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Cinema sometimes is a shadow of thoughts carved in the pathway of its creator’s steps through life. Cinema is both science and magic. Cinema, in its purest form, is a reflection of beauty and ugliness into shapes and shades that stain one’s mind in their sincere illustration. In Ingmar Bergman’s shattered subliminal terrors, we’ve loved cinema’s secret ingredient which flows… Read more »

11 March 2019 | Features, Other Lists

We all know that moment when you sit down to watch a movie that has everyone losing their minds over and hyping up beyond belief, and then when it’s over, you’re left incredibly disappointed and thinking: wait, that’s it? That’s what everyone’s been going crazy over? Why? It’s a pretty awful moment that everyone has experienced and everyone will experience… Read more »

10 March 2019 | Features, Film Lists

Getting a film made is a victory in itself. To make a career out of this and deliver a multitude of films that have a distinct voice and vision is the sign of an accomplished director. But to have an oeuvre of films that are each unique, acclaimed and deemed significant is something very rare and nothing short of a… Read more »

10 March 2019 | Features, People Lists

The premise of this list seems accessible enough, and even dedicated film fans may be tempted to confidently rattle off some names that are sure to fit its description. But the number of actors who have made five great films in a row is surprisingly short. Check your expectations at the door, because your favorite thespian may not have made… Read more »

09 March 2019 | Features, People Lists

The most famous director to ever come out of the Soviet Union, Andrei Tarkovsky has had a massive influence on both auteurist filmmakers and the science-fiction genre. Known for his long and austere takes, serious inquisitions into the nature of the human spirit and enigmatic endings, his relatively short filmography — spanning only seven features — is easily one of… Read more »

09 March 2019 | Features, Film Lists

Glenn Close is often considered to be one of the greatest American actresses of her generation. Not just on film, but also on television (three Emmy wins) and on stage (three Tony wins). In fact, she was more recently known on television, but Close got a great movie role again with “The Wife,” so it seems appropriate to celebrate her… Read more »

08 March 2019 | Features, Other Lists

Women have always been at the forefront of films, but can be sadly overlooked. Maybe it was due to the lack of women behind the camera, the audiences, the time period, or a million other reasons. However, when this new art came about in the 20th century, women’s stories have been categorized by stereotype or gender and fallen into a… Read more »

08 March 2019 | Features, Film Lists

International Women’s Day 2019 falls on Friday, March 8th, and it’s with this significant date in mind that Taste of Cinema offers up our selection of the 15 best women directors working today. Granted, this is not a definitive list, but it has been carefully curated to offer a wide selection of formidable filmmakers comprised of talented women with considerable… Read more »

08 March 2019 | Features, People Lists

In terms of pop culture, and the most buzzed about movie scenes of 2018 came from the hits. There’s Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga singing “Shallow” in A Star Is Born, the snap from Avengers: Infinity War, the Live Aid concert from Bohemian Rhapsody, any one of Mission Impossible: Fallout’s action set pieces, Kilmonger’s death in Black Panther, and, for… Read more »

07 March 2019 | Features, Other Lists

Cinema is an art form dominated primarily by auteurs – individuals who made such an impressive mark on cinema with their films, so much so that the very nature of the art form becomes less of a collaborative medium and more of a personal one. To identify the work of these individuals would be a fundamentally uncomplicated understanding, especially if… Read more »

07 March 2019 | Features, Film Lists

8. Mediterraneo (Raise the Red Lantern) – 1991 Sometimes its hard to second guess the rulings of the Academy. One such time came in 1991 when the foreign language film Oscar went to Italy’s entry that year, Mediterraneo. This film, which had really flown under the radar up until its win, was a sweet natured little fable about a group… Read more »

05 March 2019 | Features, Film Lists

When the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was founded in 1928, its primary goal was to add a bit of prestige and luster to the motion picture business….the Hollywood movie business. While it is, of course, certain that those creating the organization knew that there was a world of film making outside of Hollywood (especially since so very… Read more »

05 March 2019 | Features, Film Lists

Famous Polish director Krzysztof Kieślowski once expressed his wonder at the fact that how different men, at different moments, at different places with different social statuses, can assemble a single musical note in the same way. This unification of mankind was one of the recurring themes in his films, dependent upon this very idea that different people at different places… Read more »

04 March 2019 | Features, Film Lists

A movie’s fame and notoriety can be based on a number of factors beyond just the overall quality of the film or the significance of the names behind it. Controversy can play a big role in a film’s success, i.e. any press is good press. If a film contains controversial or buzzed about subject matter, it can become more well… Read more »

04 March 2019 | Features, Film Lists

A high score on reviews aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes is one of the most highly sought-after accolades for a newly released film. To be certified ‘fresh’ can mean a surge in audiences going to see a film and obviously more tickets sold means more box office revenue. On the flip side a low score on Rotten Tomatoes and a film… Read more »

03 March 2019 | Features, Film Lists

The genre of horror remains one of the most interesting schools of cinema. The very idea of what audiences conventionally deem “scary” has seen countless transformations since the birth of the genre. From the intense stylization of Italian Giallo, to the grotesque senselessness of torture porn, filmmakers constantly strive for newer and more innovative methods to strike fear into the… Read more »

02 March 2019 | Features, Film Lists