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My CC collection passed 300 this month which is THE most encouraging thing happened to me recently, I watched 63 of them this year and it is always tough to pick out the best ones.I was trying to pick them by guts and pulled it out finally.I just wrote about my TOP 20 films(CC&MOC excluded) yesterday,now here is the real… Read more »

31 December 2011 | CC Lists

Year 2011 is a pretty special year for me,I moved to another city,changed my job,got married,and now I do not have to watch films alone,my wife is my companion,a very good companion I suppose. I watched 203 films this year,most of them are satisfying,and it is not too hard to pick out those really-good ones from them.Since I watched a… Read more »

30 December 2011 | Film Lists

Masahiro Shinoda’s Pale Flower has profoundly impressed me with its mysterious and captivating plot as well as its diversified special features. The 30-minute selected scene commentary on Toru Takemitsu’s scores was indisputably a marvel. As a big fan of Toru, I do feel it necessary to eulogize his musical accomplishments in the realm of movie. My acquaitance with Toru’s movies… Read more »

21 December 2011 | Cinema Masters

If you have seen both of the films below which starred the incomparable Alec Guinness,you know what the title means,two great endings Kind Hearts and Coronets(1949)                            The Lavender Hill Mob(1951)                          

17 December 2011 | Cinema Masterpieces

For any film buffs and dvd fans,Criterion Collection means the highest standard of dvd-making.Cinema itself is art ,restoring and presenting it is another kind of art form,CC is an art which those two things combined perfectly.               This perfection also includes a cool,I visit it so often(especially the catalogue)that I can easily tell… Read more »

14 December 2011 | Others

I recently watched 2 films starred Ingrid Bergman(one of my favorite actress),they are Gaslight and Under Capricorn. I always got the wrong impression that Gaslight is directed by Alfred Hitchcock,and I was unaware of it until I got both films mentioned above during my last dvd hunting.I know that Ingrid had only worked with Hitch three times,and I have seen… Read more »

13 December 2011 | Cinema Charmers

The Terrorizers You can never underestimate Edward Yang.For me,his style is mixed of Martin Scorsese and Robert Altman,great at telling multiple thread stories and always pointing to the darkest corner of the society.Every time I watched his film,I’m telling myself he is the best Chinese Director ever,it’s such a pity that he died 4 years ago and only left us 8… Read more »

08 December 2011 | Cinema Masterpieces

Signore & Signori I love Pietro Germi’s Divorce Italian Style and I know he will never let me down,his comedy is typical Italian,it’s all about “vicious Italian men”,every time when men are exposed to some scandal and embarrassment,I just could’t stop laughing.The music is so great that it added so much comedian power to the scenes.Now I’m hunting for his… Read more »

06 December 2011 | Cinema Masterpieces

Mildred Pierce Thanks to the form of TV mini series,those longer version scripts have chance to meet the mass audience,I’m not a fan of it but as soon as I heard that Kate Winslet is in it,I watched it.Todd Haynes surely learned from Douglas Sirk and Fassbinder of how to telling stories,HBO provides high quality production as always,the settings and… Read more »

04 December 2011 | Features, Lists

I have good habit of keeping notes of watched films for 2 reasons:1.think further and keep impressed.2.share.I have been keeping this habit for one and half a year. I watched 17 feature film,1 short,2 stage plays,1 TV mini series in November.Most of them are good enough for me to write and share.   Who’safraid of Virginia Woolf Best film of… Read more »

03 December 2011 | Cinema Masterpieces