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There’s an emerging trend in Hollywood (spearheaded by Marvel) of taking little-known directors, usually with a single Indie film to their name, and giving them one of their upcoming mega-budget blockbusters to play with. The intention being to take the charm and originality they showed in their first film and inject it into the types of films that were previously… Read more »

11 May 2019 | Features, Film Lists

Cult film is alive and well in the new century, which has so far seen a wealth of memorable midnight movies, eccentric oddities, sleeper stoner comedies, and other “out there” genre films. Part of the attraction with movies designated with cult status is that they are so very different and much more provocative than mainstream populist fare. The cult film… Read more »

10 May 2019 | Features, Film Lists

A common complaint from audiences is that when it comes to upcoming films, the trailer is often criticised as giving away too much of the film. In fact, some have even called for film trailers to be banned. But before audiences even get to see a trailer, the film’s title is released. So, what if the title gives away the… Read more »

10 May 2019 | Features, Film Lists

Films that explore the relationships between people tend to be romantic, to explore the longing or  connection, or to gravitate to the erotic or sexual. However, very few films explore the sensual side of the human condition. The involvement of senses, the gratification of the physical touch or aspect between humans. Of course, this sensuality can lead to more sexuality,… Read more »

10 May 2019 | Features, Film Lists

Ranking all the movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a challenging task, not because of their number (22, counting Endgame), or the vast stylistic differences between these movies. Ranking them is difficult because it requires to analyze them singularly, a task that Marvel has made harder and harder for critics through the years: as the shared Marvel universe expanded,… Read more »

09 May 2019 | Features, Film Lists

The relationship that develops between actor and audience is a strange one; it’s a projected bond no more real than a special effect in a film, and yet it comes with certain expectations. A paradox and a pitfall of this imagined alliance is that while actors exist to portray anyone other than themselves, audiences still come to associate individual actors… Read more »

09 May 2019 | Features, Other Lists

The list compiled here features a mix of 10 science fiction films that for various reasons have been neglected over the years. Some have well-respected directors, while others are from relative unknowns. Every last one deserves a second (or third) viewing. There’s everything from an episode from an anthology series to more hard science fiction, including one that has never… Read more »

08 May 2019 | Features, Film Lists

“Are you allowed to speak along the way? I was thinking there might be rules:” An introduction, being an attempt to link The House That Jack Built to the idea of art. The greatest threat to cultivating cinema as an art form comes from about 99.99% of self-styled film critics and film buffs. What is taken for granted as signs… Read more »

08 May 2019 | Features, Other Lists

Ever since “Jaws” and “Star Wars” broke out, summer season has been associated with blockbusters. Major film studios and distributors plan their annual marketing strategy around a big release by July 4, and we’ve gotten a lot of great blockbusters through the years, along with some massive failures. We also get some, at least one or two “pre-fall prestige picture”… Read more »

07 May 2019 | Features, Film Lists

More often than not, the most famous directors are popular due to one or two great films that they made closely together. It’s not really all too often that directors are strong enough to warrant seeing all of their films, usually because the majority have a few duds, and so there are often some that get left behind. This list… Read more »

07 May 2019 | Features, Film Lists

The Hollywood Western was once one of the most popular of genres. Set in the late 19th century, attentive to Old West myth-making, folk heroes, and morality tales, it was an altogether American invention. Tying these familiar genre trappings with those of horror and fantasy is also a long tradition, one that goes at least as far back as the… Read more »

06 May 2019 | Features, Film Lists

Modern audiences are used to sequels, reebots, remakes, and other forms of non-original filmmaking. In fact, sequels now seem the blandest kind of “film linked to another film”, especially since shared cinematic universes have shattered the idea of regular sequels: movies can now be linked among them, partly telling their own story, partly continuing a story told in several other… Read more »

04 May 2019 | Features, Film Lists

Editing is perhaps the most important part of filmmaking – it’s what sets the medium apart from theater or photography. Movie trailers are an attempt to edit a film down into a bite-sized pieces which will leave audiences wanting more. In an effort to make a movie look as attractive to as many people as possible, editors can often misrepresent… Read more »

04 May 2019 | Features, Film Lists

Media is obsessed with serial killers. From Jack the Ripper to Zodiac killer, from Ed Gein to Jeffrey Dahmer. Somehow we find ourselves deeply interested in serial killers. We like watching documentaries about them. Biopics about famous serial killers are also often met with much of interest. We prefer watching films about fictional serial killers almost with equal interest. But… Read more »

03 May 2019 | Features, Film Lists

Cinema has imposed a specific and stereotyped version of gangsters. Big house, big cars, expensive clothing, expensive jewelry. Even though some real-life mobsters might follow these predetermined characteristics, reality is sometimes more complex. These 10 movies try to give a different and alternative version, with bold and gritty portrayals of the modern outlaw lifestyle. Public service announcement: we could have… Read more »

02 May 2019 | Features, Film Lists

This list can technically go forever. There are so many films that can be analyzed and reanalyzed. Mainstream films usually just please common film goers in just the right way. You then get academic dorks like me that read into things too deeply (or so we are told). Well, despite the fact that we can apply this to any film,… Read more »

02 May 2019 | Features, Film Lists