 2013

The 10 Most Intriguing Supporting Characters in “The Big Lebowski”

20 Alternative Movie Posters That Are Probably Better Than Their Originals

Top 10 Epic Natural Disaster Scenes in Movies

30 Backstage Photos That You Have Probably Never Seen Before

Top 10 Action Movie Sequels of All Time

6 Best “Low Budget” Movies of All Time

5 Of the Worst Movie Edits On TV

5 Highest Grossing Book-to-Film Adaptations

10 Great European Films in 2012 You Shouldn’t Have Missed

10 Best Travel Movies to Give You Itchy Feet

The 10 Greatest Quotes in Western Movies

5 Most Unexpected Deaths in Movies

Top 10 Sergio Leone Movie Scenes

40 Things You Didn’t Know About Quentin Tarantino Movies

10 Best American Movies – 2012 Roundup Four

11 Hilarious Movie Scenes That Must Be Watched

10 Best European Movies – 2012 Roundup Three

Top 10 Holiday Movies To Watch With Your Family

10 Best Asian Movies – 2012 Roundup Two

10 Best Anti-Christmas Movies For A Different Holiday

10 Best Chinese Movies – 2012 Roundup One

10 Unforgettable Senior Citizen Movie Characters

Top 10 Movie Soundtracks of the 21st Century

20 Facts You Don’t Know About Alfred Hitchcock

10 Classic Romantic Movies Of 80s That You Should Watch Again

10 Movies Every Tech Geek Must See

10 Most Successful Stage-to-Screen Adaptations

10 Hitchcock Blu-rays You Should Consider Buying This Christmas

10 Best Car Chase Scenes in Movies

8 Trademarks of Hitchcock Movies

10 Road Trip Comedies That You Can’t Miss

10 Most Underrated Hitchcock Movies You Should Watch Now

Top 10 Movies Featuring Gambling

Top 10 James Bond Henchmen

7 Worst Book-to-Movie Adaptations in Recent Memory

15 Great Current Directors’ Top 10 Criterion Film Lists

Top 5 Hitchcock Villains You Wouldn’t Like to Meet

5 Offbeat Horror Movie Classics You Can Enjoy After Halloween

10 Underrated Ennio Morricone Scores You May Not Know

8 London Film Locations That You Must Visit

French New Wave in Criterion Collection

Top 10 James Bond Villains

10 Best European Performances of the Last Decade

10 Essential French Directors in Criterion Collection

Top 10 Most Successful James Bond Theme Songs

Top 10 James Bond Cars

Top 10 James Bond Movie Cliches

Top 10 James Bond Country Locations

How “American Horror Story” Borrows from Horror Classics

8 of the Most Underrated Horror Movies You Have Probably Never Seen

Top 10 Most Popular Horror Movies Streaming on Netflix

Your Best Guide to Halloween Movies 2012 at the Cinema

Halloween Makeup 101 – 6 Video Tutorials to Teach You How to Look Scary

5 Haunted Houses That Would Be A Real Estate Agent’s Nightmare

5 Superb Halloween Costume Ideas in 2012

Posters Trailers and Expectations – 9 Most Wanted Movies

Best Halloween Costumes from a Horror Movie

9 Great Films that Have Multiple Roles by Same Actor

4 Classic Movies with Well-Designed Sets

Spook-a-Rama: The 7 Best Halloween Movies

Deadly Cars: The Automobile in Horror Cinema

15 Memorable Movies Quotes from Classic Cinema

Trick or Treat – Five Halloween Movies You Must Watch

20 Classic Horror Movies in Criterion Collection

Top 5 Category III Films

Filming On Campus: Hollywood’s Top 10 Favorite College Campuses

Best Movies About The Rock Epochs

Bosses in Movies: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Best Christmas Movie Of Each Decade Since The 1930s

Higher Learning: College Life in Movies

10 Greatest Movies about Making a Movie

8 Things You Might not Know About Yasujiro Ozu

21 Useful Tips For Being A Better Movie Buff

Déjà Vu? 5 Super-Cliché Movie Scenes

18 Brilliant Movie Quotes from 18 Great Directors

10 Great British Films in the Criterion Collection

16 Awesome Minimal Movie Posters That Test Your Cinephile Status

5 Sensational Cannes Festival Moments Captured

15 Director MatchUps,Which One Do You Prefer?

10 Essential Cinemas Around the World You Need to Visit

Ann Hui’s Top 20 Chinese Language Films

15 Classic Film MatchUps,Which Will You Choose?

Wong Kar-wai’s Top 20 Chinese-language Films

Top 10 Director-Cinematographer Collaboration in Cinema History

16 Brilliant Movie Quotes from 16 Great Directors

7 Reasons You Should Use Letterboxd as Your Movie Social Network

10 Great Travel Films of the 21st Century [Guest Post]

15 Greatest Movie Trivia Facts You Need to Check Out

Stanley Kubrick Films and Scenes ( Ranked )

Around The World in 7 Films

10 Reasons Why Stanley Kubrick Is The Greatest Filmmaker Ever

Top 20 Classic Wong Karwai Movie Quotes

12 Fantastic Tumblr Blogs You Should Follow to Collect Super Cool Film Pics

14 Interesting Facts You Don’t Know About 2001: A Space Odyssey

8 Myths in Stanley Kubrick Films Need Your Interpretation

Director’s Choice:19 Great Directors’ Top 10 Favorite Films

Top 10 Films about Marriage

Top 10 Chinese Love Films

18 Great Directors Make Their Come Backs in 2012

Top 10 Love-Obsession Movies

Oscar Best Foreign Language Films in Criterion Collection[Slideshow]

Oscar Best Directors in Criterion Collection[Slideshow]

Oscar Best Actors in Criterion Collection[Slideshow]

Oscar Best Actresses in Criterion Collection[Slideshow]

10 Criterion Films about Old People

16 DVD Companies(Brands) You should be Aware of

10 Chinese-language films that should be in the Criterion Collection