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How many times have we seen boring Hollywood original vs sequel comparisons like Godfather vs Godfather 2,Terminator vs Terminator 2,Die Hard vs Die Hard 2? I’ve seen too many of those and want to do something different today,how about something Non-Hollywood  and has nothing to do with sequels?All those films below are great films from the Non-Hollywood world,if there has to… Read more »

15 May 2012 | Film Lists

When I began watching films,I always had the wrong impression that if the image of a film is beautiful,it is the director’s credit.Of course I figured that out lately and found that it is the cinematographer who does the execution of the shooting,as I watched more and more films,I noticed more magic in the film cinematography,the color,the composition,the lighting,the camera… Read more »

07 May 2012 | People Lists

Ranked as No.1 in movieview(the No.1 movie magazine in China)’s 100 Years of Hongkong Cinema, The Love Eterne is more than a classic,it’s more like a legend in terms of its achievements and importance in Hongkong cinema history.If you’d like to see something quintessential Chinese,this one should be your first choice. The Artform All the dialogues in the film is sung in Huangmei… Read more »

06 May 2012 | Chinese Films

As having  been mentioned in my previous post of Three Colors:Blue,FATE is a major theme in all Kieslowski’s films.In the last segment of Three Colors Trilogy,the bond between the 3 main characters(Valentine,the old judge aka. Joseph,the young judge aka. Auguste) reaches the highest point.It is easy to perceive the relationship between Valentine and the old judge because they are directly… Read more »

04 May 2012 | Cinema Masterpieces

April Reviews April has been the biggest month so far this year in terms of the amount of films I watched,out of 31 in total,I have watched 18 for the first time and re-visited 13.There are 3 major “achievements” here:   Cult films: Every once in a while,I’m in the mood for some bad taste films.Watching them are always lots… Read more »

03 May 2012 | Others

European critic called him “The HongKong Melville”,Local fans called him John Woo’s successor.His “Mad Detective” was included in Eureka’s Master of Cinema,which is the sole film from HongKong cinema there.Being one of the only two(the other is Ann Hui) remaining auteurs still working today,Johnnie To is the hope of the dying HongKong cinema. It is really tough to write a… Read more »

02 May 2012 | Chinese Directors

Before I write anything about,I should claim that they did not pay me to do this, I volunteer as a big fan of the site.I have been waiting for shouting out loud for them since the first time I used it,but since they have been in beta stage in the past few months,it was against their policy to publish any… Read more »

25 April 2012 | Other Lists

This is the fourth time I watch Krzysztof Kieslowski’s visually haunting,musically ravishing masterpiece Blue,the first part of his Three Colors Trilogy,also my favorite episode.I noticed more tiny details by listening to the inspirational Annette Insdorf(author of Francois Truffaut, Indelible Shadows: Film and Holocaust, and Double Lives, Second Chances: The Cinema of Krzysztof Kieslowski.)’s commentary track,and all these added up to a completely refreshing rediscovery of… Read more »

23 April 2012 | Cinema Masterpieces

Cult films are hard to define,I made a slideshow in one of my previous posts to discuss it,but still,there is no certain answer.Anyway,these 6 films I’m gonna discuss today are categorize by me as cult films,some are very well established classics and some still need to find its fanbase.Let’s have a look at these incredible films. Suspiria  7.5/10 I’m a… Read more »

17 April 2012 | Film Lists

Recently I have seen too many cult and gangster films(mainly Johnnie To’s),some arthouse gems are needed to pull me back to the “normal track”.Here is a complete list of my dvd collection of Criterion Collection and Master of Cinema Series which I haven’t seen yet.     As you can see,I already highlighted some “essential ones”,but others,I have no idea… Read more »

15 April 2012 | CC Lists

The first poster and synopsis for Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained have arrived,this film is his tribute to the Spaghetti Western genre.Being a huge Sergio Leone fan(it was told that his favorite film is Leone’s The Good,the Bad and the Ugly,and his favorite scene in any film is the final duel scene in GBU),this is the 2nd time he pays homage to… Read more »

13 April 2012 | Cinema Masters

Too much has been said about Stanley Kubrick films,today I’m gonna rank his 12 feature films along with some of my favorite scenes. 1.2001:A Space Odyssey 2.Barry Lyndon 3.Eyes Wide Shut 4.Dr. Strangelove 5.Clockwork Orange 6.The Shining 7.The Killing 8.Paths of Glory 9.Lolita 10.Full Metal Jacket 11.Killer’s Kiss 12.Spartacus   Your turn,what’s your favorite Kubrick film and scene??  

09 April 2012 | Cinema Masterpieces

Stanley Kubrick, the film God, is my all time hero. It’s impossible to compare directors since they make different types of films, but Mr. Kubrick had some quality that is so rare to be seen on other great directors. As one of his biggest worshipers, I summarized 10 pretty convincing reasons why this man, not Bergman, not Welles, not Kurosawa… Read more »

03 April 2012 | People Lists

I watched 24 films in March,11 being re-watched ones.As I’m buying more and more blu-rays,the number of re-viewings could only increase.And as it’s getting warmer here,I have to spare more time working out in the gym instead of lying comfortably on sofa and watching films for hours a day,my wife did not appreciate the shape of Hitchcock. The biggest surprise… Read more »

01 April 2012 | Others

I re-watched Alejandro Jodorowsky’s cult classic El Topo last night in blu-ray with director’s commentary,which gave me lots of insights into the ideas of making a cult film.Jodorowsky was a bad-ass when he made the film,he did everything against the government and director union in Mexico during his shooting.It’s interesting he said a director should make films only to express his… Read more »

30 March 2012 | Others

Thanks to Steven over Surrender to the Void for inviting me to do this post,in fact,this is my first post of this kind and I’m a little bit excited now. Well,we have some rules here,you should read it in a Tyler Durden way RULE 1: Tell everyone something that no one else knows about you. RULE 2: Link to one… Read more »

21 March 2012 | Others