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Every year many great movies suffer at the box office while others of very questionable quality take in hundreds of millions in ticket sales. The year 2000 was no exception to this trend and the fifteen movies listed below deserved a much better box office fate. To put it in perspective, Scream 3 (Rotten Tomatoes 36%), Big Momma’s House (Rotten… Read more »

19 February 2018 | Features, Film Lists

Since its inclusion in the Academy Awards in 2001, the category for Best Animated Feature has been celebrating animation of all variations in the 21st century. Before Shrek was made the first winner, the only animated film to receive Oscar recognition was 1991’s Beauty and the Beast. With only 16 winners to date, there hasn’t been time for much else… Read more »

19 February 2018 | Features, Film Lists

When talking about romantic films, which one comes to mind first? Through cinema history, many amazing love stories were told. And as a tribute to one of the most beloved genres in film, here is a selection of amazing romantic movies. Whether they’re beautiful or tragic, or regardless of whether the characters end up together, here are 10 great romantic… Read more »

19 February 2018 | Features, Film Lists

One day at the rodeo, the nine year old Vittoria (Sara Casu) accidentally walks in on a woman having sex with a random stranger. Little does she know that this woman is actually her mother, Angelica (Alba Rohrwacher), who is also severely in debt. When Angelica gave birth to Vittoria, she was given to Tina (Valeria Golino), a far more… Read more »

19 February 2018 | Features, Reviews

That classic case of ’style over substance’ has been a criticism thrown at films since the inception of the medium, although it really became a prominent occurrence since the rise of the ‘MTV generation’ in the 80s as music video and commercial directors got snatched up solely for their impressive visual aesthetic and not much else, a trend that hasn’t… Read more »

18 February 2018 | Features, Film Lists

Like the “Female Characters” list I wrote, this list is going to be tough. There are going to be so many beloved movie characters that will be forgotten or excluded, because 10 is a fickle and finite number. Nonetheless, the criteria will remain the same. These entries are looking at the most groundbreaking characters whose impact can still be felt… Read more »

18 February 2018 | Features, Other Lists

It starts with a male escort named Betrand (Gaspard Ulliel) giving one of his ailing clients a bath. This client is an acclaimed writer reaching the end of his career — with only one last play left ready to publish. When the writer suddenly dies, however, Bertrand sees his chance, heading straight out of there while taking the manuscript with… Read more »

18 February 2018 | Features, Reviews

The Oscars for Best Actor in the 21st century awarded some of the best actors of this generation. There were overall very demanding performances, so it was a list that was quite difficult to rank. Comparing it with the respective Best Actress list, we notice that most of the men’s leading roles present a positive example: people who fought against… Read more »

17 February 2018 | Features, Other Lists

Russian cinema is one of the most productive and internationally recognized in the world. It has its beginnings in the Russian empire, and then was developed through the Soviet period and the new times. The pioneers of Russian cinema explored the possibilities of the seventh art and performed interesting experiments, like the Kuleshov effect and associative editing. Later on, the… Read more »

17 February 2018 | Features, Film Lists

The Hotel Jugoslavija in Belgrade was once the talk of the town, regularly hosting international heads of state in its heyday of the 70s and 80s. Eventually taken over by criminals and brutally bombed by NATO in 1999, it has lost most of its former glory. Nevertheless, you can still make a booking for just over €30 a night. The… Read more »

17 February 2018 | Features, Reviews

The Heiresses is slow-burning drama at its best, lighting a fuse that doesn’t go off until the final shot. A carefully wrought piece about understanding who you are and what you want in this life, it displays a complete mastery of narrative from director Marcelo Martinessi. The film concerns Chela (Ana Brum) and Chiquita (Margarita Irun), a middle-aged couple from… Read more »

17 February 2018 | Features, Reviews

2017 was an exceptionally strong year for films, particularly smaller budget, limited releases. Being an independent film studio has never been an easy task when production companies such as Paramount or Fox Searchlight and their endless access to cash have a stranglehold on the market. There have been few stars, however, that have shone so brightly recently as A24. Last… Read more »

16 February 2018 | Features, Film Lists

Why do we love crime movies so much? Well, let’s see: we have gangsters, car chases, overcomplicated heists, infiltrated moles, choreographic and violent shoot-outs, and sometimes spectacular action set pieces. Plus, of course, there’s the sheer fun of empathizing with the bad guys… or the good guys who will try to take ‘em down. One can prefer Tarantino’s over-the-top ear… Read more »

16 February 2018 | Features, Film Lists

For any artist with an audience, criticism and scrutiny are inevitable parts of the creative process. It’s a joy for any director when a movie is released to critical and popular acclaim, especially if it happens to be their first film. As with other professions, most directors will go on to refine their technique as they create more films, so… Read more »

15 February 2018 | Features, People Lists

Judging from the early buzz, Wes Anderson’s latest movie Isle of Dogs, which opened the competition section of the Berlinale, is already a strong contender for the Golden Bear. Telling the story of a boy’s search for his missing dog, this allegorical tale revisits the stop-motion techniques that made Fantastic Mr. Fox such a huge success. A topical story in… Read more »

15 February 2018 | Features, Other Lists

Being a truly cool filmmaker requires a lot of guts and intransigence in the process of transferring a vision onto the cinema screen. The sense of style is also essential, as it strongly describes their movies and causes, which the audience feels to commune with a real and original art, not just a heartless product. Some of the directors from… Read more »

15 February 2018 | Features, People Lists