The 15 Best Cult Anime Movies of All Time


Evidently, the world of Japanese animation (anime) is dominated by mainstream productions, like the ones from Studio Ghibli, particularly when we are referring to movies and not series. However, inside this vast industry, some productions that could be easily characterized as cult could not be missing. With a focus on diversity, as I tried to […]

120 Beats per Minute – VIFF 2017 Review

A fast-moving flight of exuberance and ecstasy set amidst the backdrop of AIDS ravaged France of the 1990s, BPM (Beats per Minute) is the visually varied, intoxicating, romantically yearning, tragically uptempo, and entirely deserving Grand Prix recipient at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. Directed by Robin Campillo, who also co-wrote the film along with Philippe […]

10 Essential Lucio Fulci Movies Every Horror Fan Should See

The Italian maestro Lucio Fulci is a well-regarded creative tour de force by horror fans, and whilst his rather extensive oeuvre takes in all manner of genres, he is still oft overlooked by the mainstream, leaving him as, arguably, one of the most underrated director’s in the history of the film industry. With more than […]

All 8 Nuri Bilge Ceylan Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

Distant (2002)

According to acclaimed Turkish film critic Asuman Suner, the first signs of New Turkish Cinema refer to the 1960s. During those years, Turkish directors who were strongly influenced by Italian neorealism started to claim similarities between dictatorships of Menderes and Mussolini and direct films akin to Italian. The situation changed after the 1980 military coup […]

Dead Shack – VIFF 2017 Review

Director and co-writer Peter Ricq (alongside Phil Ivanusic and Davila LeBlanc) have constructed the sort of depraved little B-movie that’s ideal for late night showings designed primarily towards forgivable genre fans who crave considerably splatter, the odd quotable quip (my fave was probably “I think that if the blood’s black, there’s no going back!”), a […]