All 24 Main James Bond Villains Ranked From Worst To Best

Spanning fifty-five years and twenty-four films, six actors have portrayed 007, and each has brought with them a unique interpretation of the ‘stupid policeman’. Some of their performances have been excellent, joining with superb writing and filmmaking to conjure near-perfect action-espionage masterpieces. Others have been almost jovial- a result of the era and tone of […]

10 Great Movies From The 2010s No One Talks About

No matter how hard you try, it is virtually impossible to see everything that film industry and small workshops have to offer, whether you’re into mainstream, festival circuit or underground cinema. And if you are a very curious cinephile, then you probably often wish sleep weren’t a vital necessity. So, whatever your case may be, […]

The 20 Best Movies That Explore Female Sexuality

Trapped in a patriarchal society, the concept of female sexuality has suffered a lot and is still considered a big taboo. It is diminished and very easily misunderstood. In various countries women are still shamed for expressing their sexuality, even punished for it. In addition, women are continually being objectified and misrepresented by the media, […]

6 Great Directors Who Disowned Their Own Films

Alien 3 (1992)

When a Hollywood movie is helmed by a single-minded creative force, a myriad of things can occur that trouble production all the way from screenplay to theatrical debut. Some directors are clouded by hubris (both on-screen and off), some dabble too frivolously with experimentation, and of course, some have their vision all but destroyed by […]