10 Great Movies About Femenine and Subversive Fantasy

Far from traditional narrative, there is a cinema which subverts all conventionalism. With a vibrant sense of freedom, defend its own rules. We are talking about fairytales, romantic dreams and paradises that later get lost on to cold nightmares, full of danger and mystery, where the loss of innocence is portrayed. These young ladies, wander around, […]

10 Great Recent Comedy Movies You May Have Missed

Comedy is often the most subjective of all film genres, and regardless of subgenre, budget, or story, a good comedy should first and foremost make an audience laugh. However, great comedies don’t need to pander to the masses to be successful, and comedies that find their niche can be insightful, touching, and even inspiring. Some […]

The 10 Most Entertaining Western Movies of All Time

For the initiated, the western is only rivalled by science fiction for excitement. Yet it also has the capacity to tackle broader themes at the same time; and so within the sweaty confines of these westerns there are layers of cultural criticism, existential dilemmas, satire, comedy, history, revisionist history, politics and more besides. Some of […]

The 10 Best Horror Movie Sequels of All Time

This past decade has seen the rise of so-called “elevated” horror. A host of budding auteurs have re-upped the genre with doses of prestige, social relevance, and awards prospects. While this is mostly good news, it has turned attention from one of the genre’s most enduring, and trashy, facets: the sequel. Sequels don’t get much […]